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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

NYC Report

This is a compilation of reports I have received from various agencies regarding storm recovery.

From the Mayor's Office:

The worst of Hurricane Sandy has passed; the City is continuing emergency operations, and has begun assessing the damage from the storm.

Here is the latest information:
Time Warner Cable: There are substantial outages (both partial and complete) in Brooklyn and Manhattan.
Verizon: Parts of Lower Manhattan are experiencing landline outages.
MTA: The full system is still shut down until further notice. The storm substantially impacted the subway network and the MTA is working hard to restore service. Limited bus service will resume at 5 pm today. Bus service will be free for the time being.
There were 23 serious fires in New York City last night and this morning related to the storm. There are 10 confirmed deaths in the City related to the storm.

People should stay away from power lines, parks, damaged trees, beaches, boardwalks and seawalls. People have lost their lives.

The City has already received over 4,000 fallen/ damaged tree requests, mostly in Queens.

Reporting Conditions:
911 should only be used in case of emergencies.
To report other conditions such as fallen trees and sewer backups, please use 311 Online, text 311 at 311-692, or call 311. Fallen trees are incredibly dangerous. Anyone who sees one should report it immediately.
Power outages and live wires should be directly reported to Con Ed (1-800-75-CON-ED) or LIPA (1-800-490-0075).
Public schools will be closed on Wednesday 10/31.

Healthcare Facilities:
NYU Medical Center is continuing to evacuate the facility.
Coney Island Hospital has begun evacuations.
The City is monitoring the power needs at Bellevue Hospital.
New York Downtown and the Manhattan VA Hospital were both evacuated before the storm.
The City is coordinating with 53 other healthcare facilities that are sheltering-in-place about water levels, staffing, and structural issues.
East River bridges are open.
The City is working to clear roadways. Anyone other than emergency personnel on the road is impeding the City's ability to conduct an efficient cleanup. People should still stay off the roads.
Extensive flooding and downed trees are widespread problems in all boroughs. Emergency services crews are clearing these obstructions as quickly as possible.
Mass transit is still fully shut down.
All flights are canceled at JFK, LGA, EWR.
Alternate side parking and muni meters are suspended.
The City's 76 shelters will stay open today and the City will continue to keep them open until those displaced by the storm can return home or find temporary housing.
More than 6,100 New Yorkers are in emergency shelters now.
326 NYCHA buildings have no power, with approximately 29,000 total units in those buildings.
The City is assessing damage at NYCHA buildings throughout the system.
Water & Sewer:
NYC drinking water is safe.
The New York City Department of Environmental Protection is responding to reports of sewer backups and flooding.
The West Village Halloween Parade has been canceled.

From Con Edison:

As of 11 am this morning, there are more than 780,000 customers without electrical service in New York City and Westchester, including 250,000 in Manhattan alone.

In addition to the 250,000 customers without electricity in Manhattan, every steam customer south of 42nd Street lost service. In some cases, Con Ed disconnected steam customers to protect the system from flooding conditions.

While Con Ed has already restored service to 140,000 customers, restoration times are still being evaluated at this time.

Con Ed is predicting that it may take 3-4 days for service to be restored to Lower Manhattan, and up to a week for service to be restored more generally.

To report a power outage in your area, please call 1.800.75.ConEd (1.800.752.6633) or visit

Con Edison offers the following safety tips:
If you see downed electrical wires, do not go near them. Treat all downed wires as if they are live. Never attempt to move or touch them with any object. Be mindful that downed wires can be hidden from view by tree limbs, leaves or water.
Report all downed wires to Con Edison and your local police department immediately. If a power line falls on your car while you're in it, stay inside the vehicle and wait for emergency personnel.
If you still have power, charge your cell phones, lap tops and other mobile devices, so that they'll work if you do lose power.
If your power goes out, turn off all lights and appliances to prevent overloaded circuits when power is restored.
Check to make sure your flashlights and any battery-operated radios are working. Also, make sure you have a supply of extra batteries. Weather updates and news on power outages can be heard on most local radio and television stations.
Avoid opening your freezer to see if food is still frozen. Every time you open the door, room-temperature air enters and speeds the thawing process. Most fully loaded freezers will keep food frozen for approximately 36 to 48 hours; half-full freezers will keep food frozen for approximately 24 hours.
From the Upper West Side CERT Team (Community Emergency Response Team):

According to UWS CERT Team Chief Shelly Fine, the evacuation shelters are still up and running.

There is a pressing need for overnight volunteers tonight at Brandeis High School on West 84th Street (between Amsterdam & Columbus Avenues). There are currently 115 evacuees being served there.

MS 118 on 93rd Street (between Amsterdam & Columbus Avenues) is receiving evacuees from another shelter that lost power. It will also need volunteers overnight.

I just visited the shelter at MS 118. The City has placed people from Seward Park at this shelter. The shelter is in desperate need of volunteers, particularly those with experience in counseling or other people skills.

If you can volunteer at an evacuation shelter or know anyone who can, please contact Shelly Fine at or 917.453.3911.

If you see trees or tree limbs down that do not have yellow tape around them, please call 311 or contact Shelly Fine at or 917.453.3911.

Linda B. Rosenthal
Member of Assembly - 67 AD

Assemblymember Linda B. Rosenthal

230 West 72nd Street, Suite 2F
New York, NY 10023

Emergency Contact:

Regular Telephone:



Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Weather Wars Info Site
Heard this fellow on an Alex Jones interview regarding geoengineering and liked what he had to say in regards to it . Having only been watching chemtrails since the late 90's, it was interesting to hear from him how long it has been going on for. This is a good site.

