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Friday, 31 August 2012

8/31/2012 -- Multiple views of Large solar filament eruption -- Earth Di...

ICT Tibet Update
State Department Comments on Tibet
Secretary Clinton On August 28 the spokesperson for the US Department of State, Ms. Nuland was asked if the Tibetan issue would come up during Secretary Clinton’s meetings with Chinese leaders in Beijing on September 4 and 5. Ms Nuland said, “Human rights issues almost always come up. I think they virtually always come up when she meets with Chinese leaders. So I would expect that they’ll come up again in this round.”

On August 27, Ms. Nuland was asked to comment on the latest two Tibetan self-immolations and if she could comment on the Representatives McGovern and Wolf letter to Secretary Clinton regarding Tibet. Ms. Nuland said they have once again called on China "to meet the legitimate grievances of the Tibetan people". She added that the State Department has received the McGovern-Wolf letter and were looking at their proposal.

U.S. Congressional – Executive Commission on China (CECC) Special Report on Tibetan Self-Immolation
The CECC released a new special report titled, “Tibetan Self-Immolation - Rising Frequency, Wider Spread, Greater Diversity,” covering the period up to August 10, 2012. The report states:
“The wave of self-immolations is concurrent with increasing Chinese Communist Party and government use of legal measures to repress and control core elements of Tibetan culture, and with the failure of the China-Dalai Lama dialogue process to achieve any sign of progress. The Party and government have also not indicated any willingness to consider Tibetan grievances in a more constructive manner and to hold themselves accountable for Tibetan rejection of Chinese policies. The Party and government have handled the crisis as a threat to state security and social stability instead of a policy failure.”
Download the report. . .

Two Tibetan teenage relatives self-immolate in Ngaba
Two teenage Tibetans, Lobsang Kelsang, a monk and Lobsang Damchoe, a layperson, set themselves on fire on August 27 in Ngaba, near the eastern gate of Kirti monastery, and were the 50th and 51st self-immolation in Tibet since February 27, 2009. Continue reading. . .

Tibetan nomads drive out Chinese miners, guarding sacred Mountain in Golog
Tibetan nomads in Gade county in Golog (Chinese: Guolo) have driven out Chinese gold miners at the sacred Dringye Ngo Sorma, vowing to give up their lives if necessary to protect the site. With a beautiful lake at its base, green meadows on its slopes and Tibetans believe Dringye Ngo Sorma to be the abode of a ferocious and powerful deity. Continue reading. . .

Online campaign helps suspend new Tourism project at sacred Yamdrok Lake
Environmentalists are warning that a rapid increase in tourism is adding damage to the fragile environment in Tibet. Local officials plans allow a Tourism Development Company to introduce sightseeing tourist boat trips on Yamdrok Lake, a Tibetan holy lake sparked a public outcry earlier this year in June on Chinese micro blogging sites. Continue reading. . .
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» Tibetan self-immolations and a Chinese suicide
By: Bhuchung Tsering

» What Tibet didn't have
By: John N.

Religious Freedom
Please help ICT bring the world's attention to the brutal religious repressions occurring in Tibet.
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Relay to Highlight Crisis in Tibet - Washington, DC
Participants in the relay will walk from Dupont Circle to Freedom Plaza representing Tibetans in Tibet who are denied fundamental rights by the Chinese government. More details >

"Tibet's Beckoning Soil"
Washington, DC

A staged reading of the play "Tibet's Beckoning Soil" will be held at the Kennedy Center, South Atrium Foyer at 1pm. Admission to this event is free of charge.

Soygyal Rinpoche Public Talk
Arlington, VA

A public talk "Understanding the Mind: The Key to Peace and Happiness" will be held at the Artisphere's Spectrum Theatre at 7pm. More details >

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The Tibet Update eNewsletter is a bimonthly summary of news and governmental actions related to Tibet. Past issues in PDF format are located at
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The secrets hidden in the pyramids of Egypt (Harun Yahya)

This is interesting. Thanks for sending MJS...

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Eceti News~Why global mass contact is NOT happening

Derailing Contact

Looking from the Off Worlders perspective concerning the way humanity is going about contact it is obvious why it has not happened on a global perspective with the benevolent, spiritually and technologically advanced visitors. This includes the ones based in the interior and under the oceans. There have been agreements made with low level ETs and the powers that be that are engaging not only them but other dark forces to continue in the separation, greed, disempowering game. When the majority of the planet is asleep, dumbed down, controlled and does not want to take responsibility for their own awakening, healing and self empowerment mass contact is not an option. The only way mass contact can come is if the majority of the people are ready for it. If you build the consciousness and maintain the environment they will come. This does not mean contact is not happening, it is. It is happening on a much grander scale than one would imagine, yet even the UFO community censors it.

The UFO community is filled with arrogance, ignorance and ill intent or controlled disinformation. It is in opposition to the very goals upon which it professes to be working towards. Reason this, if you are going to contact a benevolent, spiritually and technologically advanced off world race would it not be wise to strive to become benevolent, spiritually advanced yourself? Why contact a bunch of ego driven, competitive people who cannot even get along with each other even though they profess to have the same goals? Another point to consider is the background and past of the major UFO outlets of information. How many come from military backgrounds, have a past in military intelligence? Could they just be information gatherers, control valves to regulate or shut off the fact that contact is happening now with important information? I find it very suspicious when the Navy is the main funder of the black projects, our own space fleet, trips to the Moon and Mars with exotic back engineered technology yet many talk show hosts and conference coordinators have X military intelligence back grounds. Figure it out yet? They have their hand on the valve of information concerning UFOs. There are some courageous souls with military backgrounds in the field of ufology, which have maintained a high degree of integrity and are not happy with the deception. To them I tip my hat. Another point is I often wonder why people are demanding the government to disclose, why does truth depend upon people with a long track record of lying and twisting the truth? How can you believe anything they have to say? The last point is keeping it in the past, far away, ambiguous are also tools used to cover up the obvious. Contact is happening NOW. Do your own research, initiate your own contact and rise to the occasion.

