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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Great Barrier Reef at Risk

Max Igan recently spoke of the dirty coal industry in Australia...GreenPeace wants to save the coral reef there.It is getting to be that there are so many areas we all need to try to preserve and protect, such as our coastline here in BC . Activisim, participation is what is needed at this crucial time on our planet.
Can't see this email? View the online version here.
Greenpeace Australia Pacific
Great Barrier Reef at Risk Great Barrier Reef at Risk
Dear Linda

When my daughter was two we went snorkeling at Great Keppel Island. Her excitement over the coral, which she called “water wowas” – translated as ‘water flowers’ – was a joy to watch. Two years later we still tell bedtime stories about that trip.

The other day she asked about my work. I told her I’m trying to protect the water flowers from being destroyed by dirty great big piles of coal. It’s a crude over-simplification but it pretty much sums it up. The Great Barrier Reef is under threat from the coal and gas export boom.
Our new report details the enormous coal expansion plans that are putting one of the world’s greatest natural treasures at risk. It exposes plans for six massive coal port expansions in the World Heritage area. One of the ports, Abbot Point, is planned to become nearly three times larger than any other coal port in the world.

If the coal industry plans proceed unchecked, there will be over 10,000 coal ships passing through the reef each year - more than one ship departing port every hour of every day. Millions of tonnes of sea floor will be dredged and dumped in the marine park.

The guardians of World Heritage – UNESCO – arrive in Australia next week to investigate impacts on the reef. With the spotlight of the world focusing on Australia, the Australian and Queensland Governments have agreed to do an 18-month ‘strategic assessment’ of the impacts of development on the reef.

Sounds good but what’s the catch?

It looks like major industrial projects in the World Heritage area may be approved by our governments before they’ve finished their strategic assessment! We must ensure this doesn’t happen – these projects should not get approval while the assessment is conducted. Otherwise it will be too late and the damage will be done.

The Great Barrier Reef is far too precious to let it be trashed by the coal industry. We need your help to defend it.

This is the beginning of a vital campaign to protect our reef and our climate.

Thank you for being part of this critical work.

John Hepburn
Senior Campaigner

Greenpeace Australia Pacific
Greenpeace Australia Pacific
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Sixth Man On The Moon Edgar Mitchell Ends UFO Cover Up.flv

2/29/2012 -- TORNADO alerts/watch -- OH, WV, KY, TN, MS, AL, SC, NC, VA,...

Haarp creates more severe storms and now folks are dead. Nick Begich wasn't kidding when he named his book, Angels Don't Play this Haarp.

In Memoriam ~David Jones

For those of you who read this blog, you know that I was a fan of the Monkees and saw them perform in Toronto, Ontario,Canada when I was a teen. It seems this week I am posting memorials of friends and musicians from times gone by.Ironically, both men who died to this realm were born in 1945, the year of the rooster.  It reminds me of how precious our time here in 3d is, and how fast it can be gone. Or rather, how we can exit stage left in a New York is an old Monkees tune, in honour of David Jones. Love Linda old fan.
All three have expressed their sorrow via Facebook.

Peter Tork:

It is with great sadness that I reflect on the sudden passing of my long-time friend and fellow-adventurer, David Jones. His talent will be much missed; his gifts will be with us always. My deepest sympathy to Jessica and the rest of his family. Adios, to the Manchester Cowboy. Peace and love, Peter T.

Mickey Dolenz:

I am in a state of shock; Davy and I grew up together and shared in the unique success of what became The Monkees phenomena. The time we worked together and had together is something I'll never forget. He was the brother I never had and this leaves a gigantic hole in my heart. The memories have and will last a lifetime. My condolences go out to his family.

Michael Nesmith:

All the lovely people. Where do they all come from?

So many lovely and heartfelt messages of condolence and sympathy, I don't know what to say, except my sincere thank you to all. I share and appreciate your feelings.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves here.

While it is jarring, and sometimes seems unjust, or strange, this transition we call dying and death is a constant in the mortal experience that we know almost nothing about. I am of the mind that it is a transition and I carry with me a certainty of the continuity of existence. While I don't exactly know what happens in these times, there is an ongoing sense of life that reaches in my mind out far beyond the near horizons of mortality and into the reaches of infinity.

