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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Space Weather News for Oct. 1, 2012

Space Weather News for Oct. 1, 2012

CME IMPACT: A coronal mass ejection (CME) hit Earth's magnetic field on Sept. 30th. At first, the impact was weak and produced little effect, but now (the early hours of Oct. 1st) moderately-strong geomagnetic storms are brewing in the CME's wake. High-latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras, especially during the hours around local midnight. Glare from the Harvest Moon will reduce visibility. Check for photos and updates.

AURORA ALERTS: Would you like a call when geomagnetic storms are underway? Aurora alerts are available from (text) and (voice).

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Earth Cracking up under Indian Ocean

New Comet 2012

Here is the link for the National Geographic story about the comet 2012 that may shine brighter than our moon.

9/30/2012 -- 7.4M earthquake in Columbia South America

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Mt Adams ECETI Fire Update

Good news is the fire is heading west not towards Trout Lake or ECETI. Bad news is it is almost 16,000 acres now and only 40% contained. Smoke has been thick especially in the mornings but clears up in the afternoon. Sun was deep red this morning.

Violet Ray Machine

I have suffered all summer market season with my injured knee. Intense pain for weeks as I hauled stuff to downtown markets to sell. Set up was difficult for the first month. I have had some great deep tissue massage in Idaho which helped immensely. The other day I was having a chat with a friend in Alberta, who's partner has a knee injury as well. He has been getting physiotherapy as well as electricity treatments. She had mentioned that he felt of the many modalites he was implementing, that the electricity was helping the most, or felt the best. Hmmmm..I had been eyeing my old violet ray machine and wondering if I should use it on my knee? Well after our chat, I did  just that. Have used it only 3 times this week and I'll be danged, my knee is feeling better. Also, when I was in Idaho a few weeks ago on Labour day , I slipped on a bath mat in my friend's shower, and got a huge blue egg on my lower leg, (yup same leg as the wounded knee) . The bruise spread out all over my lower leg and arnica oil helped but did not take the discolouration away very fast. Well...the violet ray does! Must be that the electricity activates the circulation to heal the bruise. Whatever , this Tesla coil dealy really is great and for all the naysayers out there, just try it and see for yourself. It diminishes pain, dissolves bruising. I am so grateful for my old pal Francisco, for gifting me the violet ray machine many years ago when we were roomates, and also my cat gone to heaven, BC, a black manx who lived to be 23 and whom my cottage industry is named after...BCSpirit! BC didn't much care for the machine when I got it out in the way back then days, he would scamper quick like out of the room as soon as the purple sparks began to fly! Ha ha ha ha ha....

Motion M-312~Results are now In

Well so far in response to the women's right to their own body choices letter sent out,  only 2 have replied, those being our representative here Atamenenko and another E.May from the Green Party. Here is  one response  From:
Ah then, here is an article from todays Toronto paper saying that the Motion M-312 was voted against and you can read who signed for it, and who was nay on it. Whew...Women in Canada still have a choice!

 Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2012 15:39:16 -0400
 Subject: RE: Stand up for women’s rights, vote no to M-312

 Dear Linda,

 Thank you for writing to us with regards to Motion M-312.

 New Democrats oppose this motion. The Official Opposition believes in universal access to abortion services and guaranteed reproductive freedoms for all Canadian women, regardless of income or where they live. Abortion must remain a decision made between a woman and a health professional.

 Please note that I will continue to defend a woman's right to choose.
  Again, thank you very much for writing.


 Alex Atamanenko, MP
 BC Southern Interior

 Jennifer Ratz, MA
 to Alex Atamanenko, MP
 BC Southern Interior
 Tel: (613) 996-8036
 Fax: (613) 943-0922

 "Courage is having the integrity to do the
 right thing even if it means you stand alone."

