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Monday, 31 October 2011

The Carnicon Institude ....

Current Events & Announcements

Carnicom Institute Environmental and Health Conference

The Carnicom Institute will host a vital conference the weekend of October 22nd - 23rd, 2011 on health and environmental issues that affect us all. The Carnicom Institute, a 501(3)(c) non-profit organization, conducts scientific research for the benefit of humanity. This conference will confront the deliberate alteration of our planet, including the subjects of geo-engineering, bio-engineering, and the Morgellons connection. A ground-breaking documentary will be premiered at the event. The Saturday evening workshop will engage the audience in a hands-on learning experience. The conference will be held at La Tienda in Eldorado (Santa Fe, NM) and attendance is by donation. Visit the Carnicom Institute at for more information and registration, email, or leave us voicemail at 505.629.1484.
For more information and to register, click here.
Listen to the promotional spot for the conference here.

The Carnicom Institute can not continue its research and reporting without your help. We are very grateful for any and all support, no matter the amount.
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Time for a saw to clear the path..

Old prayer flags hanging by a thread..

Bed mates...sigh...

Today I am on a short road trip to see friends in Idaho and pick up a few supplies for BCSpiritSoap....wouldn't ya know that last nights big boom was the big bear creating more fallen limbs for me to ...? Well for me to hope that someone has a saw that will cut up the fallen tree and then I will dry it for next years are a few photos of today's fallen foliage before I walk the dog and leave for the US of and much magic Linda

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Acturian message from 2003..Sanat Kumara

Before I post this message from Sanat Kumara, thru Patricia and Palpae, I wanted to say that I highly recommend at this time of our earth's journey, for folks to read all 4 of Patricia Pereira's books, beginning with  Songs of the Arcturians / These books are beautifully written, with much eloquence and a harmonic flow that is very compelling. I feel priviledged to be given the unpublished essays from the 5th book, that was not ever published. Pity too, for in these times , those messages were timely , and ahead of their time...pertinent now as much or more than then. Ah well, I will post them all eventually,
Creator and Patricia willing ! Without further adieu, here is the essay .
Representative Essay
Vol V Arcturian Songs for the New Millennium
Arcturian Star Chronicles
Unpublished, unedited material
Patricia Pereira
Sanat Kumara

Winged light ethereals embrace those who can see through dimensional corridors. Equivalent to observing the flight of dragonflies over sunlit waters, the amount of pure Essence Light currently descending onto the Earthplane is seldom realized on less verdant planets. Earth is a cosmic gem, a planet of such acknowledged magnificence she is considered a special treasure by beings who come there simply to gaze and reflect upon her exquisite beauty. Yet you who live there seldom stop your busy activities long enough to deeply contemplate the lovely planetary mother that is your home.

On and about Wednesday, April 30, 2003, all planetary lightworkers were faced with yet another qualifying initiatory phase of personal decision making. While your human personality has its own conceptions of how things are ideally supposed to be, with the upgraded influx of galactic energies, many of your most important life decisions are being overridden at the Soul level. Previously, this was not always so. Heretofore, the Law of Free Endeavor established conscious thought links to Soulmind that allowed human ego-planning and goal decision making to take precedent; but this is no longer true. Even the most highly evolved and cosmically tuned in people have some personality aspects that react in repetitive fashion to established ego patterns. Therefore, it is imperative that all lightworkers strive for conscious clarity of their personalities’ tendency to be habitually motivated. We must caution you of timeline ramifications if your conscious mind’s decision-making processes attempt to override Soul directives. Be aware that as an activated lightworker your human life is as nothing to the brilliant hues your earth-transiting Soul is planning as you are released from the material realms into those of Sublime Ecstasy. At the moment of transference, Light of Divine Radiance will pour into your heart chakra. Allow your conscious thought to hang suspended while you consider the importance of this pronouncement. The very idea of assuming light body configurations astounds the minds of spiritual humans who are filled with wonder that ascension is so easily accomplished.
Continue your preparations for ascension, before your timetrack configurations solidify. On April 30th, 2003 you once again stood at the initial contact point of your personal timeline contours, which split in two even as you went about your day. At that transitional moment you received a challenge to initiation that, if accepted, would result in a rewiring of your various energy bodies to progressively refining intergalactic vibrational harmonics. Lightworkers, you must be very clear about every facet of your life, for your personal timeline integrity is based on the interactive decisions of myriads of individuals. What is achieved through the influence-making decision of one individual is achieved in concert with countless others. This is true in terms of activities, decisions made, and desire-motivated thoughts—most particularly the latter. It is a process of accumulative Oneness. Accumulative Oneness is the interconnected dynamics of all living things. It is a powerful step in cosmic maturity to understand that what affects you simultaneously affects everything else. Your interactive dynamics project energies beyond human timeframes. In reality, everything you say, think, and do stretches beyond Earth to touch entities of other star systems, galaxies, and beyond. Beyond the Beyond there is a blending of universal edges as one universe interconnects with another. In the final analysis, everything is exerted upon by what humans call“God,” but which Great Ones know as a nameless aggregate of all energies, thoughts, and activities created throughout all the unlimited expanses of numberless universes. It is best described as Divine Omniscient Omnipresent, Omnipotent Being, and yet those terms barely begin to describe It. In fact, these words clearly define all beings who inhabit the vast contours of this resonant universe’s upwardly expansive dimensions. So you see we are unable to describe God as God IS in terms third-dimensional entities can grasp. That Which Is Eternal Absoluteness, the Creator of All That Is, defies description at the base energy level in which you find yourselves. But it is a place to start broadening your concepts of universal dynamics. Perhaps this will give you a better understanding of the functions of the B’nai Elohim, the so-called creator gods who serve Omnipotent Creator, but even then our efforts are extremely insufficient to explain the totality of That Which Emanates as Multiuniversal Cohesive Harmonic LightLove.