Now do you see why ECETI is not mentioned or allowed to speak at major UFO conferences, events or censored off many major shows that cover UFOs. Could it be we are too close to the truth, know too much, have too much evidence despite the armchair investigators and shoddy debunkers some of which come up, spend an hour, then leave thinking in all their arrogance the UFOs would overlook their attitudes and closed minds. These off worlders know your thoughts, your frequency, are full aware of who you are, your intentions etc. There is no purposeful good in contacting these people, they are just left in their own ignorance. You have to have an open mind, loving heart and pure intent for contact. If they are going to reveal themselves to you there has to be purposeful good in the contact. They will not trespass on your free will or your beliefs in other words you have to set the intention, rise to the occasion, do the work. There are low level contacts, even what some would call demonic entities yet if that is all you focus on and are living in fear, if that is what is made available to you and you are programmed to see everything as negative again there is no purposeful good in benevolent advanced Off Worlders contacting you. The point I am making is if these UFO communities are not rising to the occasion, are perpetuating fear, negativity, are divided, competitive and filled with disinformation why would any self respecting benevolent Off Worlder want to have anything to do with them. It is all about consciousness, creating a place of peace, harmony, a spirit of cooperation in which I dare say seems to be a major challenge for the UFO community. I do not know the exact reasons why various groups and individuals are censoring ongoing contact yet I do know it is being censored on a very big scale. Some call themselves light workers, profess to be spiritual with a high degree of integrity and wise yet their actions speak much louder than their words. Some are just manufactured by the media machine as long as they play ball and stay within the goals of the powers that were they can continue. There is a saying Messiahs die young. Most of the world is not ready for the truth, have the courage to demand the truth nor will they stand up for truth. They are too busy chasing manufactured avatars to tell them the truth. Something to contemplate.
James Gilliland
While the writing is James Gillilands, I highlighted in purple what has always resonated with me. All that he says rings as truth to this woman. Eh ma ho! Blessings to James for speaking out and speaking his truth .

"WHAT tsunami debris?" ( officials.)Disinformation, Downplay, and Disape...

I find this clip interesting. If it is true, that women are losing their hair and folks getting tireder in the Olympic Peninsula area of Washington State, due to the radioactive debris that surrounds them from Japan's Fukishima disaster, then I would hope that folks living there, start doing some radiation detoxes, both bathing and internally. We all could use detoxes for this kind of poisoning ...personally, I do baths with epsom salts, clay and magnesium and also baking soda. I also take zeolite . I should bump up my intake of all these supplements and modalities which are basically fairly inexpensive.

Astrology Forecast for August 29, 2012

Dear friends,

In 48 hours, my young daughter will appear before a court in Pakistan, under blasphemy laws that carry the death sentence. My innocent girl has struggled her whole life with mental disability -- and shouldn't be punished. I ask you to help save my daughter. Sign this petition to President Zardari to support my call for protection for religious minorities:

Sign the petition
Last week an enraged crowd threatened to burn my daughter alive, and in 48 hours a judge will decide whether she goes free or stays in jail. Rimsha is a minor with mental disabilities and often isn't in control of her actions. Yet local police here in Pakistan have charged her with desecrating the Koran, and we are afraid for her life.

Right now she is being held in a maximum-security jail, and in hours, she will face the court under Pakistan's anti-blasphemy laws, which can carry the death sentence. We are a poor Christian family witnessing mob fury over my daughter's case, and many other families have faced similar intimidation forcing them to either flee or live in fear. But the international attention on Rimsha’s case has emboldened Pakistani Muslim leaders to speak out against this injustice and forced President Zardari's attention.

Please help me keep up the global outcry on my daughter's case. I urge you to sign my petition to President Zardari to save Rimsha and demand protection for us and other vulnerable minority families. Avaaz will share this campaign with local and international media, watched carefully by all the politicians here:

An angry mob demanded the arrest of my daughter after a local imam started inciting people against her, claiming she had desecrated the Koran. Some then threatened to kill her and burn down the houses of Christians in our community. I pray that at her hearing on Saturday, the case against her is dismissed and she can come back to live with us.

Our family is in grave danger, as even talking about the blasphemy laws in Pakistan can be deadly -- last year the Pakistani Minister for Minority Affairs was killed after asking for the removal of the death penalty for committing blasphemy. It's such a sensitive situation that many of our Christian neighbours from our Islamabad slum have had to flee their homes.

We respect the religious rights of others. We simply hope for the safety of our daughter and our community and wish this had never happened. We are happy that the Ulema Council, an umbrella group of Muslim clerics and scholars here in Pakistan, spoke out, saying: "We don't want to see injustice done with anyone. We will work to end this climate of fear." With your help, we can not only free Rimsha but make this incident the beginning of a greater understanding between communities in Pakistan. I ask you to sign this petition, and share it with your friends.