 -----Original Message-----

 Sent: September 20, 2012 5:15 PM
 To: Atamanenko, Alex - M.P.
 Cc: Prime Minister's Office; May, Elizabeth - M.P.; Mourani, Maria - Députée; Sgro, Judy - M.P.; Ambrose, Rona - M.P.; Ashton, Niki - Assistant 3
 Subject: Stand up for women’s rights, vote no to M-312

 Mr. Alex Atamanenko MP
 British Columbia Southern Interior, British Columbia

 Dear Mr. Atamanenko,

 Motion M-312 from Conservative MP Stephen Woodworth is a clear and dangerous attempt to attack women’s reproductive rights. Conservative Party whip Gordon O'Connor has stated that "The ultimate intention of this motion is to restrict abortions at some development stage in Canada." Canadians will not tolerate this, or any attack on women’s rights.

 I call on you, as my MP, to protect women's rights, and vote NO to Motion M-312.
Linda Buffy


 The Right Honourable Stephen Harper
 Prime Minister
 Government of Canada

 Elizabeth May
 Leader of the Green Party of Canada
 Green Party of Canada

 Maria Mourani MP
 Critic for Environment, Justice & Status of Women Bloc Québécois

 Judy Sgro MP
 Status of Women critic
 Liberal Party of Canad

 Rona Ambrose MP
 Minister for Status of Women Conservative Party of Canada
 Niki Ashton MP
 Status of Women critic
 New Democratic Party of Canada

Spain Protestors Standing Ground

WORLD EVENT: Spain Protestors STANDING GROUND!!! // The world's people are RISING FINALLY!!!!! (1:48)

MASSIVE: Spain Protestors Drop Kicks Police // The world people are RISING FINALLY!!!!! (2:14)


Astrology Forecast for September 26, 2012

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Mass Spain Protests

Here are some interesting links Liz sent today. Geez louise ...
Army's secret Cold War experiments on St. Louis residents (4:21)


I-Team: The Army's secret Cold War experiments on St. Louisianans
Sept 25, 2012 (2:00)

And a look at what is happening in Spain this week

Madrid, Spain Mass Protest! Evolution is NOW! - Sept. 25, 2012 (3:59)


Tuesday, 25 September 2012


Thanks to Eceti for this post today

"The Moment" Promotional Video

9/25/2012 -- 6.2M earthquake in Gulf of California

My Reincarnation - Official Trailer HD (2011)

I was blessed as a young woman to spend some time learning with this Lama. This looks to be a very good documentary.

9/25/2012 -- Bayou Corne, LA -- White House Petition for Federal Help

Sundiving Comet

Space Weather News for Sept. 25, 2012

SUNDIVING COMET: Astronomers are paying close attention to a newly-discovered comet, C/2012 S1 (ISON), which is heading for a remarkably close encounter with the sun. Fierce solar heat could turn Comet ISON into a bright naked-eye object in Nov. 2013. First images and speculation about the comet are highlighted on today's edition of

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Sunday, 23 September 2012

We have a wild idea. We want Walmart execs to open the pages of their local paper to reveal a message from Walmart workers in California and Chicago. Can you pitch in to help buy nearly every ad?
walmart newspaper