That David has stepped beyond my view causes me the sadness that it does many of you. I will miss him, but I won't abandon him to mortality. I will think of him as existing within the animating life that insures existence. I will think of him and his family with that gentle regard in spite of all the contrary appearances on the mortal plane.

David's spirit and soul live well in my heart, among all the lovely people, who remember with me the good times, and the healing times, that were created for so many, including us.

I have fond memories. I wish him safe travels.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Stop Smart Meters, Trailer for Independent Film

I am part of the coalition to stop the (not so) smart meters here in our area.
Here are two longer clips taken in Santa Cruz, California, where the local town council is working for the local citizens who had their power shut off by PGE...It is really great to see a city have its council looking out for its citizens and questioning a rep from the power company about why these folks cannot have an analog meter reinstalled and power returned. This was just before Christmas 2011.
Smart Meters Make Themselves At Home . . . by Force (part 1)Dec 2011 (9:31)

Smart Meters Make Themselves At Home . . . by Force (part 2 )
Dec 2011 (13:10)

Dog and Deer~Best buddies

Check this out
On Monday February 27th, 2012, WikiLeaks began publishing The Global Intelligence Files, over five million e-mails from the Texas headquartered "global intelligence" company Stratfor. The e-mails date between July 2004 and late December 2011.
Watch the press conference held at the Frontline Club here:

A memorial for Garnet Doug McKewen aka Mother

This is a memorial video clip for Garnet Doug McEwen. I just learned from my friend Kim in St.Catharines that he had died to this world. I hadn't spent any time with Mother since he was a shopkeeper in my hometown in the '60's. His shop, was named Garnets Head Shop, and it was where the alternative young folks liked to hang out and shop and connect at. I will repost an old photo taken in that headshop with a group of us in there,Garnet included. I was 13 when I was hanging out there, and I used to help out and do sales when he stepped out. I also used to have chunks of hashish which I stashed in my "trainer bra" hahaha, and would get out a chunk whenever someone wanted to purchase it. A bit young to be a "mule" eh, well not really a mule, just an old soul in a young body in the days of flower power, peace, love and Haight Ashbury. Garnet used to fly out to California and get things to sell in his shop. I recall an orangeyred suede purse I got there for trade, it had a flower on it. The shop had all kinds of cool posters too. Garnet also did liquid light shows for local bands, psychedelic effects. Way cool. I recall going to visit him at his home one afternoon, he was stoned and said, Oh I am too high to go to this concert in Toronto, you girls can have these tickets. The tickets were for Donovan, so we gratefully accepted . Later, we hitchhiked to Toronto, another Linda and I, it was snowing if I recall when we got dropped off . Lucky we made it safely, we got a ride in a limousine with Italian men who I figured were mafia. Our area had alot of Mafia in those days as we lived close to Niagara Falls and lots of Italians lived there along with organized crime. A boyfriend during my teen years, RCSkinner, who was the singer in the Majority, a well known Niagara region band, his aunt Ruby used to watch the coffins being taken in and out of a morgue down the street from her in NFNY. She said it wasn't bodies being taken in and out , but drug trade. But I digress. So Garnet was one of those folks whom I recall from those early teenage years of exploration and discovery. Later he joined a motorcycle gang and I didn't see much of him after that, and my soul journey led me to other provinces and the USA to live. I wanted to post this memorial to him though so God Bless you on your journey Garnet. It would seem from reading his obituary that he found love, and got sober...and was a counsellor of youth in Saskatoon where he was residing. Well that is so great to have an awakening and help others too. Eh ma ho.
In this photo, taken at the Head Shop,(by Don Campbell) Garnet is the man 2nd one in from the right of the photo, wearing the black with red trim shirt. I can remember most of the names of those of  us in that photo to this day. I am standing 4th gal over from the left of the photo, betwixt two of my closest childhood girlfriends, Kim O'Malley is on one side of me, and Debbie Chiborak is on the other. Debbie was Neil Peart's girlfriend , he is wearing my buckskin jacket with the peace dove sign. No doubt the pin came from the Head Shop. Those were some interesting days...I still treasure the peace and love waves that were bombarding us then, and guess what, they seem to have increased now....YAHOO! LovenPeace to you all Linda

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Turn Turn Turn...