Solutions to your growing predicament on Earth can be found in your growing enthusiasm for direct telepathic connection with light beings from evolved star systems, as well as ascended masters who ply high levels of Light intelligence upon the planet. It is the responsibility of all light workers to make an effort to communicate directly with Spirit, and to do so from a position of decisive, discriminating intelligence. Planetary and personal timing mechanisms are such that it has become imperative that you at least attempt to facilitate direct contact with your personal intergalactic councilors. Instantaneous feedback through the apertures within the human body adaptable to telepathic receptive inclusion of Language of Light inflows is predicated on the will of the individual to establish contact. These matters are of some concern to the Light Masters when we see how often you reap higher praise on information received by others than you do for that which is received by the self. There is a dependency upon channeled material sent forth by notable so-called experts in the field. These people are people very much like you who have simply developed a marked degree of self-sufficiency that enables them to push boldly out into the world with the transdimensional information they receive. Now that the Internet is being flooded with channeled documents, to adequately process voluminous amounts of extrastellar data it is necessary for the reader to be aware of the degree of enthusiasm the channeling human has for sharing their information. For most, their hope is their efforts will make a qualified difference, not only for their readers and the state of the planet, but for their own evolution to light as well. In other words, it is in line with their Soul’s greater purpose. It is not necessary for everyone to go on the Internet, write a book, or conduct a workshop; but it is important for all lightworkers to make a concerted effort to listen to the silence of their inner voice. You will all receive varying degrees of the same information, but emphasis parameters will tend to be personal and pertinent to your special interests and fields of endeavor.

Our challenge is for you who are conscious telepathic receptors to continue to tap in regularly and to constantly urge yourselves to accept ever refining degrees of LightLove vibration. As you do this you allow an opening for your personal guidance counselors to move upward on their own cord of advancing dimensional plane evolution. What is true for below is also true for above. The current challenge we are issuing is directed to those of you who invest time and money in reading channeled books, listening to channeled music, and gazing upon channeled art, but have not made a personal effort (for whatever reason), to tap into your own immediate multidimensional stellar sources. With the heightened dangers and risks of being human, it is imperative that all activated lightworkers maintain a solid presence within the geographic fields where they live and/or visit, and that they be open and immediately responsive to higher level information. Discernment is imperative in this process. We can assist you, but it is important that you learn to filter out areas of negative ego displacement, and feeble attempts by darker entities to discourage and infiltrate human telepathic sensor centers. The latter are much less capable of fading negative thought into positive electronic neural capacitors than they once were, due to the upgrading of vibratory light on the planet and the degree of high-level monitoring and light communication modalities available to every lightworker. All of you are specially equipped to tap into equivalent stellar communicators positioned above Earth in multidimensional crystalline Merkaba starships. You are highly trained members of a functioning crew of multistellar beings who came to Earth for the purpose of assisting in the transition of the planet and its inhabitants to Light. You are one among thousands who agreed to submit to an amnesic state of multi-life existence for this imperative purpose. You are highly-regarded members of a vast multistar family of ascended beings.

The quantum effort for facilitating transference is in place. Much will be accomplished in the upcoming months. The acceleration underway will affect everyone on Earth. The extreme storm situation in the United States (tornados, May 2003) is an effort to blow a little sense into people’s heads. It will awaken a few, but so many forget to turn inward in these situations and become outwardly focused on the phenomenon at hand. However, an enigma of sorts is in the offering that will challenge the world’s leadership to come to terms with their political shenanigans. Equipment of a celestial nature designed to“melt” their efforts has been brought into place. This technical advantage is on board a Merkaba starship. Its purpose is to emit a vibrational constancy that will harmonize the electromagnetic patterns of so-called weapons of mass destruction (WMDs), most of which are poised in various degrees of angulation within the borders of the so-called“United” States. The leadership of the world’s most powerful country is extremely deceitful in their activities and pronouncements to the people and in the way they attempt to cover their tracks. But what can be hidden from those to whom they vowed to serve cannot be hidden from God; nor from we who are His messengers, His emissaries of LightLove and the grand expanses of Divine intergalactic intelligences.

Fourth-dimensional propellants of a gaseous nature are in place. These substances are projected by starships into the electromagnetic base atomic patterns of WMD, both those that are weaponry and disease-spreading organisms. This simple process will completely alter their danger potentials and fill the magnificence of their original elemental Earth materials with harmonic vibrations of LightLove.

So be this spoken, so be it set in motion. I am Sanat Kumara of the Great Galactic Council of Elders who oversees the evolutionary modalities of this solar system.