Out in California, Walmart warehouse workers have walked off the job. Workers have suffered illegal retaliation for attempting to organize or report illegal activity by their employer. Other workers face daily and systematic discrimination based on their gender, race and national origin, and many earn poverty wages and work in dangerous conditions. And last week, they braved the heat and marched 50 miles to Walmart HQ in downtown Los Angeles to tell top Walmart executives they’ve had enough.
This is some of the most inspiring work I’ve seen in a long time. For fifty years Walmart has been fighting a war against workers, driving down wages and crushing attempts to organize around the world -- and these workers are showing Walmart that they’re not going to take it anymore.
And momentum is building. This week, Walmart supply chain workers in Chicago decided they’d also had enough and walked off the job too. Walmart is feeling the heat, but the bosses are hoping that if they ignore the workers for long enough, they'll go away. And that’s why we need to make sure that Walmart executives at Walmart’s head office in Bentonville, Arkansas get the message now too.
So here’s our idea for showing Walmart that it can’t ignore worker rights in the name of profits anymore: imagine top Walmart execs like CEO Michael Duke drinking their morning cup of coffee and opening the pages of the local paper to reveal a message from Walmart workers in California and Chicago. And it's not just Walmart executives reading the workers' message -- it's all their friends and neighbors and the cashier at the coffee shop they go to every day.
Now here’s where we get a little wild. Because ad space is cheaper than in larger markets, we think that together, members have it in us to buy up not just one ad, but nearly every single ad in both local papers. What's more, the ads will run on the same day that warehouse workers are in Bentonville to deliver our nearly 100,000-person-strong petition.
Will you donate $25 -- the cost of a full column inch of ad space? If 1000 of us donate, we can buy up almost all the ad space in the entire Benton County Daily Record and Rogers Morning News.
Walmart’s warehouse workers don’t have an officially recognized union, so they've taken a big risk by going out on strike. But they know that by taking a stand, they’re challenging Walmart’s business model that has made life worse for millions of workers around the globe. They’re also telling Walmart once and for all they can’t keep refusing to meet with them, by doing something that can’t be ignored. Let’s join these workers in spirit by sending a strong message to Walmart’s CEO and top executives in Bentonville to support the warehouse workers.
This issue of striking workers goes beyond California and Illinois -- Walmart is the largest private employer on the planet, with over two million employees in 155 countries. Taking a stand for workers in California and Illinois is taking a stand for workers across the globe.
Many of us shop at Walmart regularly. And that’s why it’s critical that we show our solidarity with these workers. Think of how much you spent at Walmart the last time you went there -- whether it was $10 or $100, can you afford to donate some portion of that to help out the workers who Walmart is mistreating?
Click here to donate $25, or whatever you can afford, to buy up nearly all the ads in both the Bentonville local newspapers. The more members that donate, the more ads we can buy.
Together, we’ve challenged Walmart before. Let’s let Walmart know that every time workers fight back against its destructive business model, we’ll be standing with the workers.
With hope and solidarity,
Taren, Emma, Rob, Kaytee and the rest of the team

SumOfUs is a world-wide movement of people like you, working together to hold corporations accountable for their actions and forge a new, sustainable path for our global economy. You can follow us on Twitter, and like us on Facebook.

Friday, 21 September 2012

Big Cat spotted in UK

Just follow this link to see the big cat spotted in the UK!

Today's photo of pyramid shaped rock on Mars

Radioactive Wildfires Burning in Idaho?,0,1219812.story
Hmm, time for some more zeolite and a nice radiation detox bath ...

The Dailies~A little of this and that....

I love the glowing raccoon eyes under the studio...

This is a tomato a woman gifted me at the Sat. market. She said it reminded her of the old RCrumb cartoon characters. Indeed. It does seem to be a tomato with an attitude..hahahaha
When I lived in Nevada City California, I tended bar for a few wondrous years at Mad Dogs n Englishmen. We had our own local cartoonist who was most happy to doodle comics as he drank his brews and which I tended to save when he left. He did a great teeshirt logo of myself and the 2 other barmaids ...I recall it showed the 3 of us drinking a beer with the title. why don't we get drunk and ...well if you are familiar with Jimmy Buffets song you know the rest. Ha ha. I still have an autographed comic of his as well as a great poster that says every night is a full moon in Nevada City. It hangs on my studio door. He has a website and a few of his cartoons are posted on it.
We went out on one date , for dinner at a Chinese restaurant in town. For some reason, he said he was getting ill after he ate, so he went home and that was it for the date. Ah well. It was fun knowing a genuine cartoonist and I am happy to see he is still writing and cartooning in Nevada City.

Mr.Raccoon again, the reason why the skunk family moved out and on...the reason why I buy cheap cat food for the communal food bowl.

When the faux bamboo flowers in fall, the bees just love it.

