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Friday, 30 November 2012

What is Galactic Alignment~

Strange Vibrations Detected Thruout USA

11/30/2012 -- Sinkholes, Explosions, and Earthquakes -- What is happening?

Palestine~World's 194th State

Avaazers, it's time to celebrate!

Hours ago, the UN voted overwhelmingly to recognise Palestine as the world's 194th state!!! It’s a huge victory for the Palestinian people, for peace, for our community, and people across the world are joining with massive crowds in Palestine to celebrate.

The Palestinian people's journey to freedom is far from over. But this is a powerful step, and our community played a key role in it. Responding to the vote, Palestine's Ambassador to Europe said:

"Avaaz and its members across the world have played a crucial role in persuading governments to support the Palestinian people's bid for a state and for freedom and peace. They have stood with us throughout and their solidarity and support will be remembered and cherished across Palestine." - Leila Shahid, General Palestinian Delegate to Europe

Brussels Action: While EU leaders met, THIS was happening right outside their windows
Madrid Action: Avaaz members want Spain PM Rajoy to say YES!
The US and Israeli governments; beholden to extreme lobby groups (yes, sadly even Obama has given in), threw everything they had at crushing this vote, using financial threats and even threatening to overthrow the Palestinian President if he went ahead. Europe was the key swing vote, and under intense US pressure, leaders were, just two weeks ago, leaning towards not supporting the Palestinian state. Knowing the stakes, our community responded with the speed and democratic force that we needed to win:
  • Nearly 1.8 million of us signed the petition calling for statehood.

  • Thousands of us donated to fund public opinion polls across Europe -- showing that a whopping 79% of Europeans supported a Palestinian state. Our polls were plastered all over the media, and repeatedly cited in Parliamentary debates in the UK, Spain and France!

  • We sent tens of thousands of emails, Facebook messages and Tweets to leaders across Europe and made thousands of calls to foreign ministries and heads of state.

  • We unfurled a giant 4-storey banner outside the EU Commission in Brussels (right) while leaders were meeting inside. Then, we staged another stunt in Madrid. Previously, we had sailed a flotilla of ships past the UN calling for a vote. Our actions made headlines all over Europe.

  • Avaaz staff and members met with dozens and dozens of government ministers, top advisors, senior journalists, parliamentarians and thought leaders in each of the key countries, in many cases teaming up to win over leaders one by one through advocacy, pressure, parliamentary resolutions and public statements, always drawing on the surge in people power behind this cause.

  • We reached out to key thought leaders like St├ęphane Hessel, a 94-year old survivor of Nazi concentration camps, and Ron Pundak, an Israeli who played a key role in Oslo peace process, to speak out in favour of statehood.
One by one, key European states broke with the US to answer the call of justice and their peoples. In the final vote tally we got just now, only 9 countries out of 193 have voted against! France, Spain, Italy, Sweden and most of Europe has voted for Palestine.

The US and Israel argued first that statehood was dangerous for peace, and then, when they'd lost, that it didn't matter and the vote was just symbolic. But if it were just symbolic they wouldn't have done everything to try and stop it. And after years of bad-faith negotiations and Israeli comfort with the status quo as they steadily colonize more Palestinian land, this move shows the US and Israel that if they do not engage in good faith, the Palestinians and the world are prepared to move forward without them. It's a more balanced basis for real peace talks. And that's the best alternative to the kind of violence we saw Israel's government and Hamas offer in Gaza this month.

For decades the Palestinian people have suffered under a stifling Israeli military dictatorship, repressive controls on their travel and work, continual denial of their rights and the constant threat of insecurity and violence. 65 years ago yesterday, the UN recognized the state of Israel, beginning a path to the establishment of a safe home for the Jewish people. Now the Palestinians take a step down the same path, and gain a dignity in the eyes of the international community that they have been denied for a generation. And from that dignity, we can build the foundations of peace.

With hope and joy,

Ricken, Alice, Ari, Wissam, Allison, Sam, Julien, Pascal, Wen, Pedro, Saravanan, Emma, Ben, Dalia, Alexey, Paul, Marie, Aldine, Luca, Jamie, Morgan and the whole Avaaz team.