A Pleiadian Understanding in Infiltration, Censorship and Control of Ufology

By James Gilliland

Ufology has been one of the most infiltrated, controlled and censored field of study to this day. It has become so convoluted finding truth in a myriad of lies, disinformation and over active imaginations is somewhat of a miracle. Having been in the field for all my life and actively speaking publicly for over 30 years I am speaking from experience. Having dealt with scientism, religion, psychotronics, mind control, disinformation and even censorship with deadly force I am not a newbie in the field. Many of your major talk show hosts have been misinformed or are part of the censorship and cover-up with agendas to paint a dark and foreboding picture. It is a mountain of manure and made to be so to keep the truth buried.

There are nuggets of gold if you dig with a discerning mind knowing the agendas of the dark hearts. When a major event happens concerning UFOs you will see the dark hearts swing into action. They will flood the net with misinformation, discredit those around the event or create another false event even more outrageous to divert attention. The created misinformation or event will go out through the disinformation network leaving the truth around an event little or no press. This includes many major talk show hosts' even TV specials. The disinformation folks will give out false inside information, even debunk their own false events to further discredit the field or any previous events. When you know how the system works you can use your own discernment and inner sensitivity to find the truth. I had to learn from experience going into the field with trust, honesty and integrity only to have some real hard lessons in who are who in ufology and their true nature.

ECETI is a prime example of this kind of censorship. There have been hundreds of years of documentation of UFO activity around Trout Lake, WA and Mt Adams home of ECETI; which is ongoing to this day. Native Americans, Fire tower operators, tribal police, sheriffs, forest rangers, Kenneth Arnold who coined the word flying saucers lost sight of the UFOs after landing on the western slopes of Mt Adams, Dr J. Allen Hynek, Greg Long and a myriad of others have all witnessed and documented the ongoing UFO activity. There have been triple PHD Boeing engineers, Lockheed engineers, Air Force base commanders, pilots, air traffic controllers all testifying concerning the ongoing UFO activity. Yet when one calls a sighting in to Peter Davenport with NUFORC who has never personally investigated despite numerous invitations near ECETI they are ridiculed, ignored and met with a few choice words trying to assassinate anyone's character connected to or having a sighting near ECETI.
In the past investigators even engineers were sent by NUFORC to investigate and when they saw undeniable UFO activity their reports were censored or changed altogether to meet NUFORC's assumption that all that is happening in the area are meteors and satellites. The MUFON group once headed by NUFORC came to the ECETI Ranch to witness personally up to 50 UFOs a night as per their own investigation reporting back to NUFORC only to be met with rude and angry opposition. How can NUFORC have any credibility, their files are corrupt, an agenda has been redundantly exposed yet major talk show hosts rely on them for UFO updates? Many updates are obviously known aircraft later to be debunked. The Elk abduction with over twelve tree planters by a UFO was moved over to MT Rainier which happened on the back side of MT Adams in a desperate attempt to keep it away from ECETI. MT Adams is our front yard. Statements like tell me when the little green men step out to legitimate professional people calling in reports in the area show a clear agenda to censor and at least a lack of professionalism. People at the ECETI Ranch called in incredible sightings only to be ignored, hung up on and no report. Again I have to ask why is NUFORC the main channel for information concerning UFO activity and why do the major talk shows count on him to advise them or be the spokesman for UFO activity? Could the fact that the director of NUFORC was a Russian Translator for NSA have anything to do with his agenda?

The next question is why are the major talk shows completely ignoring the ongoing activity at ECETI Ranch while fully supporting others who are seriously credibility and integrity challenged? We also have to ask why the major UFO conferences are also ignoring the ongoing UFO activity and information gleaned from the, "redundantly proven activity and contact," fully sponsoring known disinformation agents? There are other major UFO conduits on the internet which are also guilty of sanitizing and ignoring evidence such as Above Top Secret. Having witnessed a myriad of craft, orbs video tapped in real time. Robby Williams incredible sightings and a healing experienced by their own Johnny Anonymous where the sound of the ships were recorded seemed to miss the report. Having ignored much of the evidence I have to look at them with a discerning eye as well. We cannot ignore the investigation by Paranormal State where Jtracker, JPLs satellite tracking program and Heavens-Above another satellite tracking program showed clearly these objects are not known objects. We cannot ignore the exact time and location of a ship appearing which; was given in advance by James Gilliland founder of ECETI and Chip Coffee their psychic; and aired in the show. We cannot ignore Robby Williams sightings or the Danny Dyer BBC special where he traveled the world to see a UFO coming up empty yet when coming to the ECETI Ranch in his own words he said he was on UFO overload having seen so many. Did the talk show hosts and UFO community miss these specials? ABC, FOX news, The History Channel have all covered the ongoing UFO contacts and sightings at ECETI did they miss those as well? All the Exopolitics people have visited as well as well known people in the field of higher learning, healing and cutting edge science yet this seems to go unseen and ignored. There have been over 200 people at a time engaged in intention experiments with luminous craft appearing immediately afterward, witnessed and filmed. It is time to ask the hard question, WHY is this being ignored?

There are also those who channel mixing messages with their own desires who actually believe they are serving the higher good yet when events do not transpire rather than taking a long hard look at their own information and clarity excuses are given for the gullible who continue to follow them. When making radical claims I would love to see a picture of the ships; which are contacting them. ECETI has boxes of video and pictures yet I do not dismiss the higher dimensional contact only when times and events are given such as mass contact and landings which do not transpire. I find those who are realists as well who say this is not science amusing dismissing anything other than nuts and bolts when their own science has accepted at least 11 other dimensions teaming with life, even more life than this third dimension. They admit they can measure less than 1% of the universe in which we live yet demand physical proof, physical objects as to validate the existence of UFOs. What about the other 99%, higher dimensional beings and their technology? I hope by now I have made my point as to why getting to the truth concerning UFOs is not easy and depending on many talk show hosts, reporting centers, the UFO community, government agencies, a controlled media including alternative or those with overactive imaginations and agendas often is hard to find the golden nuggets. Those with the golden nuggets of truth are those most censored. The only advice I can give is use your own inner guidance, use discernment, and do your own investigation. In many cases we are dealing with extremely spiritually and technologically advanced beings operating under universal law. Knowing the rules by which they operate helps one to discern what is credible concerning off world contact.