Ants on the wicker...kinda like a high rise somewhere.
Well time for the dailies report. Not much really to report. Haven't been taking many photos since Spokane trip and haven't been doing much but the vending at markets and reading all the stories about  now. So much to ponder it seems. I have come to a place of peace regarding earth ch ch changes, it will be what it will be. Whether I remain in body or transit to spirit, it is all what my soul chose to incarnate here to, and our planet will either pole shift now or in the future, the journey thru galactic plane may be smooth without major space rocks to collide with, or not. The sun may stay relatively stable and not send forth a huge blast of CME that wipes out our systems sending us back to some earlier horse and buggy time, or not. Oh the 2012 list of possibilities is is our eternal soul. is interesting reading and listening in to all the folks predictions, both positive outcomes and not so positive, depending on how you feel about leaving your 3d bodies and your planet . And to think, it is only another 3 months from this day that it will be the December 21st, 2012 date that all await with some anticipation, unless one is totally not in to that date at all. Well then...we will soon all see as the countdown is on ....much love from my little quiet peaceful village in the Kootenays BC...happy fall and happy transtioning time, whatever it may be. Adonai*

Astronomy 2012 Photos of the year

Check out this link for some amazing astronomy photographs of year 2012

Dharma Voices for Animals ~Sept. News

DVA Updates & News


Dharma Voices for Animals presented to Spirit Rock our petition for an Animal Advocate along with the names of 280 people who signed our petition. DVA requested that Spirit Rock create an Animal Advocate position on its soon to be formed Environmental Sustainability Committee (ESC), which will report to the Board. Although Spirit Rock will not be creating that position, as a result of our efforts it did make a number of significant animal-friendly additions to the ESC Mission Statement, which are underlined below. The changes broaden the scope of responsibility of the ESC in relation to animals and also add criteria for membership on the committee. The kitchen is also working to incorporate some additional language into its Mission Statement which will help increase the awareness of animal suffering.


Using Buddhist values of living in harmony with the earth and all living beings, Spirit Rock will maintain a sustainability program for re-using, recycling, reducing and conserving in all aspects of our operations as well as educating our staff and yogis on our sustainable practices. The ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY COMMITTEE will be responsible for creating and maintaining policies and procedures to ensure that SRMC reduces consumption, waste and pollution; reuses and recycles where feasible; conserves energy, water, and other natural resources; complies with local and national environmental regulations; strives to buy, sell, and use animal friendly and environmentally friendly products; considers the impact on animal welfare in all our actions and policies; hires and works with environmentally aware vendors; Members of this committee will be selected for their experience and desire to improve and continue SRMC’s sustainable practices.

Criterion for membership still being defined, but will include: “At all times we will seek to have members on this committee who are both knowledgeable and concerned about issues of animal welfare and who can advise the group of the impact of our choices and actions on the safety and welfare of animals.”

Our next step is to ensure that DVA officers and members are selected to sit on the ESC. If you are interested, please let us know. Although we are disappointed that there will be no formal Animal Advocate, we hope the language in the ESC Mission Statement and eventually the Kitchen Mission Statement will begin a process of significantly decreasing the suffering animals experience as a result of Spirit Rock policies and decisions. We deeply appreciate each of the 280 people who signed our petition. We will be carefully monitoring the situation, will keep our members informed, and will take action when necessary.

Renowned Dharma teacher, Dr. Larry Rosenberg, joins DVA

DVA is very pleased to announce that well-known and well-respected Dharma teacher, Larry Rosenberg, has become a member.

Larry founded and is a resident teacher at the Cambridge Insight Meditation Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He is also a senior teacher at the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, Massachusetts.
Larry received his Ph.D. in social psychology from the University of Chicago, where he also worked as a professor. He later became an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard and a professor of psychology at the Harvard Medical School. He was a student of Korean Zen Master Seung Sahn and Japanese Master Katagiri Roshi for eight years before coming to the Vipassana tradition. Anagarika Munindra was his first Vipassana teacher. Larry’s book Breath by Breath: The Liberating Practice of Insight Meditation is a clear description of the practice of anapanasati (mindfulness of the breath). His emphasis on the breath as an object of meditation was, in part, inspired by his encounter with the Thai meditation teacher Buddhadasa. Larry is the author of another book, Living in the Light of Death. We are also very pleased to welcome renowned Dharma teacher Bhante Bodhidhamma as a DVA member.