PS Here are some sources - The Associated Press covers today's victory, the Guardian covers our polling two weeks ago, Avaaz's Daily Briefing provides a map of the vote result, and Haaretz describes Israel's response.

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that works to ensure that the views and values of the world's people shape global decision-making. ("Avaaz" means "voice" or "song" in many languages.) Avaaz members live in every nation of the world; our team is spread across 19 countries on 6 continents and operates in 14 languages. Learn about some of Avaaz's biggest campaigns here, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

2MIN News November 30, 2012: STARWATER

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Constance Demby (playlist)

Occupy Wall Street | NYC Protest for World Revolution

Occupy Wall Street | NYC Protest for World Revolution
This is a good look at the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy...and how Occupy is out helping the masses of hurricane disaster folks

Selling out Canada to China~Let's not

Wow! Already 85,000 of us have signed the petition and we're delivering the message to Harper with a bold newspaper ad on Monday -- let's share this with everyone and reach 100,000 signers before then!
Hey Avaazers,

Harper’s about to sign Canada up to a crazy deal that allows China's companies to sue us if we pass laws protecting our health and environment that effect their profits. But massive public opposition has thrown him, and if we crank up the pressure we can actually stop this disaster. Join the call now:

Sign the petition
Harper is about to sign a crazy deal with China that would set up secret courts where China's companies can sue Canada if we pass laws to protect our health and environment that effect their profits.

But Harper’s been thrown by the growing public opposition to his plan -- even among conservatives -- and we actually have a chance to kill this disaster. He’s already delayed signing the deal, and if we can crank up the pressure we can force him to back down.

We need to show just how many people oppose this thing if we’re going to win. Join the campaign now and forward this to everyone you know -- when we’re 50,000 strong, we’ll take our voices to Ottawa with a message Harper can’t ignore:

The treaty, known as the Canada-China Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Act (FIPPA), is a bad deal for Canada: China keeps way more exemptions for national subsidies, protects more industries from Canada's investors and it creates a secret tribunal that's unlikely to do any good for Canada if China breaks the terms of the deal -- in the last 15 years, no country has successfully sued China under one of these agreements!

This is also a desperate attempt by Harper to ramp up exploitation of our natural resources. The treaty could drastically hamper our ability to legislate to protect our environment. Big business in China has already spent $13 billion on the tar sands and want a large stake in the Northern Gateway pipeline -- and this deal could mean any attempt to stop or regulate those projects could cost billions in Canadian taxpayer dollars.

Belgium signed a similar deal with China and it’s already being sued for billions. We can make sure this doesn’t happen here. For once, Harper’s been genuinely thrown by the depth of opposition to this deal, and we have to keep up the pressure. Sign now and share with everyone:

Together, we know we can beat the worst of Harper’s brutal agenda. Last year, more than 100,000 Canadian Avaazers came together to defeat an attempt to set up a “Fox News North” and protect balanced reporting in Canada. With thousands of Canadians already speaking out against this sovereignty fire-sale to China we can stop Harper and safeguard our democracy again.

With hope,

Jeremy, Emma, Ari, Ricken, Melanie and the rest of the Avaaz team


Canada-China investment deal allows for confidential lawsuits against Canada (Toronto Star):

14 reasons why Canada-China investment deal needs more time, debate (Vancouver Observer):

'Flawed' investment treaty with China on fast track to ratification (Canadian Business):

Canadians are nervous about China trade pact. They should be (iPolitics):

China Treaty Uproar Signals Growing Rift Between Ottawa, Grassroots Conservatives (Dogwood Initiative):

Support the Avaaz Community!
We're entirely funded by donations and receive no money from governments or corporations. Our dedicated team ensures even the smallest contributions go a long way. is a 17-million-person global campaign network
that works to ensure that the views and values of the world's people shape global decision-making. ("Avaaz" means "voice" or "song" in many languages.) Avaaz members live in every nation of the world; our team is spread across 19 countries on 6 continents and operates in 14 languages. Learn about some of Avaaz's biggest campaigns here, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