With hope and determination,

Misrek Masih with the Avaaz team

PS: This petition was started on Avaaz’s new Community Petitions site, which lets anyone, anywhere, start a petition on issues that are important to them. To start your own, click here:


Pakistan court postpones bail decision for girl accused of burning Quran (CNN)

Father of Pakistani Christian 'blasphemer' girl appeals to President (Telegraph)

Pakistan blasphemy case Christian girl 'is 14' (BBC)

Pakistani Muslim leaders support Christian girl accused of blasphemy (Guardian)

Pakistani Christians, fearing backlash, flee community after girl is accused of blasphemy (Washington Post)

Pakistani president wades into 'Down's Syndrome' blasphemy case (Christian Science Monitor) is a 15-million-person global campaign network
that works to ensure that the views and values of the world's people shape global decision-making. ("Avaaz" means "voice" or "song" in many languages.) Avaaz members live in every nation of the world; our team is spread across 19 countries on 6 continents and operates in 14 languages. Learn about some of Avaaz's biggest campaigns here, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

8/29/2012 -- Severe weather overview -- Tropical storm ISAAC heading to ...

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Pass the Agent Orange Soy paleeze?

Dow Chemical is back at it again! Last week Dow Chemical donated $1.2 million to defeat Prop 37 to label genetically engineered foods, which will appear on the ballot in California this fall.[1] At the same time, they happen to be petitioning the U.S. Department of Agriculture for the approval of a new genetically engineered “Agent Orange” soybean that tolerates the extremely toxic chemical herbicide 2,4-D, a major component of the Vietnam War era defoliant Agent Orange.[2]
Not only does Dow Chemical not want you to know what's in your food, but now they want to dump more toxic chemicals on it too! Numerous studies have linked exposure to 2,4-D to serious health problems that include cancer (particularly non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma), lowered sperm counts, liver disease and Parkinson’s disease.[3] In addition, dozens of peer-reviewed studies have found the use of 2,4-D to contribute to hormone-disrupting activity linked to reproductive problems and thyroid dysfunction.[4]
Now Dow AgroScience wants to spray this toxic chemical on our food and in our fields in unprecedented amounts!
As you well know, the first generation of biotech crops has failed. And failed badly. Now the biotech industry is stepping up the chemical arms race in an effort to make up for the failure of Monsanto’s Roundup. The excessive use of Roundup has led to millions of acres of U.S. farmland to be filled with Roundup resistant superweeds and now Dow Chemical and other companies are petitioning the USDA to release even more new biotech crops to tolerate more toxic chemicals.[5]
Along with major health impacts, the approval of Dow’s "Agent Orange" 2,4-D soy will likely lead to a massive explosion in the use of 2,4-D across the U.S., a fact that has greatly alarmed scientists, environmentalists and farmers alike.
If the potential health problems and the escalating chemical arms race weren’t bad enough, there is grave concern among farmers for the problems with drift and volatilization, which means that it's difficult to control when applying and frequently leads to serious damage to neighboring farmer's crops. [6]
Considering the serious human health concerns, the threat to the environment and family farmers themselves, Secretary Vilsack and the USDA should move quickly to reject approval for Dow Chemical’s 2,4-D soy. Not only does it not serve the public interest, but it will lead to an ever-increasing reliance on deadlier and more toxic chemicals to grow our food.
Thanks for participating in food democracy,
Dave, Lisa and the Food Democracy Now! team
** Please considering making a donation to Food Democracy Now!. We rely on folks like you to keep us going. Thank you!
1."'Yes on Prop 37' Produces Television Advert" (video)", Digital Journal, August 26, 2012.
3. “Opposition grows to “Agent Orange” GM corn” The Organic and Non-GMO Report, February 1, 2012
4. “Smarter Living: Chemical Index 2,4-D”, National Resource Defense Council,
5. “Approval of New Chemical-Resistant GMOs Likely to Prompt Pesticide Escalation”, PR Watch, August 28, 2012
6. “Farm Group Seeks U.S. Halt on "Dangerous“ Crop Chemicals”, Reuters, April 18, 2012
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A Hathor Planetary Message~Tom Kenyon

The Sphere of All Possibilities

A Hathor Planetary Message Through Tom Kenyon
In this message we will endeavor to share with you a method for manifesting outcomes in your 3-D reality as well as in other dimensions of your being. This method is based on a fundamental understanding regarding geometry and the nature of consciousness. There are many geometries available to be used as vehicles for manifestation. We wish to share one of the simplest and, ironically, most effective.

The first thing to understand about manifesting is that for every act there is a counter-action. This is due to the nature of duality until you reach the higher dimensions of consciousness in which duality no longer exists. Since this method is for manifesting new realities in your 3-D life, duality is a factor.

Another important aspect to understand is the admonition to do no harm. This principle is to protect you from negative consequences, and the simplest way to state this is that your creations should do no harm to yourself or to another.

Due to the nature of this material we will be giving the information in three parts. This first portion deals with the geometry of manifestation.

The second will deal with non-dual states of consciousness and how to commune with these higher realms of your being. These two parts of the information will be completed by the first of October of this year. This is in preparation for a World Sound Meditation that will take place on Sunday, November 4th during a Hathor Intensive titled
The Art of Seeding New Realities.

The third portion of this information involves the union of non-dual states of consciousness with the mastery of creating outcomes in time and space. This unifying body of knowledge will be imparted before December 1st of this year.

You are standing collectively and individually at a cosmic crossroads. The alignment on December 21, 2012 heralds a passage into a new vibratory reality. For the record, we do not believe that the world will end on this date. However, the world, as you have known it, is changing.