They are not here to interfere in your evolution or divine right to free will.
They are not here to do everything for you or clean up your messes and support messiah complexes. The second coming is from within and they support personal responsibility, evolution on the upward spiral not expecting others to do it all for you.
They are here to inspire and empower those with pure intentions, open minds and loving hearts to awaken and heal themselves and the environment.
When one has risen to the occasion and chosen unity consciousness and to operate in alignment with universal law they can assist because it is in alignment with free will.
They are not here to force their will or beliefs on others which is why so many are in the dark and out of the loop, their will, intentions and integrity have not risen to the occasion.
There are regenerate ETS very few in the grand scheme who work with regenerate humans. They have self-serving methods just as many humans are self serving.
The best way to deal with them is to align with the benevolent, service oriented, spiritually advanced off worlders. The regenerate ETs are no match for them or standing in the self-authority of your own Godself.
Beware of those pushing the negative ET agenda as the only reality unfolding, those who keep contact in the past or far away, ambiguous or any false flag ET invasions.
Fleets of Earth Ships sea going and space going with back-engineered weaponry are no match for those hundreds, millions even billions of years ahead in evolution. Use common sense.
In the interest of national security and international security it is wise to rise to the occasion and align with the spiritually and technologically advanced ETs especially with what is fast approaching in our future.
The spiritually and technologically advanced off worlders are your ancestors and they are returning to fulfill a prophecy. They are the Star Nations returning to assist in times of great change. Those who continue to muddy the waters, confuse and divide are not in alignment with what is unfolding. The ninth wave of unity consciousness is exponentially increasing, those out of alignment with it will find it more and more difficult to maintain their kingdoms, their mental stability, and their bodies. Time to get grounded in common sense, your own Godself and develop your own inner sensitivity. Unity consciousness is oneness, the separation game is fast coming to a close and the truth will come forth leaving many I might say assassinating their own character revealing their true nature. Become the observer, move out of reactionary mind into creationary mind, listen to your own inner guidance and act on it. Those of lesser integrity cringe at this message yet this is not my intent. They too can choose a higher path yet with some the egos need to be right and other agendas will not allow it. I have no attachment to even this message for it will inspire and inflame depending on each individual and their walk on this Earth.

This message is not copywritten and can be distributed far and wide.

James Gilliland

Simon's Cat in 'Fetch'

Defend Our Coast - Oct. 22
Defend Our Coast - Oct. 22
Defend Our Coast - Oct. 22
Defend Our Coast - Oct. 22
Dogwood Initiative
Hi Linda,

When we touted the Oct. 24 day of action as an unprecedented event, we had no idea just how true that would be. All across the province, organizers witnessed crowd numbers grow far beyond their expectations.

More than 7,000 people in 72 different communities gathered to tell their MLAs in a unified voice that the expansion of pipelines and oil tanker traffic on B.C.’s coast will not be accepted.

Teachers and tradesmen, hipsters and hippies, grandparents and grandkids, and people of all different political stripes came together to send one of the strongest messages this government has ever received. Did you attend an action last week? If so, let us know by following this link!

Last week’s successes reinforced our belief that we can take back decision-making power. We want to thank you for showing up and making your voice heard.

The events of Oct. 22 and 24 were just the beginning of a larger push to persuade the provincial government to do more to protect our rivers and coast leading up to next year’s provincial election, and we need you to stick with it – because it’s working.

We’ve been super busy working on a Find Leaders kit that offers tools and ideas to help you make your local MLA a leader on stopping the expansion of oil tanker traffic on B.C.'s coast. Stay tuned for this opportunity to take things to the next level.

Our momentum is building, and our voices are being heard. Let’s keep it up.

For the coast,

Eric, Celine, Ben, Karl, Emma and Lyndsey on behalf of the Dogwood team

P.S. Check out Leadnow’s Flickr page to see some amazing shots from last week!

CanadaChinaInvestmentTreaty~Liberals View

On behalf of Liberal Leader Bob Rae, I would like to thank you for expressing your concerns about the Canada-China Investment Agreement. It is clear that this foreign investment agreement is different from any previous ones that the Conservative government has signed.
There is a provision in this agreement that allows the government to withhold documents from the Canadian public and to conduct hearings behind closed doors during the arbitration process. This arbitration process could be costly to Canadian taxpayers, and could raise serious constitutional questions.
Significantly, this agreement does not guarantee increased market access and investment protection for Canadians in China, which seems counter to the goal of signing an investment agreement in the first place.
The Liberal Party continues to call on the government to have public hearings on the implications of this agreement, yet the Conservatives refuse to defend their flawed agreement to the Canadian public.
Because of a Liberal motion at the International Trade committee by Liberal International Trade Critic Wayne Easter, we were able to force the Conservatives to hold a briefing on the agreement by department officials. However, one hour of a briefing is simply not enough for an agreement that could apply for 31 years.
Liberals believe in transparency, public consultations, and negotiating agreements for the benefit of the Canadian people. That is why Joyce Murray, Liberal Critic for the Asia-Pacific Gateway, has put forward a motion in the House of Commons that would require the government to send all treaties to committee for a comprehensive public review and debate once it is tabled in the House of Commons. We do not want future treaties to be ratified without public scrutiny, like the Canada-China investment agreement.
It is necessary to have this committee oversight because of the significant concerns raised about the lack of a real trade strategy from the government. The Harper government’s approach appears to be that by “signing” trade agreements with virtually any country willing, it somehow translates into a trade strategy. This is simply not the case, and we must ensure that any international trade agreement that Canada signs will be of net benefit to Canadians.
We encourage you to write to the Conservative members of Parliament asking them to support Liberal efforts to change the way the government ratifies treaties like the Canada-China Investment Agreement to ensure public consultation and debate. We want to make sure that Canadians like you have your voices heard on these important issues.
Thank you for writing.
Yours sincerely,
Colin McKone
Office of the Liberal Leader

Dear Linda,

By the end of this week, the secretive and extreme Canada-China FIPA investor deal could become law.