2MIN News November 29, 2012

Astrology Forecast for November 28, 2012

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

James Gilliland of ECETI Ranch! 11/27 by Starseed Radio Academy | Blog Talk Radio

James Gilliland of ECETI Ranch! 11/27 by Starseed Radio Academy | Blog Talk Radio
I had a listen in to this show yesterday and I must say it is always so refreshing to hear James Gilliland speak about our planet, the star beings and other fascinating world issues. He is such a grounded man , with so much awareness and positivity. Have a listen in if you want to. Cheers

Together in the Heart

ICT Tibet Update
Navi PillayUN Rights Commissioner makes strong first statement on Tibet
UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay urged the Chinese government to immediately address the long-standing Tibetan grievances that have led to an escalation in protests and 62 self-immolations. Continue reading. . .

TSG MeetingICT staff Vincent Metten and Todd Stein along with Australia Tibet Council Executive Officer Paul Bourke present at the Special International Tibet Support Groups Meeting in Dharamsala, India.

Dalai LamaHis Holiness the Dalai Lama on Tibet self-immolations
Speaking to Doordarshan TV in Kerala, South India His holiness made clear he sees the Tibetan self-immolations as a symptom of problems that Tibetans did not create. He repeated his appeal for Chinese Authorities to investigate why the self-immolations are taking place, saying, “As Deng Xiaoping said, ‘Seek truth from facts’ and act accordingly. What’s happening is very sad; it brings tears to my eyes. People are not doing this because they are drunk or have family problems, but because they live in constant fear.” Continue reading. . .

Kunchok TseringFour Tibetan self-immolations in two days; Total reaches 85 inside Tibet
Four more Tibetans, including a nun, have self-immolated in protest against Chinese rule. Continue reading. . .

* Reports are coming from Kirti monks-in-exile that an 86th self-immolation occurred November 27, 2012.

Thousands of Tibetans mobilize in reaction to self-immolations despite security build up
Thousands of Tibetans gathered in Dowa township in Rebkong county, to say prayers for Nyangchag Bum, one of two Tibetans who self-immolated and died that day. Continue reading. . .

For the most up to date information about all the self-immolations inside Tibet please visit our fact sheet on >>

U.S. Under Secretary of State Otero calls on Nepal Prime Minister
U.S. Under-Secretary for Democracy and Global Affairs Maria Otero expressed concerns over Nepal’s current political situation, and also about Bhutanese and Tibetan refugees. Continue reading. . .

State Department Daily Briefing
The spokesperson for the US Department of State was asked if the State Department has brought up the issue of Tibetan self-immolations with the Chinese. Ms. Nuland said, “We regularly raise our concern about the Tibetan self-immolations with Chinese authorities … I think we’ve been clear for decades about our commitment to human rights in Tibet, that we want to see China address the underlying problems there, … and our grave concern about the fact that people would feel so desperate as to resort to self-immolation.” Continue reading. . .

China’s new leadership and Tibet
The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) announced its new ‘Fifth Generation’ leadership on November 15, with Xi Jinping appointed as Party Secretary and head of the CCP Central Military Commission in a once-in-a-decade leadership transition. Continue reading. . .
Please join the conversation and stay updated by subscribing to the ICT blog's RSS feed.
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»China's 18th Party Congress and Tibet
By: Bhuchung Tsering

»What does the election mean for Tibet?
By: Todd Stein

Visualizing Impermanence
A Sand Mandala Installation by Artist-In-Residence, Karma Sonam - Washington, DC
Karma is a highly trained ritual artist and former Buddhist monk. He will be creating a sand mandala at Art Works’ gallery project, art matters. You’re invited to come learn from him and try your own hand at sand mandala creating.

Installation Hours
NOV 28 :: 1-3pm
NOV 30 :: 5:30-6:30pm
Closing Reception
DEC 1 :: 5-7pm
More information >>

DEC 10
Flame of Truth - NYC

The Tibetan community and supporters will gather at the Chinese Consulate and march to the United Nation's Headquarters in New York City.
More information >>

The Dream of the Turquoise Bee: A Mystery Set in Tibet
By Dianne Aigaki
The Dream of the Turquoise Bee
Dianne is donating 10% of the royalties from sales of her novel to projects that benefit those living on the Tibetan Plateau as well as Tibetan refugees the world over. ICT thanks Dianne for making us the first recipient of these funds for book sales thru January 2013.