A number of Buddhists in Sri Lanka and in Sri Lankan communities in the US and other countries have recently joined Dharma Voices for Animals. Check out our latest article posted in our Blog section which was written by Professor Mahinda Palihawadana of Sri Lanka, a Buddhist and Sanskrit scholar. Senaka Weeraratna, an attorney in Colombo, Sri Lanka, and author of extensive animal welfare/rights legislation in his country, has also joined us. We are very pleased to have all of you as members.


We are always eager to increase our membership. Please encourage others to visit our website, and join DVA as members

DVA Founders,
Bob, David, Kim, and Patti
Copyright © 2012 Dharma Voices for Animals,
All rights reserved.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

EcoSociety header

Incomappleux IPP Threat

EcoSociety has just learned that TransAlta (formerly Calgary Power) is seeking a permit for a feasiblity study for a 45-megawatt hydro project on the Incomappleux River.
The deadline for comments is MIDNIGHT SEPT 20!
Comments can be posted on the Integrated Land Management Board website, which also has details about the proposal.
Click herefor a sample letter and more information.

old growth tree

Kaslo River photo by Doug Pyper

West Kootenay EcoSociety
206-507 Baker St Nelson BC

Beacons of Light~Singularity~Steve Rother


To the right please find a currecnt photo of Barbara and myself. There are some very important announcement we wish to make in this newsletter.
The next Beacons of Light "Singularity" is ready for viewing. This one is special as it is the first time that we introduce Elrah and the Keeper of Time in the monthly reminders from Home. Barbara has also added a heart warming Connecting the Hearts segment she entitled Everyday Living. Available here>
Barbara is doing well and is starting to show up in some of the strangest places like the Barbara update page I was doing every month. She returned to sit with me in the final update.
See it here>

12-12-12 with Geoff and Linda Hoppe is in motion and gaining
Join us in person in Scottsdale AZ. or
online. Pre harmony classes have just begun. Other than the Netherlands in
November, this will be the only time Steve presents publicly.
Additionally, Barbara is scheduled to make her return to the stage at
this special event.  Besides the group and Adamus
we are also expanding the cast to now include Elrah
and the Keeper of Time. Activating the conscious body of light with the
help of spiritual family.  This is a very special event and we hope
you can make it.

More infohere>
_________________________________Elrah and the Keeper of Time are
heading to the Netherlands in November.
Austin and I will make the
familiar trip to see our family in Holland in November with two events.
The new OverLight, The Vagus Nerve Activation, will be taught in a
four day training beginning November7, 2012
This will be a one-of-a-kind event that will
not be repeated in person. It will be magical and intense. Both Elrah and
the Keeper of Time as well as the group will help to teach this course in
live channel.   There is also a one day event to activate the
Conscious Body of Light on November 11, 2012.  Also in Elspeet.
We hope you join us for both and we are offering  discounts to
help you do that.

More information
and videos


LightMaster 1  is ready to begin. This class will begin soon and will stay
open for registration until the 5th class.  This year long journey is
the most complete way to step into a new way of life.  Each month
there are two intense 60-90 activation sessions with short weekly homework
reminder videos.  During these times we will rejuvenate you and feed
you full of empowering ideas and tools, nudging your vibration to
experience new heights every time we are together.  Each week there is
a new video with something to do to stay on track.  The events are a
combination of what we consider to be the best pre-recorded presentation
material (if we thought it was the best way it was ever presented, we
don’t mess with it!) and classes taught live with Steve and in
live channel.
This year we are
proudly offering a very extensive manual of the entire years course at no
additional charge. 
Come fly with us.
info here>

Be sure to join us
Sept 22 in
the Light Lounge
for current event
discussions and live two minute readings with Steve and the group. And
don’t miss this month’s
Virtual Light BroadcastSept 29, 2012
all free of charge.  Tune
in this month to see if Las Vegas survives Jonette Crowley, Suzy Miller and
Meg Blackburn Losey?


Have a wonderful month everyone.