The information we are giving here in this message is meant to assist you in manifesting new realities for yourself and for humanity. This method greatly accelerates the manifesting process, and since time, as you perceive it, is speeding up we believe a method that works quickly will be of great benefit.

The MethodIn this method you use one of your chakras as a focal point for directing your intention. Indeed, from the standpoint of manifesting, the secret lies in the union of intention, consciousness and energy.

Generally speaking most people will find the greatest results from using the solar plexus, which is associated with will and personal power, as the focal point for energy.

We also encourage you to experiment with the other chakras, including the heart, the throat, the third eye, and the crown. Most people find that manifesting new realities from the crown chakra is inherently paradoxical, since at this location consciousness views all phenomena as illusory and there is a tendency to transcend all phenomena, thus there is no inherent desire to create anything when working from that chakra.

For our purpose, which is to manifest outcomes in your 3-D reality, most people will find the solar plexus to be the most effective.

With your awareness in your solar plexus—which is located back behind the pit of your stomach—you imagine a sphere, or ball, the size of the universe around you, the center of which is your solar plexus. When you imagine this ball, this sphere, realize that there are an infinite number of points at the surface of the sphere and that you are activating what we call the Sphere of All Possibilities.

The difficulty in manifesting new realities is the human tendency to believe that the current reality is all there is. There is a tendency to “lock down” perception and to follow the path that has been laid out for you through your own perception and the conditioning of outside forces. By imagining a sphere of infinite possibilities you create a crack, if you will, in the egg of your perception. New possibilities and new realities become probable.

The next step is to imagine yourself in the future living in the reality that you have chosen. If you are choosing to manifest an object or a situation, you imagine yourself in the future having this object or situation. If it is a quality or an ability in yourself you are wishing to manifest, you imagine yourself possessing this quality or ability in the future.

Place this imaginary Future Self in front of you at a distance that feels comfortable. Most people will find this area, this distance, to be ten to thirty feet, but however close or far away you place this Future Self, is immaterial. Place it in a zone that feels comfortable to you.

Next, imagine a straight line running from your solar plexus to the solar plexus of this Future Self. As you hold this alignment from your solar plexus to the solar plexus of your Future Self, you call upon the Sphere of Infinite Possibilities to energize your intention through silent intent.

By silent intent we mean a movement of your will. There is no need to say anything out loud or even silently. There is no need for words. This is not an affirmation.

It is the movement of your personal will that causes cosmic forces to align with your intent.

It comes from the knowledge and the expectation that all possibilities are available to you by the very nature of your consciousness.

Thus, as you sense your Future Self in front of you and you are aware of the line from your solar plexus to the solar plexus of your Future Self, you simply move your will. By moving your will we are not implying that it goes anywhere. It is like a stationary generator that starts to spin, drawing in the energies from the surface of the Sphere. This silent movement of your will needs no words. It is simply both an intention and an expectation that the Sphere of All Possibilities sends to you these lines of energy, these new possibilities, through the simple act of aligning yourself with your Future Self (the one who is living the manifest reality you wish to create).

As you do this, many points of light along the surface of the Sphere will emanate energies that align with your intention, and there will be lines of force between these points of light on the surface of the Sphere and your solar plexus. There may be dozens or thousands of lines from the surface of the Sphere to your solar plexus. The increase of energy will then flow along the line that you have created to your Future Self.

This will energize the new reality. This Future Self then becomes what we call a “magnetic attractor.” As you continue to work with this each day you increase the magnetic attraction of your Future Self. The result of this is multi-dimensional. For one, you begin to create new neurological networks in your brain that will allow you to manifest this new reality through your neurology. This magnetic attractor will also increase serendipity, drawing to you unexpected persons, situations and opportunities that will accelerate the manifesting of this reality.

Amplification of the Magnetic Attractor/Future Self
You can accelerate and amplify the manifesting of this new reality in your life if you add the element of appreciation to your manifesting action. By this we mean for you to add the feeling of appreciation for the future reality when you sense the flow of energy from your solar plexus into the solar plexus of your Future Self. As you experience yourself in the future, living this reality (that you are creating), you experience appreciation for having that in your life. The addition of appreciation in the matrix of creation is a powerful amplifier for your intent.

The topic of appreciation and the act of creation is a very rich one, and it is something we hope to explore in the future, but it is too complex to go into here.

Suffice it to say that in terms of human consciousness the two most powerful catalysts for imprinting neurological realities and the creation of new external realities is either through fear or love. Within your collective humanity fear has been, and continues to be, used as a means to control and to direct present and future outcomes. Love, or in this case appreciation, is also a powerful means for creating external realities. This duality, as it has expressed itself in your collective history, is indeed a territory worth exploring.

We now wish to turn our attention to an advanced stage of the method. If you are unable to engage the advanced technique, do not worry about it. The basic method is a very rapid means for creating outcomes. It is simply that the advanced technique accelerates this process even further.

If you work with the basic technique long enough you will gain the mastery required to engage the advanced technique.

There is one last stage we wish to bring to your attention before discussing the advanced technique. This crucial stage is required for both the basic and the advanced technique. It is simple, and yet simplicity often eludes humans.

You must do something in the realm you wish to manifest. You must take an action. If it is something in your 3-D life you wish to change then after you have worked with the method you do something—take an action in your life that is aligned with the outcome you wish to create. Perhaps it involves gaining information about what you are wanting, or perhaps it is actually changing how you do things in your life to align with the reality you wish to create.