Buy it now >>

Support ICT
iGive is an organization that arranges for a percentage of your purchases at hundreds of online retailers to come to ICT- and it is completely free to you! Registration is quick and easy, so please sign up to support ICT today!

2013 CalendarThe International Campaign for Tibet’s 2013 wall calendar, Tibet: Lhasa and Beyond, takes readers from town to town, offering them a chance to get to know these places and the Tibetans who call them home. Each month features a different hometown, highlighting the significance of the area and juxtaposing it with Tibetans’ political turmoil.

We hope that this tour will encourage you to support the Tibetan people in their struggle to live freely as Tibetans in Tibet.

The calendar is $13.99 plus shipping and handling. Available online at

The Tibet Update eNewsletter is a bimonthly summary of news and governmental actions related to Tibet. Past issues in PDF format are located at

2MIN News November 28, 2012: Lunar Eclipse

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Unis’tot’en Oppose Pipeline

Bangladesh Factory Fire~Wal-Mart connection


Last week, a fire tore through a garment factory in Bangladesh. With the emergency exits locked or blocked, hundreds of workers -- mostly women -- were trapped inside the nine-story factory. 112 people were killed.

And in the ashes of the fire, a local community leader discovered the burned labels of Walmart-brand clothes.

Walmart is claiming it has no responsibility for the deaths, even though it was purchasing garments made in the very factory that burned down. Worse, Walmart knew the risk to workers. Inspectors working for Walmart gave the factory “high risk” and “medium risk” safety ratings just last year, and this year’s follow-up report was never performed.

Tell Walmart it must join an independent fire safety inspection program supported by Bangladeshi and international labour unions, to prevent tragedies like this.

Thank you

AC TAH Energetic Vibrations

Dutch Sinse on Haarp post

Dogwood Initiative
Mayday, Mayday, Mayday, this is Enbridge Valdez. We’re foundering in heavy seas seven nautical miles off Triangle Island … drifting

Linda, imagine hearing those words over the marineband radio. There’s a 100-knot winter blow and a rising tide flooding down both sides of Vancouver Island. The hulking oil tanker is 15 times the size of an Alaskan cruise ship and carrying more than 300 million litres of crude oil … where would that oil go?

Within 12 hours, B.C. as we know it would no longer exist. We’re not talking Gulf of Mexico invisible death. We are talking a horror show that would last for a generation or more. Something we failed to prevent. Something our kids and grandkids would have to live with. A 1,000-kilometre dead zone in the heart of our home.

It’s too awful to imagine, isn’t it? Thankfully, thousands of people just like you have come together this year to help prevent this scenario from ever coming true. With your help, we’ve accomplished so much, but our job won’t be done until B.C.’s coast is permanently protected from oil tanker expansion.

We need to raise $150,000 by Dec. 31 to keep standing up for B.C.’s coast. Will you give $50, $100 or even $250 today so we can kill these reckless proposals once and for all?

We have a game plan to elect a provincial government in 2013 that formally opposes the expansion of oil tanker traffic on B.C.’s coast, but this is going to take an exponential effort in the next six months before May’s election.

Please give $50 or more today so we can continue to strengthen the No Tankers movement into a political force that can’t be denied.

To do so, we need to apply pressure to all political parties and target key voters in critical places before May’s provincial election.

As the year winds down, please give what you can to help build the kind of world we can all be proud of.

For our coast,

Eric, Emma, Karl, Lyndsey, Celine and Ben on behalf of the Dogwood team

P.S. Imagine being able to tell your grandchildren that when B.C.’s coast was under threat, you stood up to stop the madness. That will be a proud moment. Please go the extra mile when donating today.

Wake Up Ottawa!