Sweet Lion Cubs

A friend sent me this link today and I would just be in heaven on earth if this were my experience!Thanks John....

A male worker at a lion park walked in on his last day, and after he says hello and sits down, several sweet lion cubs come up to him and start giving him hugs.

UFO Mountain: The Turning Point

This clip shows the black helicopters that fly over low at Eceti sometimes.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

"Why in the World are They Spraying?" Official Trailer

A beautiful memorium

I just recieved this beautiful song and writing from Blue Star and his wife Angie . It is  a tribute to a woman they loved and the song that Blue sings is so lovely, I thought that I would post it for you to hear too. Eh ma ho....
What an amazing and humbling journey this is......We are reminded
every day of our lives that we have a choice. Maybe not in the way
that we perceive but in a way that presents itself by those who
touch us.

Blessings in Love! Angie and Blue*

Sending Waves of Love From The Heart...Blue Star
Blue Star
Box 909
Australia 4226


Sometimes I have experiences which I call the "poppy fields". It will happen, that of a sudden, I will get very tired, and I cannot stay awake. I lie down, and then go off in to a very deep feeling place. It is as if I am consciousness out of body yet experiencing. Yesterday, I had another of the poppy fields experience, and this time, I heard someone at my door. I went and answered the door and there was a catbeing. The being was then in the kitchen standing over me, in that he was taller than I, and I felt him close to me, and in his presence, I felt such love. He felt so familiar. Then I was of a sudden back to my body and I came out from the poppy fields. When this happens to me I cannot seem to stay awake, I have to go lay down and then go out.
Last night I dreamed I was at Eceti with 2 other people and as we were walking thru the field , off to the right I looked up and saw a fleet of starships go by, and close to the earth. The other 2 folks when I said Look there, a whole fleet is going by , turned to face where I was looking, but the fleet had dematerialized.
Today I was pondering that I had been expressing to contactee friends that I so wanted to meet the Sirian lion beings, as I am quite fond of cats. Well feels to me like I did meet one yesterday when I had the sudden trip in the poppy fields. And perhaps it was that beings fleet of starships in my dreams last night. My pondering was simply, did I finally get to meet a Sirian feline being? Sure felt like it. Didn't really see his face, just the body was feline, upright and I was so feeling the love that I didn't look up, just stood with the catman and basked in the warmth. Adonai

And now for a little music

Been posting lots of 3d reality clips and save our planet kind of pleas...on to some music to lighten up the page...

Friday, 24 February 2012

Australia is in Crisis and Your Action is Required (playlist)'

I listened to this interview with Max Igan the other day and forgot to post it on the blog . It is so revealing and I so agree with his saying how we all need to PARTICIPATE in this current time on our planet. Sitting and meditating is fine, but participation will greatly assist the planet right now. Have a listen in if so inclined.
Dogwood Initiative
Hi Linda,
We’ve been working on the No Tankers campaign for six years and have never seen a wave of momentum like the one we’re experiencing now. The last six weeks have brought tens of thousands of new supporters – we’re now almost 100,000 strong! Our office is abuzz with fresh ideas, and we’re excited to be working with such an incredible diversity of Canadians.

Big plans are afoot, and we’d like to give you an idea of what we have in store for the No Tankers campaign. We’ve also created a poll to ask you: what aspect of the fight to keep oil tankers off B.C.’s coast are you most excited about participating in?

Here’s a bit of background for the 32,000 (!) of you who are new to the campaign. The surest way to protect the coast of B.C. from devastating oil spills is through a permanent federal oil tanker ban. Just over a year ago, we were tantalizingly close to achieving that goal when opposition parties united in a motion to ban oil tankers in northern B.C. waters —but then a federal election was called. With a pro-tanker Conservative majority elected in May 2011, we put the federal plan on hold and have shifted our focus to the provincial level.

Our goal is to get the Government of British Columbia to take a stand to protect our coast from the expansion of oil tanker traffic.