Arcturian orbs taken at Eceti

Saturday, 29 October 2011

FiredogLake on Occupy Chicago

I have some disturbing news from Occupy Chicago.
In the early morning hours this past Sunday, Chicago police arrested more than 125 people - including Martese Chism and another nurse from National Nurses United, who had set up a tent to provide medical assistance to the protesters.1
Chicago police tore down the first aid station and cuffed hundreds of protesters who were peaceably assembled at the site - and held many of them for over 48 hours. Mayor Rahm Emanuel's attack on health care professionals is barbaric and must not be left unchecked.
Can you stand with Martese Chism, NNU, and the hundreds of others arrested this weekend and demand Mayor Emanuel drop all charges and stop attacking health care volunteers at Occupy Chicago?
Martese Chism and National Nurses United, the association of health care professionals that set up the first aid tent at Occupy Chicago and five other occupations, have every right to assist protesters and deserve respect from local government and law enforcement.
Mayor Emanuel has been one of the most aggressive opponents of the Occupy movement yet, refusing to let peaceful protesters make camp after over a month of demonstrating in Chicago. But attacking health care professionals is a step too far -- it's the kind of belligerence you expect to see from dictators, not American mayors.
Their prolonged detention and mistreatment for what amounts to a parking fine strongly resembles the punitive harassment of the Keystone-XL protesters arrested at the White House a few months back -- they, too, were held for two days without access to a phone call, food, water, medicine or even toilet paper.2
These volunteer health care professionals are essential to the movement's survival, especially as winter approaches and illness begins to creep through the camps. As we work to support the movement through the difficult winter months, we have to protect their access to basic health care.
Thanks for all you do.
In Solidarity,
Jane Hamsher
Founder & Publisher

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More on Occupy Oakland

Keith and Sgt. Shamar Thomas -- the U.S. Marine Corps veteran who made headlines for his confrontation with NYPD at Occupy Times Square on Oct. 15 -- discuss his experience at the NYC Occupy rally on Oct. 26, where he was struck by the NYPD while shielding protesters. Using his social media accounts to rally support, Sgt. Thomas reports that at least 25 veterans showed up Wednesday night to walk in solidarity for injured vet Scott Olsen and to protect protesters from NYPD violence. Sgt. Thomas dismisses rumors from the right wing that those in uniform at Occupy events are fakes: "That has been a really big deal, especially over the Internet ... the veterans that were down there are true veterans and have served in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars."

Read and download the complete transcript for the October 27, 2011 edition of "Countdown with Keith Olbermann"

Friday, 28 October 2011

Oh say, isn't ...SNOW!

Well dear me...I was chatting on the phone tonight with a friend, when I peered out the window and watched the leaves falling down ,thinking the bear must be knocking about the branches...but then...why was the ground looking white and what were those blobs falling from our cold northern is the first evening snow...drat...I am sooooooooooooo not ready for this wonder those bears were here chowing down before dark. They knew and need to store up now for the cold months ahead. Brrrrrrrrr...oh and soon as I opened the front door to snap the pics, the 2 younger cats came zooming in, Grey Boy shaking off snow as he flew by to the food hopper. Guess we will all be wanting to have our winter bodies in , a wee bit plumper....tee hee heeeeeeeeee

The bear at the Hobbit House

You can see his head off to the right

It was nearing dusk when I decided to load my car with my suitcases for my last outdoor market in Nelson manana. As I rolled them up the sidewalk, my neighbour Dave called out to me...Hey Linda you might want to not come this way as the bear is up your tree. big is he I queried? Oh about 350 pounds...ok ,right then, I shall not go that way this moment in time. So I hauled the suitcases in to the house thru the back door, then I grabbed my camera. I was not the best shot as I was a bit nervous, but I love bears. It is just that the bears usually come at dark...I am going to have to put up a sign for this Halloweeny, Bear in Yard, No trick or treating paleeze at this house! Much magic and much love Linda

Live streaming from Eceti tonight!
this is a live stream tonight from Eceti with James Gilliland in regards to the ending of the Mayan calendar and a meditation with the crew there....always fun to participate in ! much magic and love!

Very Tragic Goings on in Tibet...

Dear friends,

In the past month, eight Buddhist monks and nuns have self-immolated to protest a growing Chinese crackdown in Tibet. These tragic acts are a desperate cry for help -- and we can answer their call. China restricts access to the region, but if we can persuade six key governments with close ties to China to send diplomats to the area, it will expose this escalating repression, and save lives. Sign the urgent petition now!

Sign the petition
Days ago, Tenzin Wangmo walked out of her nunnery, covered herself in petrol and set herself on fire while pleading for a “free Tibet”. Minutes later she died -- she was just 20 years old. In the past month, seven other monks have self-immolated to protest a growing Chinese crackdown on the peaceful Tibetan people.

These tragic acts are a desperate cry for help -- machine gun toting Chinese security forces are beating and disappearing monks, laying siege to monasteries, and even killing elderly people defending them -- all in an effort to suppress Tibetan rights. China severely restricts access to the region. But if we can get key governments to send diplomats in, break the blackout, and expose this growing brutality, we could save lives.