Dear Linda,
The Calgary Centre by-election is going to be close, and it could send a shockwave through Ottawa.

spread the word in Calgary about the secretive and extreme Canada-China FIPA before Monday's election.

Please forward this message to everyone you know in Calgary to tell them that the race is close and their vote really matters.
Something really interesting is happening. As you may know, there is a federal by-election on Monday to replace a Conservative MP in Calgary Centre, and the race is amazingly close. Recent polls show a huge drop in support for the Conservative Party in Calgary Centre: down from nearly 60% in last year’s election, to 32-35% now, with just days left before the vote.

If Calgary defies the national media’s expectations and elects a progressive candidate for the first time since 1968, it will send a shockwave through Ottawa, and give the Conservative Party a powerful wake up call that their most controversial actions - like trying to sneak the secretive and extreme Canada-China FIPA trade deal past Canadians - have real political consequences.

Thanks to you, the Canada-China FIPA has stalled and now we need to turn up the pressure to stop this bad trade deal for good. The whole country is watching Calgary’s by-election, and even a close outcome in this riding could wake this government up, and make it realize that it has to listen more closely to Canadians or lose crucial support.

Widespread public opposition to the Canada-China FIPA has united Canadians across the political spectrum and shaken the Harper Conservatives, delayed their plans, and put them on the defensive. Now, we need your help for a major people-powered outreach campaign to spread the word about the secretive and extreme Canada-China FIPA in Calgary Centre before the amazingly close by-election race ends on Monday.

Can you help? Who do you know in Calgary?

1. Forward this message to anyone you know in Calgary so they know that their vote could make a huge difference in this by-election.

2. Forward this message to friends in Calgary who might be interested in joining our on-the-ground outreach network to spread posters and flyers by signing up at

3. Help spread the word online - click here to share this image on facebook

Share this image:

Thank you for all you do.

With hope and respect,

Jamie, Julia, Matthew, Heather, Emma, Nadia, Patricia and Jen on behalf of the team

P.S. Did someone pass on this message? Want to get started right now? Here are the links to download our flyers and poster - Just print out a few copies. Put the posters up around town, or drop the flyers through mailboxes on your street. Even if you can only spare half an hour, it all helps.

Download Flyers:
Download Poster: is an independent community that brings Canadians together to hold government accountable, deepen our democracy and take action for the common good.
Please support the community! We're funded by people like you, and our small team and growing community make sure your donation goes a long way. Every dollar helps. You can donate online at

3MIN News November 27, 2012: What Could Disappear?

Monday, 26 November 2012

The Weather Modification and Geoengineering Industry Exposed!

Thanks Liz for forwarding this clip about geoengineering. More information for those who don't know about geo engineering and controlling the weather.

Mayan explanation of what will happen on 21st December 2012

Non-Duality and the Matrix of Creation ~Tom Kenyon~Hathors

A Hathor Planetary Message
Through Tom Kenyon

Non-Duality and the Matrix of Creation

A Hathor Planetary Message through Tom Kenyon

In this message we wish to address the paradox of how you create positive outcomes that unfold in time and space from non-dual states of consciousness, which by their very nature transcend both time and space as you perceive them.

Non-dual states of consciousness, which we call the Mother of All Things (i.e., the Void), are the wellspring and the source of manifest reality. We have found that using non-dual states of consciousness as a springboard to create positive outcomes generates more masterful creations.

One of the paradoxes involved in the perception of non-dual states is the fact that you perceive these states via your nervous system, which is firmly rooted in duality. Indeed as you read these words, or hear them spoken, the bioelectric fluctuations in your brain and nervous system operate from a dualistic template.

As nerve impulses pass through your neurons, the minute biochemical and electrical events responsible for thought and mental/emotional impressions co-exist in a dynamic dualistic matrix. Yet non-duality, itself, exists outside the dualistic reality of your nervous system.

In functional terms you enter into an awareness of non-duality when your brain/mind enters a higher dimensional trance state of consciousness. In this unique trance state, there is a conduit, or shift in awareness, through which you can experience your own non-dual nature.