Yes, we know this is an ambitious goal; currently our government is seated firmly on the fence and shows no indication of taking a stand. However, this is exactly the kind of scenario that gets everyone here at Dogwood jazzed. We think that a network of 100,000 people is a force to be reckoned with, and we're ready to create some serious political leverage.

Here are three plans we have to do just that: Please complete this poll and tell us which one you are most excited about participating in.

Throw our weight into provincial by-elections

By-elections are mini election campaigns that happen when a politician calls it quits outside of normal election cycles. A local vote is held to replace the person who is leaving. They’re super important to political parties because they tell a story about who has momentum going into the next general election. All political eyes in B.C. are on two upcoming by-elections in the Lower Mainland: Chilliwack-Hope and Port Moody-Coquitlam. If we’re able to make the issue of oil tankers something that determines how people vote in these areas then we get political momentum.

Get your local politicians to stand up 

Politicians are accountable first and foremost to their local constituents. This means if enough of us take the time to repeatedly contact our own councillors, MLAs and MPs, there’s a good chance some of them will come on board to protect our coast. As we get our own local politicians, one by one, to stand with us, we increase the odds that our provincial government will come on board. The magic formula to make this work is personal communication from large numbers of local constituents, sustained over time. We have some tools to make this easier and we’ll track progress at

Hit the streets
Getting together and expressing our views out in the open air feels good. It can also attract media attention to the issue and sends a clear message about how determined we are to protect our coast. The federal panel examining Enbridge’s oil supertanker proposal is currently touring British Columbia. In every community they’ve visited so far there has been an inspiring demonstration of opposition. It’s important to build on this momentum by having large numbers of people present at all future hearings. There are local organizers in each of the hearing communities, and we’re keen to help them out as much as we can.

For those of you who registered to speak to the panel via our Mob the Mic action your turn hasn’t yet come. The panel isn’t hearing oral statements until later this spring at the earliest. We’ll let you know once the panel releases a hearing schedule for oral statements.

Please let us know what idea you’re most jazzed about. We’ll report back, use the results to help us plan the next few months, and let you know what steps we’re taking to make our goals a reality. 

For the coast,

Eric, Celine, Emma, Erika & Karl


Dear Linda,
Over the past year, the Arab Spring uprisings have inspired a worldwide movement against injustice, and since that time, many new and exciting voices of the struggle have emerged.
Students overloaded with debt with little hope of finding work; veterans left homeless and forgotten by their communities; factory workers watching as their jobs are shipped overseas; working class people falling below the poverty line because they can’t make ends meet with minimum wage and part-time jobs: skilled people from all walks of life are sharing their experiences and their vision of what they want the world to be.
To develop these unique and important voices both here and abroad, the Firedoglake Writers’ Foundation is starting a new project called Occupy Exchange, offering fellowships to outstanding, committed members of the Occupy movement so that they can share their knowledge, skills and expertise in a wide range of areas with others around the world.
Occupy Exchange will send our fellows on visits to other Occupy encampments, where they will share their knowledge on the subjects their hosts need help with the most. Afterwards, our fellows will write up their experiences and lessons-learned and share them with the rest of the world.
Can you please make a tax-deductible donation of $10 or more to help the Firedoglake Writers’ Foundation offer fellowships to outstanding members of the Occupy movement?
Meet the first three Occupy Exchange Fellows from Occupy Buffalo: Samantha Colon, Robert Albini and John Washington; three outstanding organizers whose local activism on education, mass transit and foreclosure mills has been a model for other occupations across the country.
Right now they’re on their way to Occupy Little Rock, where local occupiers have taken the encampment off the grid using solar panels, wind turbines, a grey water system and an urban greenhouse.
As Occupy Buffalo and Occupy Little Rock have openly demonstrated through their work, occupy encampments are vibrant communal spaces where people can come together to solve problems and demonstrate a model for the world as they want it to be. By sharing and exchanging strategies, experiences and skills - and then publishing them online to make them available to the rest of world - the Occupy movement can continue to not just demand change, but provide strong alternatives for a more equitable society.
Just like Sam, Bob and John, our fellows are committed Occupiers with real world skills to share with other protests across the country and the world. Their exchanges can help Occupy groups stay put, stay organized and affect real change in the communities that need it most.
We know of many Occupations that need this kind of assistance, and a lot of Occupiers like Sam, Bob and John who are willing to share - but we need your help to extend fellowships to other members of this movement. Can you please make a tax-deductible donation of $10 or more to help Occupy Exchange offer these fellowships and network Occupies to share these essential skills and ideas?
The Occupy Exchange fellowship program will provide fellowships to Occupiers willing to share their knowledge and expertise in the following areas:
  • Event Organizing
  • Dealing with Media
  • Nonviolence Training
  • Shareholder Activism
  • Tactical Mobility
  • Project Management
  • Online Organizing
  • Meeting Facilitation
  • Money and Accounting
  • Video Production & Livestreaming
  • Student Organizing
  • Consumer Debt
  • Mobile Kitchens
  • Foreclosure Activism
  • Security
  • Renewable Energy
  • Strategic Planning
  • Homelessness
  • Group-building
  • First Aid
  • Conflict resolution
  • Citizen Journalism
  • Networking with Community Groups
If you’re an Occupier and possess any of these skills (or others) and would like to apply to be an Occupy Exchange fellow, click here to request an application.
If your Occupation would like a visit from an Occupy Exchange fellow to share their expertise on any of these topics (or others) click here to sign up. And if you have a skill or need help in an area we haven’t listed here, make sure to let us know when you sign up!
We all grow frustrated that there’s no accountability for the oligarch class that continues to pillage the world economy with impunity. That makes it all the more critical that we support these visionary individuals who are rising up out of blighted communities, refusing to be snared by the partisan traps that crippled previous generations of activists. They are uncompromising in their commitment to creating models of a world they want to live in. They are our hope for the future.
We hope you’ll support the Firedoglake Writers’ Foundation’s Occupy Exchange program with a tax deductible donation, and strengthen our efforts to help important Occupy voices share their experience.
Thanks for all you do,
Jane Hamsher
Founder & Publisher,