If it is something in another realm of consciousness then you must take the action in that realm. We will address how you do this in some future message, but not now. The fundamental truth is that in order to create a new reality in any realm of consciousness or existence you must take an action in that realm.

The Advanced Technique
After you have energized your Future Self as described above, you shift your self-identity from your current self to your Future Self. This means that you move your awareness, or a part of your awareness to be more exact, from your physical body into the body of your Future Self. You are now experiencing embodiment in your future reality. As you sense yourself fully embodying this reality, you “look” back at your physical body from the vantage point of the future. As you accomplish this task you will sense an oscillation or a vibration as the two realities converge. It is as if waves of energy from your Future Self, which you are now identified with, collide with the waves of your present self, which you are not identified with in this moment.

The energetic point where the waves from the future collide with the waves of your present creates a void point (or more accurately a “void region”), and it is through this void point (region) that your present reality can rapidly shift into your future reality. For all intents and purposes you will have jumped timelines.

We strongly suggest that you read a previous message we have given, called
The Art of Jumping Timelines to create a greater context for the advanced technique. While this method can be used for personal desires, we are sharing it in the hope that you will use it during the World Meditation on November 4, 2012 to seed new benevolent realities for humanity.

Preparatory instructions for those who wish to participate in the World Meditation—from wherever they may be physically located on the first Sunday of November 2012—will be posted by October 1st.

You are seed planters of new realities, whether you like it or not, whether you are conscious of it or not. Our intent in sharing this information is to increase the probability of a benevolent future for humanity. For those of you who choose to join us in the World Meditation, either in person at the workshop in Seattle, or at a distance, we ask that you experiment with this method before the event. Choose something in your life you wish to change. Use the method every day.

Once a day is all that is required. Test it. See how it works. Understand from direct experience how effective this method is. You will then be able to step up in service to humanity, having mastered this method. We are calling upon those of you disciplined enough to step up to this level of mastery.

The Hathors
August 19, 2012

Tom’s Thoughts and Observations

I find the Sphere of All Possibilities to be a fascinating mental construct. And ever since my mentors started teaching me the technique (about a week before giving the message), I have been working with it intensely.
I think the message is fairly self-explanatory, but I would like to expand on a few points regarding the method.

In the basic technique, you imagine a Sphere the size of the universe around you with your solar plexus at the center point of the Sphere. For those of you who visualize, this should be quite easy to imagine. For those of you who don’t visualize, don’t concern yourself with visual images. Imagine and sense the Sphere and the infinite points of light on its surface through whatever sensory modality you are comfortable with.

For some people this means that they will have a felt-sense of the Sphere and the points of light. For others, an inner voice will describe to them the Sphere and the points of light. Some people will experience the Sphere in more than one sensory modality, i.e., seeing it and having a felt-sense of it, etc.

The important point, here, is to engage the sensory modality/modalities you use naturally and not waste your time trying to “see” the Sphere, the points of light or your Future Self.

Another point has to do with the size of the Sphere. The Hathors are suggesting a Sphere the size of the universe so that you can draw in subtle energies from all aspects of cosmos.

This is an interesting idea since some physicists have proposed that the universe may be infinite in size. The current measurements of the observable universe place its radius at around 46 billion light years. This is a huge volume of space that, in all practicality, is probably inconceivable to most of us. When I went to my mentors to ask them about this challenge to perception, they said…

“Reality is far vaster than your ability to conceive; nevertheless, operating as if you can, in fact, expand your mental perception to infinity has distinct benefits in terms of multidimensional awareness/evolution.”

In other words, do your best to conceive of yourself inside a really, really BIG space, one that encompasses as much of the universe as you are capable of conceiving.

Some people are uncomfortable with creating large mental expanses of space. If you are one of these persons, don’t worry about it—just make the Sphere smaller—as small as you wish as long as you are completely surrounded by the Sphere.

As a human being (with multidimensional aspects) you have the intrinsic ability to engage the full potential of the Sphere of All Possibilities. But the successful engaging of the Sphere depends upon two indispensable mental attitudes: your intention and expectation.

In other words, you must have a clear idea about the new reality (i.e., outcome) you wish to bring into your life. Without specificity you cannot engage your powers of intention. Be specific and clear about what it is you wish to bring into manifest reality.

The Hathors also mentioned that whenever an outcome is created in a dualistic universe, there are counter-reactions to the new creation. The more drastic the change in the new reality, the more drastic the reactions can be. Be aware of this.

The Hathors strongly suggest that you create outcomes that are harmless to yourself and others. This is to protect you (and others) from mis-creations.

You must also be clear that you have both the ability and the right to bring multidimensional assistance to you as you create new realities. This type of expectation is crucial to the download of energy from the Sphere into your solar plexus.

Advanced practitioners who work with subtle energy will have no problem with this. If you are one of these, you will take to this “like a duck takes to water” as the saying goes. But if you are not experienced with the nature of subtle energy and its relationship to intent, then this might be a stumbling block.

The Hathors contend that the Sphere of All Possibilities accesses multidimensional possibilities, and the method is a means for you to tap into this multi-faceted reality.

Many, if not most of us, think of creating a new reality (outcome) for ourselves in a linear fashion. It is like our life unfolds solely along a straight line, and we do specific things along our 3D timeline that contribute to what we wish to create.

But the Hathors are saying in addition to working in the ways we are used to, we can draw from multidimensional possibilities. These new possibilities, which exist in potential (but not yet in 3D reality) can energize our desired outcome and bring it into manifestation at a faster rate than if we just plod along doing the usual 3D things we do to make things happen.