In more advanced states of consciousness you can operate in both relative sensory experience and non-dual experience simultaneously. In other words, you can experience the sensory world with its multiple complex duality at the same time you experience the deep calmness and centeredness of your non-dual nature.

But this is a very advanced brain skill and most people, as they approach this territory of the body and mind, tend to operate in one or the other. If you are already operating in an advanced state of consciousness and are able to operate in both duality (i.e., your embodied life) and non-duality (i.e., non-localized awareness), then you can skip over this next section and jump ahead to the section we will call “The Paradox of Creating.”

The Aethos

We introduced the Aethos in our previous message because the vibratory nature of the sound patterns in the Aethos Sound Meditation allow most individuals to access non-dual states of consciousness.

When you work with the Aethos Sound Meditation or make direct contact with the Aethos, it is important to understand that your consciousness and the Aethos oscillate at different frequency domains. For most persons, currently embodied, the Aethos is a very high level frequency, and as a result it can sometimes stimulate a clearing or purification of lower frequency emotional material. You simply have to learn to pace yourself with the Sound Meditation, which is why we suggest you work with the five-minute version until you clearly understand the passages through your own consciousness that the Aethos produces.

As you continue to work with the Aethos Sound Meditation it will eventually lead you into a higher dimensional trance state of consciousness in which you can catch glimpses of your own non-dual reality.

Then as you work with it further you will be able to remain in non-dual states of consciousness for longer sustained periods. When you have attained this level of mastery working with the Aethos directly and/or the Aethos Sound Meditation, you are ready to use it as a springboard into manifesting positive outcomes.

Your neuroscience views trance states differently than we do. For us not all trance states of consciousness are the same. Higher dimensional trance states are not simply expressions of brain function; they are an inherent human ability that allows you to enter a conduit that connects you to other aspects of your being, which are outside the constraints of perceived time and space.

In other words, when you enter a higher dimensional trance state, you functionally transcend aspects of neurological activity within your nervous system. While your brain/mind is still bound by the neurological realities of your nervous system, an aspect of your consciousness is no longer bound by these limitations. We call this the conduit, and in some ways it is a metaphor while in other ways it is an apt description, because it is much like a wormhole that connects you to vaster aspects of your nature.

When you listen to the Aethos Sound Meditation you are connecting with this conduit. One of the signs that you have entered this channel that leads outside time and space is the sensation of suspension. It is as if you are somehow separated from your sensory experiences and from your own mental and emotional processes—you are still aware of them, but you are not identified with them. While this is sometimes referred to as dissociation, in the context of higher vibrational energies, this state of mind leads you to the conduit, the channel through which you can enter into a more expanded sense of yourself that is transcendent to time and space.

Essentially, the task of creating positive outcomes involves stepping outside the box of perception, the limitations of belief that led you to conclude you are trapped in a linear flow of time.

This perception of time may be true for your physical body at your current level of evolution, but it is not true for your consciousness. All that needs to take place is for you to find the conduit, or the channel, that leads to an expanded state of awareness and being. From this standpoint, the Aethos Sound Meditation is a means to generate a higher dimensional trance state of consciousness, thereby giving you access to the conduit or the channel.

We suggest you work with the Aethos Sound Meditation in five-minute increments so that you can experience this trance state of consciousness for yourself. Entering into a trance state is a brain skill, and like all skills some individuals are more adept at it than others. However, all persons can develop this skill.

When you have certainty that you can enter into this trance state of consciousness, and when you know how to enter the conduit, you are ready for a deeper level of manifestation.

It is here at this threshold, between confined time and space and an expanded sense of yourself, transcendent to time and space, that the magic begins.

It is also here, at this threshold that an odd paradox appears.

The Paradox of Creating

You may have entered the threshold for the purposes of creating a specific outcome, but as you enter the more expanded states of your being the need to manifest specific outcomes becomes less urgent. Indeed, in the most expanded states of consciousness there is barely any volition at all to create anything. This is because in the most expanded states of your being you are in touch with your own nature, which is transcendent to all phenomena, and in this state of mind you have no need of anything.