We’ve put together a powerful radio ad, and we need your help to roll it out across the country, in the home ridings of key Conservative MPs.

Just $20 buys one ad spot - can you chip in right now to turn up the pressure and stop this terrible FIPA deal before it locks us in for 31 years?Please Donate!

The secretive and extreme Canada-China FIPA investor deal could be ratified by the end of this week. If it passes, the FIPA would bind our governments for 31 years unless legal challenges can undo the damage to our economy and democracy.

Our government tried to slip this bad deal by us, but - together with our campaign partners at - you’ve brought the issue from obscurity to national prominence in just a few short weeks. Now Canadians are uniting across the political spectrum, and Prime Minister Harper’s key MPs are facing a growing backlash from their traditional supporters in their own ridings. With days left, we’re delivering your petition in Ottawa, and we need your help to ramp up the pressure on these key Conservative MPs by broadcasting your urgent message in their backyards.

Just $20 will buy one radio ad spot in a key riding. $100 will buy five. And - with your help - we can start running the ads right away. If we raise $15,000 we can blanket radio ads across key Conservative ridings all over the country to amplify your impact.

Can you chip in now to send a powerful message to hundreds of thousands of Canadians in Conservative-held ridings? Your donations will supercharge this campaign in the final days before this deal could become law. Click here to donate:

We know many Conservative MPs, and the majority of Canadians, share your concerns about the Nexen takeover and the secretive and extreme Canada-China FIPA investor deal. We know that our best bet to stop this terrible deal is to show vulnerable Conservative MPs that they are losing their traditional support in ridings across the country.

Imagine hundreds of thousands of Canadians listening to the radio and learning about Harper's plan to allow China’s massive state-owned companies to sue Canadian governments for billions of dollars in secret tribunals, outside of Canadian courts. Imagine these Canadians driving to work and hearing that their MP is willing to risk their jobs and rights to benefit a few massive oil companies in China and Canada. Imagine Conservative MPs hearing these ads on their home turf, and how fast their concern will get back to Harper.

We need more people to hear about this secretive and extreme investor deal. Let’s turn up the pressure right now. Please chip in to put your message on the air - where it matters the most, when it will make the biggest difference.

Thank you for all you do.

With hope and respect,

Jamie, Matthew, Julia, Maggie, Emma, Patricia, Ryan, Heather and Adam on behalf of the and teams

PS - Radio advertising is all about volume. The more of us chip in, the more ads we can play, and the more effective this will be. Your $20 will buy one ad play. $100 will buy five. If thousands of us chip in what we can, we can blanket Conservative MPs’ ridings with radio ads round the clock before the deadline. Click here to buy your ads now.

PPS - Your letters to the editor have already flooded newspapers across the country. Here are two examples from the Calgary Herald and Montreal Gazette. is an independent community that brings Canadians together to hold government accountable, deepen our democracy and take action for the common good.

James Gilllilands View on Politics~NWO

Many have asked what my stance is concerning the elections.
This pretty much sums up modern politics. Poly=Many Tics=Blood sucking parasites. Many have asked what my stance is concerning the elections. Some say it is a choice of a lesser of two evils. This still gives the illusion you have a choice. The two evils are both under the control of the NWO puppet masters. We have a one party system, republicrats and no matter what they promise they cannot deliver if it is not part of the plan of the aristocracy, Banksters and Corporations. Just ask yourself what happened to all the third party candidates?

The very few people of integrity left in politics are just a voice in the wind unless the people wake up and get behind them yet most are hypnotized by the corporate sponsored media backing these unethical people. What you have is a corporate sponsored dictorial democracy. Lack is manufactured, most of your ills and disease originate with these corporations due to toxic chemicals, bioengineered virus and bacteria, and the poisoning of the food, air, water and land. The war and disease profiteers who care nothing for humanity and the Earth are in control, "for now". This will continue as long as politicians owe their allegiance to the corporations in their lust for power and wealth and the people remain asleep playing the game. The game is someone out there is going to step up and do it all for you rather than the God within coming forward and saying enough, "It is finished." With all the games and corruption there is one card most seem to forget. Nature. She has had enough and the higher powers have chosen to assist in a grand awakening and healing. Some call it a cleansing. Time to awaken, make your own personal God connection, listen to Nature she is on the move and act with the wisdom of loving detachment.

"The modern conservative is engaged in one of man's oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness." -John Kenneth Galbraith

Mahala Gayles November Forecast

Welcome to the full moon of Halloween. This full moon happens two days
before Halloween on October 29, 2012 at 12:49 PM PDT. Halloween is the
celebration of Spider Woman, the Hopi Creator Goddess. This is why there are
spiders associated with this celebration. Have you noticed how popular this
holiday has become? Could this have anything to do with the Goddess (love)
energy that has been coming in very strong lately?

There is also a very strong storm on its way to the East Coast of America
right now. The forecasters say it will be a storm of the century. It is
scheduled to hit the East Coast on Monday morning October 29th.
Meteorologists expect high winds, heavy rain, extreme tides and maybe snow
to the west beginning early Sunday, peaking with the arrival of Hurricane
Sandy on Monday and lingering past Halloween on Wednesday.

There will be three large storms mixing together. Hurricane Sandy coming up
from the south, a storm that is blowing across the Midwest right now and
frigid air is streaming south from Canada. These three storms are expected
to meet Tuesday morning around New York, or the surrounding states. This
weather system is expected to last for a week.