Once you form the clear intention of what it is you wish to create, you place your awareness in your solar plexus and imagine a version of yourself in the future. You then sense a line between your solar plexus and the solar plexus of your Future Self. This line will become the conduit for multidimensional energies and will allow you to turn your imagined Future Self into a magnetic attractor, bringing the outcome you wish to create into reality at a much faster rate.

The Hathors are very clear that working with this method once a day will greatly decrease the time required for manifesting a new reality. I have personally found that it only takes 5 minutes to go through the entire process, which makes this a very time-efficient method.

The Hathors also emphasize the fact that you need to do something that expresses that future reality. In other words, do something in 3D that is oriented to your desired outcome. Using the method without actually doing something in the outer reality of your life is much less effective than engaging both your inner and outer worlds.

Although the Hathors’ discussion of the method is clear and to the point, I will lay it out step by step for those who still have questions about it. If you are clear on the steps involved, feel free to jump down to the Advanced Technique section where I discuss some of the finer points regarding the topic.

The Basic Technique

Step 1: Be clear on the specifics of what you wish to create. This will form the foundation for the Future Self that you will be creating. There is power in the details, so be specific.

Step 2: Place your awareness in your solar plexus, located back behind the pit of your stomach.

Step 3: Imagine yourself inside a Sphere that is the size of the universe (or smaller if you are uncomfortable with such an expanded sense of space). Your solar plexus sits in the exact center of this Sphere.

Step 4: Imagine your Future Self in front of you. For most people this will be 10 – 30 feet (or about 3+ – 9+ meters) away, but place this Self as close or as far away as feels right to you. This imagined Future Self is the “you” that will be experiencing the outcome you wish to create. It is the embodiment of that future reality. Once you have a clear sense of this imagined Future Self, you are ready to move to step 5.

Step 5: Imagine a line that runs from your solar plexus to the solar plexus of your Future Self.

Step 6: Set into action the download of energy from the Sphere of All Possibilities into your solar plexus. From here the energy flows outward to the solar plexus of your Future Self. The download starts as soon as you realize that the Sphere of All Possibilities is available to you by virtue of your existence as a multidimensional human being. You then activate the Sphere through an act of silent intent.

Step 7: For as long as you are comfortable with the experience, allow the Sphere to download energies into your solar plexus and into the solar plexus of your Future Self.

Step 8: If you feel so inclined, add the feeling of appreciation to the experience in order to amplify the magnetic attractor that is your Future Self.

Note: It is normal for most people’s mental attention to wander during this type of energy work. If and when your focus of attention wanders off, gently bring it back to the area you were working with. No judgment, no impatience, just bring yourself back to the task at hand.

Step 9: When you are complete, take a few minutes to just be with yourself after going through this. It is best to be in silence during this time so that you can integrate the subtle energies that have been released through the process.

The Advanced Technique

I find this portion of the method to be the most intriguing. Perhaps this is because I can feel the collision of two waveforms during the final phase. It is as if the standing waves of my current reality overlap with the standing waves of my Future Self. The collision of these two waves does, indeed, create a void point or as the Hathor clarified—a void region. This area of waveform interactions seems to me to be a potent transformational matrix.

In addition, the download of energies and potentialities from the Sphere seems much more intense to me during the Advanced technique.

Finally, I have found an interesting anomaly around the spatial shift that the Hathors propose during the final stages of the technique. You might encounter a similar phenomenon, which is why I am mentioning it.

At first, I found it somewhat disorienting to “look” back at my present self from the vantage point and spatial perspective of my Future Self. Eventually I was able to make the shift, and when this occurred the energetics from the Sphere went off the charts. The experience became very intense, and I could feel potently charged waves of energy flowing to my present self from my Future Self.

When I flipped fully into a sense of being embodied in my Future Self rather than my present self, the energetics reached their highest point. When the energy got too intense for my comfort zone I would spontaneously “pop out” of my Future Self back to my present self. And in those moments of reintegration back into my present self, it felt like my body was being flooded with endorphins and the entire experience seemed oddly amusing. I think that this amusement may due to the strong mental impression that the entire world, including me, is more dream-like than real and that all forms (including physical bodies) are both ephemeral and subject to alteration in the blink of an eye.

Using Music

There is no need to use music as a background when doing this process. I have experimented with both, and I do find that certain types of music can help to generate a deeper experience. Having said that I find that most of the time I prefer silence to do the process. It is a matter of taste and neurological receptivity as to whether you will find sound/music a helpful ally in this or not.

If you choose to use music as a background I would suggest something that makes you feel inclined to turn your attention inward, and if it is psychoacoustic in nature, something that at least generates an increase in alpha activity. I also suggest you play your music at low volume so as not to overpower your inner experience.

Since some people will want to know what of my music I would suggest, I will save you and me some time and just put it out there. My current favorite compositions (of mine) that I like to use with the Sphere of All Possibilities are either
Infinite Pool: Entering the Holographic Brain or Lightship.

The Hathor World Meditation on Sunday, November 4, 2012

While the Sphere of All Possibilities can certainly be used to accelerate the creation of personal outcomes, the Hathors are sharing this method in the hopes that others will use it to create positive outcomes for humanity as we collectively enter a new cycle of time.

At 3PM PST on Sunday, November 4th 2012, the Hathors will engage a Worldwide Meditation centered around the Sphere of All Possibilities*.