We have to act fast -- this horrific situation is spiraling out of control behind a censorship curtain. Over and over we have seen that when diplomats themselves bear witness to atrocities, they are motivated to act, and increase political pressure. Let’s build a massive petition to the six leaders with the most influence in Beijing to send a mission to Tibet and speak out against the repression. Sign the urgent petition and send this to everyone:

Tibetans are suffocating under China’s stranglehold. They are unable to practice their religion freely -- just downloading a photograph of the Dalai Lama can land a Tibetan in prison. And it is getting worse: columns of Chinese troops have blockaded the largest monasteries and are abducting monks in "patriotic re-education" programmes. This horrific situation is spiraling out of control.

Just yesterday another monk, Dawa Tsering, was rushed to hospital after setting himself ablaze, and with every protest China tightens it’s grip. For Tibetans, self immolations are a very severe sacrifice and reveal their level of despair. They are deeply religious and believe that if you commit suicide it has a devastating impact on the cycle of re-incarnations and may even put you back 500 lifetimes. But their situation is so horrific that they are forfeiting their position in the cycle in exchange for the hope of international attention and freedom for their brothers and sisters.

The Chinese government won't allow journalists and human rights monitors into the region -- Sky news and AFP journalists were forced out last week. But diplomats can request access and get in and, as we have recently seen in Syria, they are the best way to get first hand reports, let China know that the world is watching and start high level political conversations on Tibetans’ human rights.

It’s up to us to raise the global alarm. If we can get the US, UK, Australia, India, France and the EU to send a delegation now, they could push China to action. We have no time to lose -- sign the urgent petition and share this email:

Avaaz members have supported projects that are piercing the blackout and defending Tibetan culture and religious practice. But China’s ruthless crackdown is escalating. It’s time for our whole community to take a stand together with these peaceful people sacrificing their own lives for basic rights. Let’s show them that the world has not forgotten them.

With hope and determination,

Emma, Iain, Dalia, Ricken, Diego, Shibayan, Giulia, and the whole Avaaz team

More information:

Tibetan Nun Who Set Herself On Fire Dies (Sky)

Self-immolation 'trend' at restive Tibetan monastery (BBC)

Study points to heavy handed repression of Tibetan area in China (The New York Times) (including HRW report)

China is fuelling the fires of Tibetan resistance (Guardian)

Graph showing China’s increased spending in Tibetan regions:

Support the Avaaz Community!
We're entirely funded by donations and receive no money from governments or corporations. Our dedicated team ensures even the smallest contributions go a long way. is a 10-million-person global campaign network
that works to ensure that the views and values of the world's people shape global decision-making. ("Avaaz" means "voice" or "song" in many languages.) Avaaz members live in every nation of the world; our team is spread across 13 countries on 4 continents and operates in 14 languages. Learn about some of Avaaz's biggest campaigns here, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

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Today and Forever Amber

a beautiful card of Jesus the Christ

Forever Amber jars made yesterday

one jar of Forever Amber

The purple violet flame bathroom here at Hobbit House...using magnesium crystals in your bath really helps to bump up your magnesium which is needed after all the chemtrail spraying. A fellow who knew a CIA worker said that they were told to take magnesium to help offset the many poisons in the chemtrails. You can order it online and it is very relaxing too.

This is an old lamp base set next to a glass plate my healer friend Loveda Red Elk gifted me one time. They seem to go well together .

This is an oil painting of Pegasus, which my grandfather once painted me when I was a teenager...long ago ....his name was Stephen Mark Buffy and he was an excellent wood carver too. And the light of my life!

I got this basket a long time ago when I worked in an import and clothing store in Idaho that my friend Carolyn owned, it was called Ramblin Rose and was a fun time in my life.

This poster was from an event for peace that I attended one time when I was visiting Grass Valley California, one of my former homes for 16 years. I love this poster and it hangs on the refridgerator here.

The next  shot is of a painting that a gal gifted me way back when I was living in Nevada City California, the gold country, which was frequented alot by our star ancestors. She called the painting Rainbow Therapy and it hangs in the hallway here at the Hobbit House.

this glass piece is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

You have seen this painting mother starship in the violet ray bathroom where I do my calling in the violet ray from...the tub...heehehee...I have used the violet ray now for transmtation for many many years...since the 1970's ....much love to you and much magic !
This is the day that so many are talking about, in that it is a shifting in the Mayan calendar. See my earlier Barbara Hand Clow posting for the information. Yesterday I conjured up some of my Forever Amber ...another pulse point pot that is set with intent for those who wear it send and attract LOVE. It has amber resin and jasmine in it, so it smells just lovely and romantic. If romance has a scent ...I also took a few photos of Hobbit house interior. This is not a cob house, just an old small house set back in from a road, with alot of old greenery, lilac trees that tower out front, and a row of plum trees that the bears feast from yearly. The big ole bear broke a big branch and fell to the ground the other night with a huge thud that literally shook the house. I felt for him as he must have shook himself up some. So we shook the trees to make his feasting easier from off the ground. I am so blessed to live in a small rural village, with peace and quiet...most of the time...hahaha...Enjoy this new day and all the light dispensation we are said to be receiving! much magic and love Linda

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Arcturian Collective Mind from November 9 years ago

Representative Essay
Vol V, Arcturian Star Chronicles
Unedited, unpublished material
Patricia Pereira
November, 2002: Arcturian Collective Mind