Big hugs
Steve, Barbara and Austin Rother
and the
entire team from Lightworker/ Paths2Empowerment

____________________________________________________________This is being sent by
. PO
Box 34838 Las Vegas NV 89133

Our Summer Lingers~Yahooza!

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Lee Harris - Time

Shedding the Chrysalis~Lauren Gorgo

Hi Linda,
In no way did I anticipate writing another 5D report so soon, but there is suddenly SO much new information flying around the ethers that I am filled with a sense of urgency to get it all out there before the next "download" hits. Of course, that could just be the compression of time talking but either way, the new report entitled: Shedding the Chrysalis: the countdown begins is published and ready to view.
Some major pieces to the 5D puzzle are starting to fall into place so A LOT of in-depth topics are covered in this's just a few:
  • the approaching sacred zero-point
  • the completion of cellular transformation
  • why staying in LOVE matters now more than ever
  • the expiration of old 3D contracts
  • why LOVE is the 5D way
  • 12/21, the "final reboot"
  • the new-human avatars and what's to come
  • shedding the chrysalis and what that means
  • activation of the new-human respiratory system
  • living on LOVE: what self-sustainability really means and how
  • the new human chakra system

Hope to see you there!


CLICK HERE to learn how to become a TWYH member!

Expect Miracles Inc.

139 E 12th St
New York, NY

Changes and the Days to Come~James Gilliland

Changes and the Days to Come

The ECETI Newsletter is a non-bias source of information posting many different sometimes opposing be lie fs in various fields of information. If someone repeatedly misses predictions such as mass landings, contact, disclosure, insider information that fails to be accurate they fall at the bottom of the list. We post many predictions letting them fall on the shoulders of those making the predictions. We post the positive time line predictions and the doom and gloom predictions yet mainly focus on information that has some basis in science. In posting the link, 2012 coming polar shift and the horizon event where 150 scientists from many disciplines all studied the 2012 scenario many began to judge ECETI as doom and gloomers, fear mongers, spreading fear porn. Personally I have no fear of death, been there done that. I do not have any fear of looking at the scientific evidence. I do not have any attachment due to living on a coastline or island my guidance told me where to go and I went.

We live a spiritual life interacting close with nature in service to humanity and the Earth where the individual is sovereign inspiring self leadership and critical thinking. Discernment and critical thinking is encouraged even with the newsletter. My personal belief is to ignore the science, the escalation of social, economic and physical Earth changes in a Pollyanna approach to life can lead to some very harsh reality checks. To be enlightened is to be in knowledge of the good, bad and in between, the dark and the light not just half the coin or story. Is it not the path of a bodhisattva to aid in the awakening and healing process to work towards ending pain and suffering? In the past great gurus and leaders took on the karma of others and healed many. Today rather than gurus outside of self it is time for each individual to become their own guru, lead themselves, make their own personal God, Creator, Spirit connection, develop their own inner guidance and act upon it.

With the plethora of disinformation, mass media mind control, news with an agenda etc. it is imperative people learn discernment, critical thinking, develop direct knowing and telepathy so the lies cease to have any effect. We often drop hints in the newsletter like, we will see, use discernment, or this is interesting to invoke discernment and critical thinking. It is not our job to spell everything out for people. If we did that then we would create a dependency and become your leader in a role of disempowerment. Divine intervention is earned. To expect it without doing everything possible towards healing ourselves and the environment is out of alignment with universal law. To think someone or some group is going to be your savior and you can continue business as usual is not the path of an awakening master.

I can say as far as the future is concerned, "I DON'T KNOW HOW IT IS GOING TO TURN OUT." I do not know how much divine intervention is going to occur. I do not know the choices people are going to make individually and collectively that is free will. I don't know when nature is going to have her explosive moment. What I do know is we are entering into alignment with Galactic Plane the dark rift. We are in Solar Cycle 24 with unprecedented CMEs and Flares and it only takes one direct hit for the grid to go down. Printing trillions of dollars with no backing and creating trillions of dollars of derivatives that cannot be cashed is going to have major economic consequences.