I think it would be nice to send lots of light to that area for their
highest and best good. We could send the Golden light of the Christ with the
intention of toning down the force of the storm. Blue light might also be a
good color to send with the intention of creating peace in people's

The planetary aspect behind this storm is the Uranus/Pluto square. Pluto is
over the area (Midwest to East Coast) where the storm will be occurring and
Uranus (the planet of wind and storms) is in a perfect square activating
that energy. The full moon chart over New York has Uranus in opposition to
Venus square Pluto. The cardinal cross will again be activated and we are in
the year of the storm in the Dreamspell calendar.

On Tuesday morning when the storms are expected to meet, the moon will be
affecting 34-35 latitude which is just south of Washington, D.C. and on
Wednesday the moon will be at 38'40 latitude which is the latitude of
Washington, D.C. The moon's north node is at 27 Scorpio which makes a 45
degree angle to 14 Cancer. Washington. D.C. corresponds to 13 degrees
Cancer. How will this storm affect Washington, D.C.?

At this full moon Mercury will be on 1 degree Sagittarius (California) in
its shadow period of turning retrograde, and makes a 45 degree angle to New
York at 16 degrees Cancer. We have also had lots of rain here on the west
coast because the moons node is in Scorpio (water) over our coast. (I just
heard there was a 7.7 quake off the West Coast of Canada
tonight-Saturday-October 27th.) That was a large quake.

Mercury turns retrograde on November 6th. What affect will this have on the
election? Will there be some affect from the storm in regards to power
outages, which may cause a challenge with the voting? Neptune turns direct
on November 10th making a square to Mercury in retrograde. This will bring
lots of confusion on all levels during November starting with the upcoming
elections. China will also have a new leader in November. His name is Xi
Jinping. I think November will be a very challenging month on all levels. If
you think it gets really crazy with Mercury retrograde, watch what happens
with this one. Mercury turns on 4 degrees Sagittarius, and then goes back
into Scorpio.

We are in the cycle of Earth changes and have been in that cycle since 1991.
Hurricane Andrew blew into Florida in 1992 and the Mississippi River flooded
in 1993. There have been many major events since 1991 such as earthquakes,
storms, and flooding in various parts of the world. There was the Tsunami in
Sumatera, and the Tsunami in Japan, which were both preceded by large
earthquakes, and many more events all over the world. The Earth has been
totally polluted and has had to take a bath. We are still in the cycle of
water events and this will continue on into 2013.

I am taking time every day to create my heaven on Earth and am looking
forward to living totally on a higher frequency Earth by the end of this
year. The time-lines started splitting in 2008 and will continue to split
until the two lines are totally separate. This means the dark beings will be
gone because they cannot handle the higher frequencies. I don't know the
exact timing of the total splitting of the time-lines but am hoping for the
end of this year.

To be part of this higher frequency Earth you need to be manifesting love
through your heart chakra. The brain in our hearts is much more powerful
than the brain in our heads. Actually we need to connect our other two
brains (head and solar plexus) with our heart brain and manifest love. Love
is the glue that holds our universe together and is composed of Adamanatine
particles. This is the smallest particle in our universe. We can call these
particles to us and collect them in our heart so we can manifest more love.

The sacred heart is your magnetic center as well as your source of higher
intelligence and your very life force. The very center of your life is a
great and powerful magnet. This means you can draw a lot of Adamanatine
particles to you to create what you choose to experience. This is what the
Bible means when it says to find the kingdom of God within and then all else
will be given unto you.

Power, control, and negativity does not work anymore. You cannot fight the
force and come up the winner. You need to flow with the force and let life
work for you. Judge not, or else you will be judged. Do not criticize or you
will be criticized. Do not complain or you will have challenges. That is
how the law works.

Bless everyone, including yourself, and give gratitude for everything you
have. That is how to create a wonderful life. Wouldn't it be great if
everyone stopped being negative and started looking at the good side of
life? Conspiracy theories have brought negativity to the surface (which was
good) but is that what you want to focus on? Besides that there is just as
much disinformation in the conspiracy theories as on regular news, and it is
all just a big illusion anyway. It's time for this movie to be over and a
new one to start.

How many times have you said `I don't want to be here anymore, this world is
too hard to live on'. Is that what you want to create? Don't you want to
stay here and be part of the New Heaven and the New Earth? I am totally
looking forward to a world of peace and unity where love rules and there are
no more control dramas.

We are having Divine Intervention by the splitting of the time-lines and all
of the light that is being sent to us by the higher Beings who wish to help
us. They have also helped us in other ways such as keeping asteroids from
crashing into Earth. Now it is time to do our part by manifesting love and
shining our light for all to see.

So Be It! I send you my love and blessings.

***** Mahala Gayle *****

Nuke Plant Info~Preparedness News 2012

News From The Portland Preparedness Center

Sandy Update - Nuke Plant Info

Reuters reports that Exelon Corp declared an "alert" at its New Jersey Oyster Creek nuclear power plant a short time ago due to a record storm surge, warning that a further rise in water levels could force operators to use emergency water supplies from a fire hose to cool spent uranium fuel rods.
The alert -- the second lowest of four NRC action levels -- came after water levels at the plant rose by more than 6.5 feet, potentially affecting the pumps that circulate water through the plant,which is shut for planned refueling at the moment. However a rise to 7 feet could submerge the service water pump motor that is used to cool the water in the spent fuel pool.
The used uranium rods in the pool could cause the water to boil within 25 hours without additional coolant; In an extreme scenario the rods could overheat, risking the eventual release of radiation.

Meanwhile, we are getting feedback from subscribers, including Trent in Sandy (no coincuidence?) in Portland Oregon.

A massive fire is reported to have broken out in Queens, and this from Trent.
Hey Michael,
Not sure if you have a smartphone but if you get a chance to listen to the FDNY Bronx fire stream, it is absolute chaos in NY right now.

As I write their are 5 working structure fires, a parking garage with over 50 cars on fire, people stuck in elevators, and hundreds of people stuck in the water due to their apartment being on fire.