The paradox is that you live in both realities—the transcendent reality of your own nature, which needs nothing and your embodied existence as a human being that may, indeed, need certain outcomes to occur.

It is here that another paradox appears. If you are able to create an outcome with true detachment, meaning from the fullest felt-sense of your transcendent nature, your most expanded sense of being, you will be more masterful at creating specific outcomes.

This is due to the fact that in expanded states of being you do not create tension. Tension creates lines of force that constrain your creations. And yet if it is something that you feel you truly need, there will naturally be tension around it. This is only human. But here is the rub and one of the secrets. Even if you are in dire need of something to occur in your life in your timeline, you will be more likely to experience it through the act of creating outcomes if you enter into the feeling that you need nothing to occur. This is a strange paradox indeed.

We realize that some of you reading this have attained a high level of self-awareness, and you may have already discovered the kernel of this truth, the heart of the matter regarding non-duality and the art of creating outcomes.

When you are in the center point of awareness (i.e., non-duality) there is wisdom in waiting before creating specific outcomes. We spoke about this in another context within a previous message we called Transition States of Consciousness.

In that message we were addressing what it is like to be in the Void after death and pointed out that many people become uncomfortable with waiting and rush out of the Void, or non-duality, into creating a new life, be it a physical life or an experience in another dimension.

We are speaking here to two very different experiences, yet strangely similar. After death, in the transition states, when you make contact with the Void, or non-duality, there are many choices. One option is to rush into a new life or a new manifestation, be it in the physical realm or some other realm of consciousness. Another option is to wait, remaining in the Void, or non-duality, to get an expanded sense of yourself before moving into a new cycle of existence.

There is a resonance between this after-death state and the state of needing an outcome to occur. We suggest that instead of rushing in to create new outcomes you learn how to enter through the conduit into the expanded states of your being and in these expanded states you contemplate, as it were, your desired outcome.

Don’t rush into manifesting but reside in this expanded state for a while. When you are in these expanded states of being you will perceive how your desired outcome holds itself in energetic relationship with unseen forces and the situations in your life where you wish the outcome to appear. In other words there is wisdom in passing through the conduit, into states of mind that transcend time and space, and in these expanded states you will have a deeper insight and understanding regarding what needs to occur in order for your desired outcome to emerge as a reality.

Another reason to enter the conduit and the expanded states of your being as a strategy for manifesting involves the polarity of opposites. Since your outcome will manifest in the world of duality it is subject to the principal of polarity. There is always a counter-force to any action that is taken and the more radical the change the more powerful the counter-force.

You can see this principal operating at all levels from the subatomic realms into personal creations, interactions with others and in social and cultural situations. If you enter into the expanded nature of your being that is transcendent to time and space and you reside there contemplating your desired outcome you will, as we said earlier, understand the energetic nature of your desired outcome and its relationship to the situations in your life where you wish the outcome to manifest.

Furthermore, you can contemplate the counter-reactions that will occur as your outcome moves into 3D reality. You will gain a greater insight and understanding about the consequences of bringing this desire into manifestation, and with this deeper insight you can, more gracefully, avoid the counter-forces that will arise around the manifestation of any outcome.

In our message The Sphere of All Possibilities, we presented a method for manifesting outcomes in your life and how you can draw to yourself forces and resources that reside outside your timeline.

In our last message, The Aethos and Non-Dual States of Consciousness, we discussed the resources of non-duality, and we disclosed how to enter into an awareness of non-duality using the Aethos as a bridge.

In this communication we are bridging the two messages together in order to create positive outcomes by using non-duality as your springboard. Therefore in order to make the greatest use of this information you need to read and understand the previous two messages. You should work with The Sphere of All Possibilities as it was described and work with The Aethos Sound Meditation as was suggested in The Aethos and Non-dual States of Consciousness. When you have accomplished these two tasks you are ready to apply the third force, which is the union of the two to produce a triune force.

Once you have learned how to engage the Sphere, and once you have learned how to enter the conduit that leads to expanded states of being through the Aethos Sound Meditation, you are ready for this level of creation.

Let us be straightforward and simple in our description.