I know what has happened in the past. I know archeology and geology have records like clockwork of major changes and cycles and we are entering those times. This I cannot ignore nor should anyone else despite the fact it may upset your comfort zone. If acknowledging these facts and scientific evidence is fear mongering and doom and gloom then one has to look at their fears in denying the obvious and their attachments. The ones judging and condemning others as fear mongers are the most fearful for they are afraid of change, facts and statistics living in bubbles of denial. Why on Earth would anyone fear change considering the present condition of society, the economy, or the environment? Why would anyone want the statuesque to continue considering where it is going? Obviously some are not paying attention, why because to them it is negative and fear mongering. Don't confuse us with the facts, keep shopping folks nothing to see here. Where did your freedom go? Where did your jobs go? How many wars are raging? How many regimes are falling? Have you noticed the unprecedented increase in severe weather, earthquake and volcanic activity? What is happening to your oceans, your lakes, your skies? Are you aware of the chemtrails raining down heavy metals and a plethora of chemicals and biologicals? What is in that flu shot? What is in the mass global inoculations? What was in the military inoculations? What is in your food, your water? How long can this denial be maintained? When you turn a blind eye to all of this due to a be lie f that if you ignore it, it does not exist and will not effect you then you have fallen victim to a be lie f that was perpetuated by the very people performing these heinous acts. WAKE UP, FACE YOUR FEARS, FIND THE COURAGE TO STAND UP FOR WHAT IS RIGHT AND JUST. Then the divine intervention will come because the lessons are not necessary to bring truth and balance back to humanity and the Earth.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

This is not an Enbridge Animation

Dogwood E-News
The man behind the viral video | Politics can be as simple as 1 + 1 = 2 | Top 3 Tankers Questions
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Top Stories
The man behind the viral video 'This is not an Enbridge animation'
How filmmaker Dave Shortt emerged from 10 days of filming in the northern B.C. bush, had an epiphany and launched a viral video in just six hours.
Read More . . .
Politics can be deeply complex or as simple as 1 + 1 = 2
We were able to send a No Tankers message to 14,000 people in Christy Clark and Terry Lake's home ridings with your help, which adds up to a lot in politics.
Read More . . .
Your top 3 tanker questions answered
On Christy Clark's 5 conditions, the BC NDP's decision to go with a B.C. environmental review and David Black's refinery idea.
Read More . . .
In The Community
Film Screening: On the Line
Tuesday, Oct. 16th, Cinecenta, UVic 7 pm and 9 pm
Two screenings of the inspiring documentary of two men who bike, hike and paddle the proposed route for the Northern Gateway Pipeline.
Not So Fast, Natural Gas! Is this B.C.’s energy future?
June 18, University of Victoria, Hickman Building, Room 105
Stories from residents on the frontlines of gas development in B.C. and expert perspectives on how communities have been affected. Organized by ForestEthics Advocacy. Speakers include Irene Merrick, James Cowpar, Karena Shaw and Ben Parfitt. Space limited, by donation. Reserve today.
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Saturday, 15 September 2012

ClimateViewer 3D (CV3D)

ClimateViewer 3D (CV3D)
Now this is really an interesting site~for tracking the geoengineering, radiation in the ocean from Fukishima, (Cesium 131) and other things. Thanks to Liz for sending this one to me.

INSANE: Trillions for Global GeoEngeneering aka Chemtrails aka Aerosol C...

9/15/2012 -- Google / Youtube blocks my main DutchsinSe account from Upl...

Oh how the truthsayers of today get harassed!Kudos to Dutch for not giving up on reporting to us all the truth about weather modification , Haarp, geoengineering etc. and not giving up when the big shots try to shut him down. Truth will prevail.

9/15/2012 -- Freq Weather Documentary - Weather Modification via frequen...

New chakra banner

Dear Friends,
We have heard from many of you about the recent struggles and challenges you are having. Jo has created a recording with a special energy gift, just for you. Enjoy!!



Jo Dunning Events | 590 W. Main St. #158 | Santa Paula | CA | 93060