Here's a link you can use with your pc,
I think you will have to click the small speaker on the left to listen. Pretty awesome to listen to events live around the world.

Stay safe.

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Severe Weather~East Coast

Here is the link for the clip Dutch posted today about the severe weather on the east coast.

10/30/2012 — Severe Weather Overview — Hurricane Sandy — Maine Tornado

by sincedutch

Monday, 29 October 2012

The Dailies~It is what it is....

I have not written any updates on the dailies lately as it seems that life is just so unpredictable and the days all fly by so fast . In my area, it is soon to be winter and snow , so that means my indoor market season begins this weekend, which precipitates relocating alot of inventory inside to work from as I pack each weekend to sell my natural body care products at the faires. Just finished the last outdoor market on Sat. Feels like a very quick shift to the indoor realm this coming weekend. Whew.
The weather is cooler and wetter and it gets dark out earlier. The animals here all seem to snooze alot more.I would too but I have so much to ready for the impending venues.
We had a big earthquake on our northern BC coastline the other night, and it reminded me of visions from my younger days of quakes and the BC mountains just shaking, so it was a bit of an...oh dear, is this the beginning of the quake I once visioned.And also the tsunami vision when I lived on Kauai?  Fortunately not.
Had an old friend pop by a couple of weeks ago  with her sister. I said, in reply to something or other, It is what it which her sister said , I use that saying and I hear it from alot of others these days. I said, yes, it seems to just so fit the current feelings of ....of what...of despondency at times, of despair, of hope, of just whatever...It is what it is. Like an acceptance of sorts~A surrendering to the fast moving energies we find ourselves now in as our planet barrels her way to galactic alignment...less than 2 months or so...WOW.
Since it is almost Halloween I found this very old photo taken at a costume party years ago in Niagara on the Lake Ontario. That is me in the penguin outfit. The fellow beside me is dressed as Alex from Clockwork Orange. It was a most fun party indeed. If you clik on the photo it enlarges a bit. Boy, was I young then and not a face wrinkle in sight. Ha ha..Or  laugh lines as a U2 pilot pal of mine once called my crowsfeet. Yes our wrinkles are our laugh lines indeed and other road map lines of our life....
So that is about it for the dailies here. I am appalled at the latest geo engineered storm on the east coast.

 Saying prayers. If only Nicola Tesla's inventions were being used for the benefit of all mankind as he had intended it. Ah but not so, not yet anyway ...It is what it is. I will be sending prayers for all that area. Take Care ...Adonai ..

HAARP Status and Real-Time Network Detection

HAARP Status and Real-Time Network Detection

Universal Compassion Intro (edit 3)

When I first heard Geshe Lama Phelgye speak about animals and compassion, the tears rolled down my face. That was a few years ago now. I am mostly vegan and so appreciate his message and love for animals. Eh ma ho!

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Radar spiral vortex in Mexico

Stop the Killing of Whales etc.

For my American friends...this petition is for the whales and other cetaceans. Please take time to have a look etc.
Thank you so much for signing my last petition to send a message to the U.S. Navy to stop harassing and killing our ocean friends! Your effort has made a difference. Now I am asking for your assistance again because the Department of Fisheries gets the final say on this matter. Please click on the link to add your name to my new petition asking the Depatment of Fisheries to Deny the Navy's request to kill even more whales, dolphins and other sea creatures (yes, they actually plan to increase the killing dramatically and with your help we can stop this!)

I know that we are all busy, especially during election time, but this is vitality important and the deadline for comments is fast approaching (November 3rd, 2012). Please take a moment to sign and post to Facebook; the cetaceans will be grateful!


Lyndia Storey,

Mother, Grandmother, Guardian of the Sea

Tsunami warning in Hawaii downgraded to advisory

Tsunami warning in Hawaii downgraded to advisory
Ah....I would like to think that our prayers last night worked! Gotta love a tsunami that came in at 4 inch wave according to this story~Aloha!

Saturday, 27 October 2012


this clip shows very accurately where tonight's quake has hit in BC Canada

Update 3 : 7.7 Earthquake Small Tsunami Recorded West Coast North Americ...

10/27/2012 -- West Coast Canada 7.7M Earthquake -- several buoys in even...

Here is a news link on the recent earthquake ...
And here is the link for the current tsunami warning...folks felt this quake in New Westminster etc.
And this link shows the weather channel tweets....currently says there has been four aftershocks now

Inside Scoop on Hurricane Sandy from a Storm Chaser - 10/27/12

This video was posted by Sheila Aliens today, and on Dutch Sinces blog is this information on the storm on the east coast.(Hurricane Sandy Microwave Anomaly)