FDL Writer's Foundation, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.
All contributions are tax deductible to the full extent permitted by law.

2/24/2012 -- Censored earthquake - Midwest to Southeast USA shakes - Wip...

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Hey Mr.Spaceman...

James interviews Ralph Ring

Ralph Ring Interview - Part 1

My friend Oya sent me an interview that Kerry Cassidy did with Ralph and his woman . It is interesting . When I was raised by my grandparents, my grandfather, Stephen Buffy, a multi-talented man, always used to have magnets around that he would "play with". He had an old car in the back yard that he was trying to get to run on water instead of gasoline. He also let me read a book on UFO's over L.Ontario when I was younger. It was interesting to be raised by a working man, he was a tool and die setter,( like Ralph in the video clip) who was also an artist, wood carver, house builder and a real thinker out of the box. I wondered what his fascination was with all the varying magnets he had around, but now, having watched this clip, I think my grandfather was playing with ideas in regards to zero gravity and such.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012


I watched this documentary as Max Igan spoke of it on his radio show and Eceti had sent the Igan show link out. It is truly a most revealing documentary and it is just so cruel and inhumane how this young Australian woman is spending her years locked up in a prison in Indonesia, for something she did not do. It is a shocking account of how a young woman is rotting away in a prison and I can understand why so many folks risked alot to get the truth out to the world to see. A must see.
Dear friends,

In 48 hours Australia could save one million square kms of ocean -- but the commercial fishing industry is vigorously opposing this move. The government is holding a public consultation to get a clear mandate to put the environment above corporate profit. The consultation closes in two days -- let's send a flood of support to save our dying oceans. Send a message now, then forward this email to everyone:

Click here to send a message
In 48 hours, Australia could save one million square kms of ocean forever -- setting up the largest marine reserve in the world and preserving thousands of delicate species. But they will need an global outcry to beat out commercial fishing and mining companies hoping to destroy the plan.

The Australian government is holding a public consultation, hoping it will give them a mandate to take a big step towards a sustainable future for our oceans and our planet. But the reserve will cost money and without massive support right now, the short term financial interests of industry could beat out our hopes for a safe future for our seas.