If you plan to join us in this new creation meditation, the Hathors have asked that all persons who join the meditation have some experience working with the Sphere prior to the event. Final instructions and preparatory suggestions will be posted on this website by October 1st 2012.

*For those of you who choose to join us for the three-day Intensive,
The Art of Seeding New Realities on Nov 2nd– 4th in Seattle, Washington we will explore the Sphere of All Possibilities in great depth, which will lead to greater mastery of the method. Furthermore, the Hathors’ catalytic sounds will play a key and dynamic role in the transmission of this knowledge.

Tom Kenyon

Information Unrelated to this Message…
If you would like to view the current movie trailer for a documentary film about Tom and his work, click on the link below or copy and paste it into your browser.

© 2012 Tom Kenyon All Rights Reserved

You may make and distribute copies of this message in any media you wish so long as you do not alter it in any way, do not charge for it, credit the author and include this entire copyright notice. You may not, however, use my music with any video, graphics, meditation or copy placed over it. You may not post my music on You Tube or any such media. The message itself may be copied and shared, but not my music. I hold copyright on all my music, and it may not be used, distributed, or copied in anyway in any medium.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Eceti News~Court today

Well folks the 6th court appearance did not go so well. I did get arrested upon consistantly challenging the judge who did not recognize an estople in place and refused to listen to anything we had to say. Dean Clifford would be proud. If you are not getting arrested challenging an unjust system you are not doing your work. It did take 6 appearances to get past the beginning arraignment yet there is even now more fuel and charges for the case. All is good. I feel proud to wear the jewelry of an unjust system. I am out until the next case. Be well James Gilliland
Here is James latest email update today August 29
I was arrested for contempt after going round and round with the judge yet released at the courthouse. There was no bail or jail time. This was all about supposed code violations many of which according to their own code book do not hold water. We are working on the remedy for all of this and will keep you posted. Be well James

Olympics~Illuminati~David's perspective

For an interesting perspective on all the imagery etc. at the recent Olympics games in London, read what David Wilcock has to say.

Amethyst Rose

Lady with the clear eyes
like indigo night skies
With the gift of the prophetess
could anyone love you less

With vision so bright
emanating joy
to all beings of the light
your heart he must employ

Amethyst lady who's wonders weave a spell
The minstrel seer with his love so dear
wants to wish you well

And how he longs to join with you
in laughter by the brook
to watch the wood nymphs frolic
while the devas dance and look
silently awaiting the auspicious hour
sweet union will occur amidst the morning
sun and flowers

Singing songs and writing
enlightening prose
Oh how he vibrates with you
Amethyst Rose

Written in Vancouver Canada by Linda Buffy Dec.1978

Venus just before dawn

 This one has the orb...
This morning I was awakened by the sound of a smoke alarm going off , for just a shrill moment. Even my old dog Miss Mikki heard the alarm and was up and looking around for the source of the shrill sound. I have 2 smoke alarms that my Virgo pal Kim O'Malley gifted me when she came to visit me last summer. We grew up together in our hometown of St.Catharines and it had been 22 years since we had last seen each other. I got up and took the cover off of the gadget. I noted that the computer was back on ....interesting as I shut it off when I went to bed as I always do. Or so I thought it had shut down. Back to bed, noticed Venus up over the mountain and shining so brightly. I love looking out the window and imagining how once upon a time Jeshua the Christ used to meditate on the morning and evening star Venus. I decided to try to snap a few photos even though my camera isn't that great for night shots...or I don't know how to use it for that. Then back to bed and off goes the alarm for a brief moment. Geez louise, it is the other one I got up again and took the batteries out of both. Will get new batteries . Found it funny ha ha that today is Kim O'Malley's birthday and her smoke alarms were shrilling out , as if to announce it. Here are my Venus shots, albeit you must make them larger by pressing on them to see Venus and the orb in one of them. Cheers Linda
Oh and a very Happy Birthday to you Kim! Love Buff

Monday, 27 August 2012

Enbridge Misleading Pipeline Ads

Dear Linda,

Enbridge deleted 1,000km² of BC's islands off of its public videos and maps to convince the public its pipeline and oil tanker plan is less treacherous than it really is.

Tell Enbridge to pull its misleading pipeline ads immediately.
Wow! Already, over 24,000 people have signed our petition with SumOfUs demanding that Enbridge pull their misleading pipeline ads. And in just days, over 20,000 people shared our viral infographic on Facebook calling out Enbridge for erasing the intricate web of more than 1,000 square kilometres of islands along the proposed Northern Gateway tanker route.

Viewers of the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline’s ads that aired on television and on the company’s website will see a cheerful, simple route from Alberta to BC’s coast. What they won’t see is the reality: treacherous terrain, and dozens of rocky islands that jaggedly run through the 4th most dangerous waterway in the world, making sharp, 90° turns through twisting, rocky passages. They also won’t see the treacherous 26-foot waves that crash along these ragged islands.

Because we raised our voices together, Enbridge is suffering a serious public image crisis. Newspapers across Canada are covering the campaign -- and now even international media is picking up the story.

In response, Enbridge has added a disclaimer to its public videos, and even removed the misleading image from of one of the videos -- showing that they are feeling the pressure.

But Enbridge is still refusing to remove the ads, and is hoping that this public image nightmare will go away so that it can proceed with plans to build the pipeline. That’s why we need to make sure that every Canadian sees this.

Can you help us get to 30,000 signatures by signing our petition now? When we hit 30,000 signatures, we’ll deliver the petition to Enbridge’s headquarters in Calgary.