Tuesday, 23 October 2012 news

200 striking workers marched on Walmart's headquarters in the past week during the corporation's financial analyst meeting, and some Walmart execs have actually met with warehouse workers to discuss their demands. As Walmart workers across the nation demand better conditions, strikers are organizing a massive demonstration for Black Friday.1
But the strikers continue at great personal risk: they are not protected by a union and many are minimum wage and cannot afford to lose their job. The Walmart Strikers need your support as they continue to fight for better conditions at stores and warehouses across the country.
For more information about the strikes see my original email below. Thank you so much for you continued support.
In Solidarity,
Brian Sonenstein
Campaign Director,
1. Why Direct Action Is Working for Walmart’s Workers, Jake Olzen, The Indypendent, 10/22/2012.
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Brian Sonenstein,
Subject: Walmart strikes catching fire
Dear Linda,
The Walmart strike is catching fire.
After Walmart warehouse workers in Elwood, IL successfully struck to end illegal workplace retaliation, others have walked off the job in a dozen locations across the country.1
From Texas to Maryland, store associates and warehouse workers share the same demands: an end to the punishment Walmart workers face for standing up against their abysmal working conditions.
Walmart has predictably brushed off the mounting pressure, but we hope to make that increasingly difficult for them. That's why Firedoglake is starting a petition to stand with Walmart workers and demand an end to the company's illegal workplace retaliation against those speaking out for better treatment.
Walmart's radical cost-cutting measures, well-known for wreaking havoc on local economies and the environment, also put a squeeze on store associates and warehouse workers.3
This downward pressure on contractors to cut costs is, in-turn, placed on the workers whose labor is responsible for keeping Walmart's stores open and supply chain running. Workers are routinely subject to illegally unsafe conditions, long hours and low wages, but are punished severely for any attempt to organize.
While Walmart insists they have a set of 'standards' by which associates, suppliers and other contractors must adhere, the deteriorating working conditions facing workers across the nation implies such standards are either incredibly weak or completely unenforced.
The strike will continue until demands are met -- there has been no end-date placed on the action. These workers are loosely protected in their strike by federal law, but Walmart can still choose to 'permanently replace' the workers even if they technically can't fire them.
We need to stand up and tell Walmart to stop punishing workers for fighting for better labor conditions and let them know the public is watching.
Walmart workers are already achieving victory: the multinational giant agreed to end its illegal retaliation in Elwood, IL and warehouse workers are returning to the job energized and committed to continuing their fight for better labor conditions.2
We sent the Elwood strikers much needed supplies to sustain their protests, and we'll do that same for other strikers nationwide. Our job is to now bring the fight to other Walmart stores and their suppliers.
In Solidarity,
Brian Sonenstein
Campaign Director,
1. Walmart Strikes Extend to 12 Cities, Black Friday Actions Planned David Dayen, FDL News, 10/10/12.
2. Walmart Warehouse Strikers to Return to Work with Full Back Pay, Walmart Warehouse Workers for Justice, 10/6/2012.
3. Wal-Mart’s dirty partners, Josh Eidelson, Salon, 7/6/2012.

Firedoglake is supported entirely by small donations from people like you.
Can you chip in to keep us strong? Click here to contribute.

3MIN News October 23, 2012: X Flare

This clip shows our active sun flare area currently

Space Weather News for Oct. 23, 2012

HIGH SOLAR ACTIVITY: New sunspot AR1598 has boosted solar activity to high levels. This morning, Oct. 23rd, it produced a powerful X1-class solar flare. There have been four significant flares since the active region emerged three days ago, and it seems that more could be in the offing. Check for more information and updates.

X-FLARE ALERTS: Would you like a call when solar flares are underway? X-flare alerts are available from (text) and (voice).

You are subscribed to the Space Weather mailing list, a free service of

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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Roger Hodgson Acoustic Storm Exclusive Interview "In the Eye of the Storm"

Speak up for Whales, Penguins etc

Dear friends,

I'm writing to ask for your help. In days, governments could turn stretches of the Antarctic ocean into the world's largest marine sanctuary, saving thousands of majestic polar species from the threat of industrial fishing fleets. But a small group of countries could drown the deal unless we act now:

Sign the petition
I'm writing to ask for your help. Within days, governments could begin turning wide stretches of the Antarctic ocean into the world's largest marine sanctuary, saving the habitat of whales, penguins, and thousands of other polar species from industrial fishing fleets.

But they won’t act unless we speak out now.

Most countries support the sanctuary, but Russia, South Korea and a few others are threatening to vote it down so they can plunder these seas now that others have been fished to death. This week, a small group of negotiators will meet behind closed doors to make a decision. A massive people-powered surge could break open the talks, isolate those attempting to block the sanctuary, and secure a deal to protect over 6 million square kilometers of the precious Antarctic ocean.

The whales and penguins can't speak for themselves, so it's up to us to defend them. Let's change negotiators' minds with a massive wave of public pressure -- Avaaz will surround the meeting with hard-hitting ads, and together we'll deliver our message to delegates via a deafening cry on social networks. Sign this urgent petition and share it with everyone you know:

More than 10,000 species call these remote Antarctic waters their home, including blue whales, leopard seals, and emperor penguins, and many are found nowhere else on Earth. Climate change has already taken a cruel toll on their fragile habitat, but they will come under further threat from the industrial fishing fleet's mile-long nets cast over these precious waters. Only a marine sanctuary will increase their odds for survival.

The 25-member governing body that regulates the Antarctic oceans has already committed to creating these marine protected areas. But the two plans being negotiated -- one to protect part of the fragile Ross Sea and one for East Antarctica -- are at risk of dilution or delay. Shockingly, the talks have been off the media’s radar and countries like Russia and South Korea are betting their opposition will go unnoticed, but if we cast a public spotlight on the talks we can force them to back off, and encourage champions like the US and EU to push for even stronger protections.

The future of the Southern ocean is in our hands. Let’s unleash a massive surge of global pressure and ensure governments don’t put profits before our planet. Please sign and share this petition with everyone you know:

The Avaaz community has come together time and time again to protect our oceans. We’ve already helped win two of the largest marine reserves in the world. But the threats to our oceans continue, and one by one species are coming closer to the brink. Join me in saving the Antarctic ocean before it’s too late.

With hope,

Leonardo DiCaprio, with the Avaaz team


Protect Antarctic waters before it's too late, says environment coalition (The Guardian)

Alliance Seeks Vast Marine Reserves in Antarctic (New York Times)

Milestone discussions on marine protected areas in Antarctica scheduled for CCAMLR’s 31st annual meetings in Hobart (Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources)

Antarctic oceans are under threat (Antarctic Ocean Alliance)

Antarctic seas in the balance (Nature)

Support the Avaaz Community!
We're entirely funded by donations and receive no money from governments or corporations. Our dedicated team ensures even the smallest contributions go a long way. is a 16-million-person global campaign network
that works to ensure that the views and values of the world's people shape global decision-making. ("Avaaz" means "voice" or "song" in many languages.) Avaaz members live in every nation of the world; our team is spread across 19 countries on 6 continents and operates in 14 languages. Learn about some of Avaaz's biggest campaigns here, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Defend BC's coastline~Oct. 24

Dogwood Initiative
Hi Linda,
An unprecedented day of action to defend B.C.’s coast is nearly upon us. Since we wrote to you a week ago, hundreds of people have committed to attending events in 48 communities across the province to send a clear message to our MLAs that B.C.’s coast must be protected from oil tankers, pipelines and spills.