We only have 48 hours until the consultation closes -- click to send a submission to the consultation now, then forward this email to everyone:

The reports are dire: in 36 years, our oceans could be completely fished-out, in 100 years, all coral reefs might be dead. This action alone won’t be enough to turn the tide. But it will establish the largest marine reserve in the world!

Saving the world’s oceans from collapse will require bold political leadership and dedicated citizens taking action. The Australian government could be at the forefront. But industrial fishing companies want a marine highway through the area for their long line vessels.

We can save a million square kms of ocean by flooding the consultation with appeals from around the world. Let's drown out the voices of the commercial fishing companies, and protect our oceans for generations to come. Click the link below to send an urgent message, then forward this to friends and family:

In 2010, Avaaz members helped create the world’s largest marine reserve around the Chagos islands -- let’s create an even bigger one this time and stand up for the future of our oceans!

With hope,

Stephanie, Maria Paz, Alice, Ricken, Dalia, Diego, Antonia and the rest of the Avaaz team

More information:

Protect our Coral Sea

Valerie Taylor joins battle for the Coral Sea (The Cairns Post)

Does the Coral Sea marine park proposal provide enough protection? (The Conversation)

Coral Sea Commonwealth marine reserve proposal (Australian Government website)

Impacts of fishery activities (FAO)

Queenslanders support coral sea protection (Pew Press Release)

Support the Avaaz Community!
We're entirely funded by donations and receive no money from governments or corporations. Our dedicated team ensures even the smallest contributions go a long way. is a 13-million-person global campaign network
that works to ensure that the views and values of the world's people shape global decision-making. ("Avaaz" means "voice" or "song" in many languages.) Avaaz members live in every nation of the world; our team is spread across 13 countries on 4 continents and operates in 14 languages. Learn about some of Avaaz's biggest campaigns here, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.
Happy Losar
Dear Linda,

Losar Tashi Delek! At ICT, we will honor Losar by renewing our efforts to work for peace and justice in Tibet and we thank you for your support in standing with people of Tibet at this time.
LosarThe word Losar is derived from two words, “Lo” meaning “year” and “sar” meaning “new.” For centuries, Losar, Tibetan New Year has been a time of celebration, a time for families to come together and be thankful for their blessings, for religious faith to be honored in prayer and a time when neighbors and friends greet each other with “Losar Tashi Delek!” or (Best wishes for an auspicious New Year!”). But this year’s Losar is marked with sorrow, with repression in Tibet reaching new lows, so it will be observed as a time for quiet reflection and tribute to all those Tibetans who have sacrificed their freedom and even their lives in protest against Chinese policies in Tibet.

We humbly wish you a Losar Tashi Delek, and best wishes for the Tibetan Water Dragon Year 2139.

Mary Beth Markey
Mary Beth Markey

This painting of the Eight Auspicious Symbols of Tibetan Buddhism is by 15 year-old Shaokyi Amdo, a student of the Capital Area Tibetan Association’s weekend Tibetan language school for Tibetan-American children living in the Washington DC metro area. The eight symbols are very popular in Tibet and represent the eight precious offerings made by the gods to Shakyamuni Buddha upon his enlightenment.
1825 Jefferson Place NW | Washington, DC 20036 | (202) 785-1515
Update Address
View Online

The dailies is a gray day mostly, some rain, some snow, the sun came out for a couple of moments and that was that. Having now relocated the two elder cats in to my pink room,(from the outback catio/apt) Hobbes has perked up some. He has eaten tiny bits of this and that, and is still drinking water too. So for now, the seniors are lazing about in the pink room, and the younger cats want to be where the "non-action" is, so that is how it is this day in the village. As for me...well I am as the old song goes , "California Dreaming" on such a winters day...

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Peter Wilson

I was chatting long distance with an old friend tonight in Grass Valley California and at the end of our chat, her children's father, Peter Wilson arrived for dinner. I asked him how his cd concert debut had gone recently at the Center for Performing Arts there in Grass Valley. He said it was a full house. I was already longing for a visit there, and so I thought with my new moon in Pisces today intention to visit my friends in Grass Valley and Nevada City,(hopefully this spring) where I lived for 16 years, and which I miss alot some days, I would post one of the tunes Peter played that night . Thanks Peter for a chance via youtube this night to be there at the concert Buff


Keep Shell out of the Arctic

Keep Shell Out of the Arctic

Dear Linda,
Help us get the word out to stop Shell
from drilling in both Polar Bear Seas
this summer!