Manitu, Daughter in Light, we have issued a call for you to join with our group mind this evening. We are the Arcturians. We are deliberating as to how much information you feel you might be able to contain and use with some degree of clarity over the upcoming weeks until the end of the calendar year. As you are aware, tensions mount earthside. There is a major attempt to seduce awakening humans through a secret organization that works like a spider drawing flies to its web. If it were not for the protection of your etheric guides, it would be a dangerous activity to purposely anchor light. However, there is awareness among all starseeds of the close proximity of crystalline starships and the commitment by the personnel of these ships to watch over all lightworkers. Therefore, there is really no need to concern yourselves with people who choose to walk a path of aggression and war.
The Glory of the One is presiding over the preparation of this document. Sananda Kumara sits at the head of an emergency meeting of the Regency Star Council. The abrupt dismissal of various members of the secret government by their own kind has the hidden ones concerned for their own safety. Even those who hold the reins of Earth’s pseudo-powers in their hands fail to understand the gravity of the situation. They have been in control for so long they fail to grasp the fact that they are losing their grip on the planetary reins. This is provoking certain individuals to commit treason upon their own treasonous affairs. The eventual outcome could be better for Light or it could be worse. It might even take us by surprise. We are always on the watch for those who tire of nefarious game playing and who might be willing to work cooperatively with representatives of the Intergalactic councils.
You have received a number of transmissions from Commander Ashtar over the past few days. It is suggested you commit these messages to memory and not place them in the computer console; but we do ask that you reread them and become familiar with their import (author’s note: Permission was subsequently given to release this information for publication (late in 2002). They read as if they are for general consumption, but for now they are for your eyes only. You are a leader of a group of advanced lightworkers who are adepts at holding light within themselves under all circumstances, and who are equally adept at placing that light into the planetary grids and/or flinging it out into the ethers with specific destinations in mind. Even so, we suggest when you receive critical, potentially disturbing transmissions that may appear appropriate for group participation you request a directive before sharing or including in manuscript computer data base.
Ashtar is currently being replaced (January 2003) with a galactic envoy whose tonation alignment compliments planetary ascension frequencies. Ashtar is preparing to transfer his command to another, whose identity will come through an interdimensional telepathic communicator other than you. In no way is Ashtar’s leaving to be construed as a demotion, but should be looked upon as a necessary cosmic reassignment. He and his primary lieutenant, Monka, are experts in interdomain spatial magnification. Their work in this solar system has been long and arduous, and not always appreciated. There has been a certain amount of maligning of the Ashtar Command within the New Age community and this has placed some etheric difficulties on his work. Because Ashtar is a frequent opener for newly awakening channels, his energies have often been usurped by certain individuals to further their own agendas; sometimes for good, sometimes not. Ashtar is from Venus’ sixth-dimensional sector and is currently undergoing his own evolutionary transformation. He is preparing to leave this solar system altogether. He will initially be transferred to the Pleiades where he will be readied to assume his new position and pick up his new starship crew. Thereafter, he will depart for a solar system where the inhabitants are caught in a similar polarity conflict as has plagued Earth (although not nearly as intensely to be sure). Ashtar and his associates are experts in harmonically aligning forces of Light within cosmic regions threatened by intrusive beings. He will be leaving forthwith and we are taking this opportunity to help you understand the reason for his departure. Although Earth has not yet attained her ascension, her ability to do so is assured. It is time for another earthlike planet to welcome Commander Ashtar and receive his expertise. Like Earth, the planet’s citizens will have little or no knowledge of his presence, but it will nevertheless be felt. Earth is not the only place within this galactic quadrant that has had retunement difficulties. All must be in readiness before the Great Shift occurs that will move the entire Milky Way Galaxy into a higher universal overtone of Perpetual Bliss.

Transmitting to the reader personally, there is no real danger for you or for those whom you hold dear. While we realize this is a qualifying statement. It is well known to our Onenesses that there is little on Earth that starseeds do not hold dear, for you are planetary caretakers of some significance. Your daily prayers invoke meditative tones of peace and goodwill for the entire planet body and for all beings who live there. That being so, we remind you to hold nothing back when it comes to shining light and compassionate love , but we suggest you keep certain information bites to yourself that would only serve to alarm the less galactically aware.
There is some telepathic interference this evening. A government relay station operating on fourth-dimensional wave length frequencies is beginning to hone in on galactic-to-Earth transmissions. They have not been able to decipher what their information means, and as of yet they have not traced it to source, but the time nears when they will be capable of doing so. To protect our earthbased receivers, we will, of course, initiate an interference block to protect transstellar to and fro communication relays. This will prevent cosmically encoded data from being inadvertently deciphered.
Planetary energy levels are reaching critical mass. Unruly characters will find it increasingly difficult to move forward with their self-serving machinations. As the reader is aware, this could be a few years longer, but not many; for 2012 is soon upon you and there are galactic deadlines to be met. It is not the desire of the Regency Star Council to place information in your possession that will cause you undue psychic or emotional/mental unrest; but at the same time you are primary light players stationed on planetary surface. As such it is imperative to provide you with pertinently relevant information that will serve and protect you, as well as to keep you appropriately informed.
The hum of the many planets and solar orbs bless and keeps all of you in the loving embrace of Divine Order.
Arcturian Group Mind—Adonai.