The event is just a few days away. Find a community action near you:

Some of you are wondering what the difference is between the event in Victoria on Oct. 22 and the province-wide action on Oct. 24, and we’d like to help clear that up.

On Monday, Oct. 22, a Defend Our Coast rally is happening at the legislature in Victoria.

Then, two days later, on Wednesday, Oct. 24, Dogwood Initiative is helping organize a day of action at MLAs' offices across the province. Why are we throwing all of our efforts into the second event? First, we know there are thousands of No Tankers supporters outside of Victoria who want to take action and second, our voices are most powerful at the local level.

As next year’s provincial election ticks closer, we need you to connect with your MLA as part of a larger push to persuade the provincial government to do more to protect our rivers and coast.

Find a community action near you:
The exact start time and locations depend on your community. Find time and location details for your community:

Please join us in your community on Wednesday to tell your local MLA B.C.’s coast must be protected.

For the coast,

Eric, Celine, Ben, Karl, Emma and Lyndsey on behalf of the Dogwood team

P.S. Your MLA's job is to represent you. Make sure they know where you stand on proposals to bring oil pipelines and tankers to B.C. by signing up today.

Orionid Meteor Shower ~Early am Sunday

Space Weather News for Oct. 20, 2012

ORIONID METEOR SHOWER: Today, Earth is passing through a stream of debris from Halley's Comet, source of the annual Orionid meteor shower. Forecasters expect ~25 meteors per hour when the shower peaks on Sunday, Oct. 21st. No matter where you live, the best time to look is during the dark hours before sunrise on Sunday morning. Observers in both hemispheres can see this shower. Visit for photos, more information, and live audio from a meteor radar.

Don't just watch meteors, wear them. Authentic meteorite jewelry is available in the Space Weather Store:

You are subscribed to the Space Weather mailing list, a free service of

New subscribers may sign up for free space weather alerts at .

Introduction to Matrix Energetics (6 min)

A  young woman whom I have chatted with over the years here in Nelson, has come by my table at market twice now and done some good "juju" it seems. She is a practitioner of this Matrix Energetics and I can really feel a difference around my table, energetically in a most positive fashion, as well as when she puts her hands on my aura, I truly feel an energetic wave of warm and good energy wash thru me. So I looked up the man who got it going, and here it is.....
And thank you Seyja for the healing energies this day!
Eh ma ho Lionda

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Beacons of Light~Awakening the Child

The Doors - Light My Fire (Live)

C'Mon Baby Light my Fire...

I have always liked the Doors song, Light my Fire. I like when Jose Feliciano did a version of it too. One night, under a star filled sky, on the beach, with a fire, I unknowingly recorded this...hee hee I was expressing that perhaps Jim Morrison really did od on drugs but then you just never know about the mystery surrounding his death.
 Come on baby light my fire.....

José Feliciano - Light my fire

In Support of Laid off Zeller's Workers in Canada

Send a Letter
As most Canadians know, Zeller's has been bought out by an American corporation called Target. If you want to support these laid off workers just sign the letter to Target.

Flood Map~check your area for stats

Astrology Forecast for October 17, 2012

Kilauea Volcano Activity!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Heh heh heh...Told ya so...James Gilliland

  • RE: Canada shouldn't be sold out from under we Canadians‏

  • 16/10/2012

    Sent:October-16-12 5:03:28 PM
    Thank you for your interest in the Canada-China Investment Treaty. Although Stephen Harper prefers to keep Canadians in the dark about this Agreement’s grave implications for our sovereignty, security, and democracy, I am hopeful that we can force the issue into daylight. Your letter proves that you recognize the seriousness and urgency of what is about to take place behind our backs.
    While the Canada-China Investment Treaty will likely be our most significant treaty since NAFTA, Stephen Harper plans to sign it into law as early as November 2nd, 2012, withoutany public consultation, any consultation with First Nations, any Parliamentary debate, or even asingle vote in the House of Commons. I do not accept such blatant disrespect for either the will of Canadians or for our democratic institutions.
    Sadly, in addition to the anti-democratic processto approve this Agreement, it is the actual content of this investment deal with which I am most concerned. For the first time in Canadian history, the Canada-China Investment Treaty will allow investors (including Chinese state-owned enterprises such as CNOOC or Sinopec), to claim damages against the Canadian government in secret, for decisions taken at the municipal, provincial, territorial or federal level that result in a reduction of theirexpectation of profits. Even decisions of Canadian courts can give rise to damages.
    Realizing what the Conservatives were attempting to do, in secret and without debate, and realizing that we will be bound by this destructive Agreement for up to 31 years once it is ratified, on October 1st, 2012, I made a request in the House of Commons for an Emergency Debate to allow Canada’s democratically elected Members of Parliament to study the implications of the Canada-China Investment Treaty.
    Although my request for an Emergency Debate was regrettably denied, we have not given up and are continuing to pursue all available options to stop the treaty’s approval. Given what is at stake, we hope that you will join us.
    In addition to the tools found on our Canada-China Investment Treaty campaign site at, I urge you to push back against this sell-out of our sovereignty, security, and democracy, and help to educate Canadians by talking to your friends and neighbours, writing letters to the editor in local and national newspapers, calling in to talk radio shows, and filling up the comment boards of news website.
    Crucially, this is not a partisan issue, and it is only by coming together to stand up for Canada that we will succeed in stopping this agreement.
    Elizabeth May, O.C., M.P.
    Member of Parliament for Saanich–Gulf Islands
    Leader of the Green Party of Canada