With hope,

Matthew and Jamie on behalf of the team

P.S. and have been making news with this campaign. Check out some of the amazing coverage of this story from across the globe:

The corporate cock-up that's refuelled the Canadian tar sands debate (The Guardian)

This Is Not An Enbridge Animation: BC Video Response to Island-Less Ad (Huffington Post)

Enbridge map sinks islands, angers critics (Vancouver Sun)

Light in Their Eyes

ah then, clean fresh clothes etc. off the clothesline...purrrrrrrrrfect to quickly lie on ....and the fashion police wonder why the cat hairs all over me? ha

Friday, 24 August 2012


Life is but a dream feather
floating from the sky
and if by chance
it cares to dance
your dance
To catch it you must try
Like some elusive cloud
overshadowing the sun
Within your reach
upon the beach
a vision quest begun
to meet the Great Ones
Catch me if you dare
dream feather seems to taunt
for like memories of lovers gone
you, I will all ways haunt
Floating in and out of dreams
all life's illusions I have seen
opening up the golden eye
reaching upward, soar on high
become the hawk grow wings of steel
Glide beyond the mountains feel
The passage of space, no time, no shapes
Then focus in on rainbow places
Gaze upon the strange men's faces
white haired, white robed not subject to age
Imparting their knowledge to this newborn sage
Bestowing a rare gift, these Beings to bird
Eye meeting eye, yet never a word
Then as your mind lets the feather fly free
You quickly fade out of reverie
and can't quite remember
if all that you'd seen
was only a feather
within your own dream.

Linda Buffy ~March 1979
Dear friends,

Putin's war on dissent may have met its match in Pussy Riot, the female protest group. The European Parliament is calling for an asset freeze and travel ban on Russia's corrupt elite -- let's join their call and make it a reality -- sign the petition:

Sign the petition
Facing 2 years in jail for singing a song criticizing President Putin in a church, a member of Pussy Riot gestured to the court and said in her show-trial's closing statements, "Despite the fact that we are physically here, we are freer than everyone sitting across from us ... We can say anything we want..."

Russia is steadily slipping into the grip of a new autocracy -- clamping down on public protest, allegedly rigging elections, intimidating media, banning gay rights parades for 100 years, and even beating critics like chess master Garry Kasparov. But many Russian citizens remain defiant, and Pussy Riot's eloquent bravery has galvanized the world’s solidarity. Now, our best chance to prove to Putin there is a price to pay for this repression lies with Europe.

The European Parliament is calling for an assets freeze and travel ban on Putin’s powerful inner circle who are accused of multiple crimes. Our community is spread across every corner of the world -- if we can push the Europeans to act, it will not only hit Putin's circle hard, as many bank and have homes in Europe, but also counter his anti-Western propaganda, showing him that the whole world is willing to stand up for a free Russia. Click below to support the sanctions and tell everyone:

Last week’s trial is about far more than three women and their 40-second ‘punk prayer’. When tens of thousands flooded the streets to protest rigged elections, the government threw organisers into jail for weeks. And in June Parliament effectively outlawed dissent by raising the fine for unsanctioned protest an astounding 150-fold, roughly the average Russian’s salary for a whole year.

Pussy Riot may be the most famous Russian activists right now, but their sentence is not the grossest injustice of Putin’s war on dissent. In 2009, anti-corruption lawyer Sergei Magnitsky, who uncovered a massive tax fraud at the heart of Russia’s power dealers, died in jail -- without a trial, on shaky charges, and with medical attention repeatedly denied. 60 of Russia’s elite have been under scrutiny for the case and its cover-up, and the sanctions the European Parliament is proposing are on this inner circle.

International attention to Russia’s crackdown is cresting right now, and the ‘Magnitsky sanctions’ are the best way to put the heat on Putin and help create breathing room for the suffocating democracy movement. Let’s give Europe's leaders a global public mandate to adopt the sanctions. Sign the petition now and share this with everyone:

What happens in Russia matters to us all. Russia has blocked international coordination on Syria and other urgent global issues, and a Russian autocracy threatens the world we all want, wherever we are. The Russian people face a serious challenge, but we know that people-powered movements are the best cure for corruption and iron-fisted governments -- and that international solidarity can help keep the flame of these movements alive. Let’s join together now to show Putin that the world will hold him to account and push for change until Russia is set free.

With hope,

Luis, David, Alice, Ricken, Lisa, Vilde, and the Avaaz team

P.S.: Avaaz has launched Community Petitions, an exciting new platform where it's quick and easy to create a campaign on any issue you care strongly about. Start your own by clicking here:

More information:

Pussy Riot sentenced to 2 years in jail for stunt against Putin:

Russia faces angry response to jailing of Pussy Riot members (Irish Times)

Media Frenzy Over Pussy Riot Obscures Legal Plights Of Lesser-Known Protesters (Radio Free Europe)

Moscow election official: I helped rig Russia vote (NBC News)

As US acts on Magnitsky, Europe debates (The Moscow Times)

Support the Avaaz Community!
We're entirely funded by donations and receive no money from governments or corporations. Our dedicated team ensures even the smallest contributions go a long way. is a 15-million-person global campaign network
that works to ensure that the views and values of the world's people shape global decision-making. ("Avaaz" means "voice" or "song" in many languages.) Avaaz members live in every nation of the world; our team is spread across 19 countries on 6 continents and operates in 14 languages. Learn about some of Avaaz's biggest campaigns here, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.