Robert Redford Video
Please share Robert Redford’s powerful video and message with your family and friends. Urge them to join us in telling the Obama Administration to keep Shell out of the Polar Bear Seas.
Spread the Word

Thanks for taking online action to stop Shell from drilling in both of our nation’s “Polar Bear Seas.”

You joined tens of thousands of BioGems Defenders in watching Robert Redford’s compelling new video and telling Interior Secretary Salazar to deny Shell the final permits it needs to begin drilling.

Today I’m asking you to take one more small but important step that will build this campaign to stop Shell.

Share Robert Redford’s video and message with your family and friends and urge them to join you in taking action to stop Shell.

Please help us spread the word and raise an outcry that Secretary Salazar won’t be able to ignore.

You and I haven’t worked so hard to protect one of our planet’s last truly wild places, only to see it destroyed by Big Oil. Thank you for passing on this important message.

Frances Beinecke
Natural Resources Defense Council

John Glenn on Fraser show speaks about UFO's

Thanks to Liz for sending this clip today. It is a real hoot!

Syria Crackdown on Civilians

Dear friends,

Assad’s ruthless massacre of civilians in his attempt to crush the Syrian Spring is escalating. But a new international coalition led by Arab League members is meeting in 4 days and is our best hope to stop the bloodshed. Avaaz has a seat at the table and can bring the voices of world citizens directly to decision-makers. Let's call on the coalition to end the violence now:

Sign the petition
With each passing day, Syria's crackdown on democracy protesters reaches new levels of horror -- bombing crowded neighborhoods filled with innocent civilians, cutting off electricity and phones so families can’t call for help, and blocking medical aid to the wounded. But finally a flicker of hope is emerging that could stop the terror.

After the UN Security Council failed, Syria's neighbours in the the Arab League are taking the lead. They have called other key powers to an emergency meeting in 4 days in Tunisia, and Avaaz will be sitting at the table with the Syrian democracy movement to deliver a clear mandate for strong action.

Right now, the level of public outrage could make the difference between forceful action and feckless diplomacy. Let's deliver a 1 million-strong call to action, and press negotiators to move now to stop the bloodbath. Click below to sign the petition -- it will be delivered directly to the delegates in the meeting:

The student organizers and mothers who month after month have led peaceful marches for freedom are now facing down the full military might of Assad’s army. They are calling for the world’s help to ensure that the Syrian Spring does not die a gruesome death on the streets of Homs, Hama and Idlib.

So far, the Arab League and United Nations have failed to stop the slaughter. But the international community knows that they cannot postpone action any longer. There is no panacea to end this, but a combination of more targeted sanctions, humanitarian action, support to the opposition to form an alternative government that unites people across the sectarian divide, and a plan to help those fearful of regime change to defect, could tip the balance of power.

In situations like this one, a clear public proposal can force the hand of politicians and governments to take meaningful action fast. Let's show those meeting this week the extent of global determination to save the Syrian Spring and end the bloodshed. Sign the urgent petition for action now:

With so many challenges facing our globe, our community rarely campaigns on the same issue numerous weeks in a row. But the situation in Syria is dire and the Syrian people are counting on us not to let this opportunity to make a difference pass us by. Let’s come together one more time and show them that the world stands with them.

With hope and determination,

Ian, Jamie, Maria Paz, Allison, Andrew, Emma, Wissam, Stephanie, Bissan and the whole Avaaz team

More Information:

U.N. Rights Chief Decries Inaction Over Syrian Assault (New York Times)

Syria rejects UN charges as Homs battered (AFP)

Tunis to host meeting on Syria on February 24 (Reuters)

Syrian regime 'emboldened' by UN inaction, says human rights chief (The Guardian)

‘Heaviest shellin
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g’ in Homs for days, say activists, as massacres reported (al Arabiya) is a 13-million-person global campaign network
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