Intergalactic Command

Welcome, Manitu, it is with grave demeanor that you approach us this evening. The news is not good and there is a feeling amongst most peace-loving people that the world is preparing for an unjustified aggressive war (written November 2002, pre American invasion of Iraq). Provocation appears to be a trumped up political ploy to mask the mishandling of vital domestic and international matters. Principal game players are successfully deflecting attention away from themselves by flexing powerful military muscles. There is much posturing by individuals who deem themselves in charge of the affairs of the bulk of the planet’s population. It is fair to say they are not nearly as advanced as they think they are, for their idea of power has nothing to do with the renderings of Spirit onto the physical plane. They are leaving themselves wide open karmically speaking. They do not consider the ramifications to their Souls of their actions. But you know this and there is no need to belabor the point with redundant information. Unfortunate as the world situation appears to be, there is a hidden element of surprise that awaits sleeping humanity—who at this time are considering dropping into an even deeper cosmic sleep. We are readying planetary lightworkers for an evolutionary ascension process that will include not only lightworkers, but all humans dedicated to living spiritually from the heart with intent to do no harm.
So then why have we called you to council in this evening’s light, Manitu? Because, we wish to assist you in avoiding an emotional-mental upsurge that threatens the integrity of your physical strength and endurance. The same is true for most planetary lightworkers. There is a growing sense of discouragement within our activated ground troops. For the duration of aggressive, warring uncertainty, we suggest everyone remember that the view from a higher reality shows something very fine is in store for your magnificent planet. In all probability, aggressive energies will remain in play until at least 2006, perhaps longer. We assure you, ultraLight beings resonating at the level of the hum of the many planets surrounding Earth. If matters get completely out of hand, there will be much more observable starship activity. We are not indicating that we are about to fetch our ground personnel and pluck them aboard the crystalline starships. If necessary, however, we are prepared to make an impressive showing for the benefit of world leaders on their own turf, as well as issue them a stern warning that might possibly warrant dramatic media attention. So be it. It is time to up the amperage of light available to our star-workers and to evoke a consciousness in each and everyone to remain solidly fixed in regards to your commitment to serve Earth ascension modalities. As awakened, ground crew personnel you are responding to the urging of your Souls to assume your highest destiny as starseeded lightworkers incarnated in human form. The primary reason we have contacted you this evening, Manitu, is to encourage you and your readers to remain solidly intent on high spiritual standards of personal integrity. Do not take it lightly when we say, you are all highly qualified members of the Intergalactic Command’s Away Team ground forces.

Palpae of Arcturus:

For higher purpose to be realized, it is not necessary to attain old-fashioned sainthood. In current historical time, planetary energies are such that the spiritually-committed are ripe to transcend into self-realized masterhood—conscious creators of their own manifested destiny in ways never before thought possible. Who before this generation would have made mental contact with off-world beings and then have the courage to state the name of the star system to which they are Soul-aligned? We do not propose individual perfection; for if all had been learned and appropriately incorporated there would be little left to do. This is the life of The Turning. As such, there is much incomplete business—karmic overlays—that must be dealt with. Inner transformative work is best approached with a positive attitude, as if one were about to partake of a savory banquet. However, if one chooses to be more negatively inclined and judgmental about their experiences, they will discover few juicy morsels of contentment on their plate of life’s affairs. We say unto you, take that which is painful and learn to blend it with a healthy dose of joy. Inner balance and harmony can be achieved with this simple, life-enhancing exercise.
In the spaciousness of meditative solitude invite Spirit to sit beside you. Envision the lights of a billion suns shining through your energy fields and into the planetary grids. All who awaken to the possibilities of a New Age of abundance, health, peace, and a spirit of holistic family/community life, those who welcome Divine guidance from the highest realms, know world serenity and lives lived in perpetual splendor is already a fait accompli. The hum of the many planets increasingly resonates harmoniously throughout the ethers surrounding Earth. Magnificent colors never before seen are downloading into the parameters of third-dimensional reality and assist your efforts to achieve higher octave consciousness. As evidence supporting this statement, we refer you to the classical nature of your own books, Manitu, as well as writings by other transdimensional telepaths. A virtual flood of cosmic knowledge is gushing onto Earth from the telepathic minds of ultraLight beings who represent a multitude of advanced stellar systems. The truth of the way your lives are unfolding is all the confirmation most lightworkers require. When confronted with problematically sticky points of galactic philosophy-science, to gain clarification, sit quietly in meditation mode, breathe deeply, and consult that deep inner place where personal Truth is discerned.
In attitudes of respect and honor we bow low before you as the energy of this beautiful day fades and we go about our business of intergalactic resurrection of planet Earth, multispecies’ evolution, and grid light stability.

* * *
Palpae of Arcturus

We anticipate a grand display of clouded starships in the upcoming weeks months, and years. Keep your eyes on the sky and your feet solidly planted on the ground. Do not suppose this will mean a gathering of the star children or that the Return is imminent. We wish to commend all lightworkers on their continued commitment to spiritual evolution, no matter how difficult their lives become. While aggressive-loving humans prepare for war, starseeds prepare to implement world peace. The awakened understand current events are simply an interlude between what used to be and what is to come. Human resistance to interstellar contact-communication is not sustainable. In the blink of an eye that becomes aware of the presence of crystalline Merkaba starships humanity as a whole could be persuaded to assimilate God Consciousness as the totality of their waking reality. To force the issue would be manipulative on our part, and would not allow for individuals and the collective to gracefully and fearlessly self-transform, and to accept responsibility for what they themselves have created.
Anticipation of clouded starships is one of the goals that drives you to perform as a spiritual being; not because you fear extraterrestrial contact, but because we symbolize that which is essence of Greater Good/God; i.e., Divine Light in manifestation. We are like mirrors that reflect your true natures back to you. In moments of self-realization, you remember who you really are. This is true whether or not you are cognizant of the presence of multidimensional beings and the great ships that have come to Earth from the stars.
Surrender to the yearnings of your Soul that are urging you to move forward. Understand Earth life is meant to be a series of opportunities to achieve Soul resonation as all your cosmically aware and unaware components interact and move through one challenging situation after another. Evolution is something you must do for yourselves; it is your task to perform. Stay telepathically tuned to your guidance councilors from the starry regions. They stand ready to assist you as you purposely invoke their presence. Their higher spatial celestial viewpoint allows for clarity of vision.
Moment-to-moment discernment will be necessary to carry you with any degree of comfort through the difficult years leading to transformative year 2012. Do not lightly approach even seemingly insignificant decisions. All things are interconnected; as such, all that befalls the one impacts the many. This is a great lesson and one even the most grudging human attitude must eventually accept. All people are an aspect of one person, and one person is an aspect of all people
As we imprint these data upon the computer screen, a multitude of planetary timelines are about to converge. Nevertheless, distinctly critical timelines will remain solid and unaffected, and one of these is the ascension timeline upon which awakened starseeds ride. Current energies are such that like ropes in the wind, there will be some whipping back and forth, therefore, we do urge Earth graduating individuals to hold tight to what they know to be true and good. Intently adhere to principles of Universal Law of Attraction that are propelling you to higher realms of perpetual peace and LightLove.

Malantor of Arcturus

Karmic baggage is that which one carries from life-to-life. Like a snugly-packed valise your personal load can bend your physical back and emotionally and mentally weigh you down. Now is the time to unpack and sort through all you have accumulated over a multitude of earthbased lifetimes, which for some individuals spans millions of years. Ferret out that which no longer comfortably fits and send it packing into the past. Take a good look into your current self and endeavor to clothe your etheric bodies in exquisitely beautiful, translucent garments. Be diligent in doing so, for little time remains to sort out and catalogue your most precious inner possessions. The order of the evolutionary day requires an entirely new wardrobe. Envision yourself clothed in splendid golden-white-attire. See your etheric body free of taint and unwanted karmic blemishes. Observe the Divine aura that is being mirrored to you from your Higher Self. See yourself sparkling like a clear night filled with brilliant stars. Hear your voice singing honeyed tones of celestial vibration. Feel your heart soaring into realms of gilded delight. Make this vision as real as a magical movie that uplifts your spirit and reminds you of greater Home. Move towards the moment of ascension with the knowledge you are a manifestation of Soul incarnated as a precious human being.
Malantor transmits this message from the solar disk of the rosy red orb that is our beloved, giant Arcturus.

IVAW askance for Scott Olsen


Police in Oakland critically injure Iraq war veteran during Occupy Oakland crack-down

Tell Oakland Mayor Jean Quan to investigate this incident and allow peaceful protests to continue.
  • Click here to send her an email message
  • Call the Mayor's office: (510) 238-3141
  • Post a message on her Facebook page
Scott Olsen, a Marine veteran who did two tours in Iraq, was hit by a police projectile during last night's brutal police crackdown of Occupy Oakland. He is in serious but stable condition at an Oakland hospital.
It's ironic that days after Obama's announcement of the end of the Iraq War, Scott faced a veritable war zone in the streets of Oakland last night. He and other protesters were surrounded by explosions and smoke (tear gas) going off around him as people nearby carried him injured while yelling for a medic. This disturbing video of the incident shows how veterans are now fighting a war at home.
WARNING: You may find this video clip disturbing:

The Bay Area Indy Media center also posted dramatic photos of Scott being cared for and escorted to saftey right after he was hit.
WARNING: these images are graphic and disturbing:
Demand that Mayor Jean Quan of Oakland investigate this incident and allow peaceful protests to continue.
  • Click here to send her an email message
  • Call the Mayor's office: (510) 238-3141
  • Post a message on her Facebook page

More and more veterans are joining the 99% Movement

Scott is a member of Iraq Veterans Against the War who was discharged from military service with the Marines in 2010 after two tours in Iraq. He is one of many veterans who have returned home and gotten involved in the Occupy protests taking place in hundreds of cities around the nation. Veterans like Scott recognize that they are part of the 99% who face uncertain economic futures, including few job prospects and rising tuition costs. Rates of homelessness and unemployment are higher for veterans than for their civilian counterparts.
IVAW members around the country have been participating in their local Occupy demonstrations, and are finding other veterans there as well. "Our members are flocking to these occupations," says Joyce Wagner, IVAW Board President who has been participating in Occupy Pittsburgh. "The Occupy encampments are a great place to meet other veterans, network, and get veterans services. We're actually bringing a VA social worker to our camp and have several older homeless veterans in our camp."

Supporting Scott's recovery

Scott remains in stable but critical condition at an Oakland hospital awaiting a decision about whether he will undergo surgery. We have set up a medical fund to support any up-coming health needs he has.
To contribute to this fund, click here.
Thank you for your support. We will keep you posted on Scott's condition.
In Solidarity,
Iraq Veterans Against the War

Present times war crimes

Below is a link if you want to read about war crimes charges against former pres. George Bush jr, and other of his cohorts, ie Dick Cheney etc. I found it of interest and sadly , appallingly and shockingly so
 this article mentions that since the occupation of Iraq by the U.S.A. in 2003, that over 1.4 million Iraquis died. That is sickening to the heart and soul. Oh for no more killing on our planet. A planet of peace and love is what we remember from prior lives on more enlightened shores and is what we so seek now. We will be vigilant in our manifesting and visualizing and seeing this as our  planet makes her ascension to a higher vibration! And us along with her for the ride ...which feels like the roller coaster these days to be sure.

Vigil tonight in Bay area for Scott Olsen wounded by police in Oakland at Occupy Oakland

I had heard about this younger man who was wounded in the head,  in Oakland, during the Occupy Oakland gathering. He is also someone who served twice in the "war" against Iraq, and is now a member of IVAW....other ex vets from the Iraq invasion/slaughter and other wars  by the USA. IVAW is shortened from Iraq Veterans Against the War, whom I admire very much.
Tonight is a vigil at 7 pm I heard in the Bay area  and I would bet that many folks will be there for that , we can all send Scott love and our prayers /intentions for his complete healing now. Eh ma ho!

 By IBTimes Reporter | October 26, 2011 8:30 PM EDT
Scott Olsen, a 24-year-old Iraq war veteran, is in critical condition after his skull was fractured by a police projectile while marching in Occupy Oakland protests on Oct. 25.

(Photo: AP)
Scott Olsen, 24, was an Iraq war veteran. Olsen suffered a fractured skull after a police projectile hit him in the face on Oct. 25 while he marched with Occupy Oakland.
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Olsen, a former Marine Corps corporal and Wisconsin native, served two tours in Iraq before joining Iraq Veterans Against the War. Olsen was shot in the face by an unidentified police projectile while he and other Occupy Oakland protestors were marching towards City Hall. Police armed with riot gear met the demonstrators, who were attempting to "retake" Ogawa Plaza.
Although the object that hit Olsen in the head is still unknown, it appears to have been a teargas canister, part of several rounds of teargas deployed by Oakland PD last night. Dottie Guy, Bay Area chapter president of Iraq Veterans Against the War, said Olsen is stable but still in critical condition, and doctors at Highland Hospital are considering surgery. "It's still too early to tell," Guy said. "We're hoping for the best."


Scott Olsen, Oakland <><><><><><><>

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Following news of the Iraq veteran's injuries, Occupy Oakland organizers have announced their plans for a peaceful vigil in his honor, The Los Angeles Times reports. The vigil will coincide with a second march and demonstration by Occupy Oakland protestors, who are determined to reclaim the occupied camp they lost to police in the Oct. 25 raid.
Keith Shannon, who deployed with Scott Olsen in Iraq, said the veteran had marched with Occupy Oakland because he felt that Big Business had to much power over the U.S. people and government. "Scott was marching with the 99 percent," Shannon said, "because he felt corporations and banks had too much control over our government, and that they weren't being held accountable for their role in the economic downturn, which caused so many people to lose their jobs and their homes."
Shannon visited Scott Olsen in the hospital earlier today. "He [Olsen] has a two-inch skull fracture and swelling of the brain," he told Military Times. "When I saw him he was conscious but could only answer yes or no questions."
As police defend their use of teargas and "bean bags" packed with rubber bullets in the Oct. 25 clash, organizers and demonstrators argue the use of such weapons make injuries like Olsen's being shot in the face inevitable, and condemn Police Chief Howard Jordan for employing them

Do not Touch Chemtrail webs!


Chem Webs being reported all over the USA! Our team is testing & results coming soon!

on at 2:53 AM
It began on October 10th of 2010 when a man named Jerry Niemen reached out to The Truth Denied Team with a strange substance that had fallen into his yard from a “Chem plane, or chemtrail”. Mr. Neimen documented with photo evidence, and we sent the chem web off to a lab in Cyprus, to Morgellon’s specialist, Caroline Carter. To our surprise, not only did the web test positive for GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) but Ms. Carter broke out in a Morgellons rash that she says “nearly killed” her. The Truth Denied documented this story in 3 parts, which can all be be viewed here:

October 2011, exactly one year later, Mr. Niemen reports thousands of webs dropping from the sky, again! Except this time, the reports come in from all over the USA at the same time. We ask Jerry once again to take photos, and he did!
Jerry reported that “Friday was the most noticeable, that old farmer friend of mine said he came out of his house the other day and it was all over at his place. He calls it snot and thought it was coming from the poison shack at the end of the my road that blows the TCE out into the air but since {then} he has seen it at his place & he said it has to be coming from the plane, he is 63 and believes now that chemtrails are real more people are waking up.

The Truth Denied team has joined forces with John Whyte of to not only test the webs, but test for something we haven’t tested them for prior, and we will report all evidence to the general public.
Please look for the video of photographic evidence coming soon.

If you wish to make a chem web report, please contact us ASAP at
All Chem-web photos taken by Mr. Jerry Neimen of McCook Nebraska October 2011