Step One.
In this application you first enter into non-duality. If you do not require the Aethos Sound Meditation then you do not need it. If you need the Sound Mediation as an energetic ally then you should use it. But, however you arrive at the destination, the goal is the same—to enter through the conduit into a higher dimensional trance state of consciousness whereby you experience expanded states of your being.

Step Two.
Engage the Sphere as it was described in our previous message (The Sphere of All Possibilities). This is the short version, but we strongly recommend you read the whole message.

Remaining in the expanded sense of your being you become aware of your solar plexus. Then you get a sense of the Sphere, which enfolds the entire universe. Then you imagine your Future Self in front of you.

This Future Self is the embodiment of the future outcome you desire. Once you establish the link between your solar plexus and the solar plexus of your Future Self, the Sphere is engaged and lines of energetic force will flow to your solar plexus from the Sphere and these energetic resources will flow from your solar plexus to the solar plexus of your Future Self.

It is at this juncture that you are ready for the next step, which greatly enhances and accelerates the creation process. We mentioned it briefly in the message The Sphere Of All Possibilities but we wish to go into it more deeply here. The application of this emotional force is one of the keys to manifesting positive outcomes, and it is to this that we wish to turn out attention now.

Step Three.
Gratitude and the Engineering of New Realities

In our understanding of creating outcomes there are three harmonics that can be applied to the task. The first is neutrality, and it is indeed possible to create outcomes from a completely mental space without any emotional tonality.

However, as a human being, one of your greatest unclaimed powers is the ability of your heart to produce harmonic fields. These are real forces that affect the realities of your own body-mind system, the realities of the local environment around you, and the localized quantum field.

The two primary emotional vibrational fields used for creating outcomes are diametrically opposed to each other. This is, again, the principal of duality in action.

The first emotional harmonic is fear. It is indeed possible to create outcomes out of a fear-based understanding, and much of your cultural-social creations are based upon the fear of other cultures and other societies. Your weapons of war are a perfect example. They are created out of fear.

We are not saying there is no reason to fear certain types of encounters or situations. We are saying, however, that outcomes created out of a fear-based understanding are very different from those that are created out of love.

This brings us to the second emotional vibrational field, what you would call impersonal love. This has nothing to do with the love attraction between people. It is a different category altogether, and it is the expression of an evolved heart, which vibrates in resonance with the greater field of impersonal love that is part and parcel of the unseen forces that move through your universe. In functional terms, if you create outcomes from the vibrational place of love you bring to yourself unseen forces within the universe itself. As we view it, the universe in which you live is a conglomeration of the three vibrational fields—neutrality, fear, and/or love. This is a very complex topic and one that we do not have time to explore in this message.

The Tethers

When you apply emotional vibrational fields to your creations you create a real bolus of energy from your heart. This is not a mental phenomenon; it is a real energy, a waveform that moves outward from your heart, both your physical heart and your heart chakra, through your entire body and into the local environment.

This emotional harmonic creates a type of energetic tether that literally affects the expression of your intent by shaping the waveforms of intention through the vibrational quality of your primary emotion—fear or love.

In our method of creating positive outcomes we never use fear. We always use love. This is simply a pragmatic choice. From time immemorial we have discovered that love is the higher power, leading to more positive outcomes.

In practical terms after you have created your Future Self, you move into Step Three, which involves adding the emotional vibration of love, which will be experienced as appreciation or gratitude.

Gratitude is simply an amplified form of appreciation. If you experience the emotion of gratitude or appreciation for your Future Self, you will magnetize it with the powers of your heart, and your Future Self’s powers as a magnetic attractor increase exponentially.

Your Future Self then becomes a magnetic attractor that draws into your current timeline resources and energies from the cosmos that lie outside your timeline.

Anything you can do to increase the power of the magnetic attractor will be a good thing, and in our experience the most efficient and effective way to increase the powers of your magnetic attractor is to apply the emotional vibrational field of gratitude. When you amplify your magnetic attractor, i.e. your Future Self, through the application of gratitude, you will accelerate the rate at which your magnetic attractor draws that reality to you. Indeed, it is so effective you can expect unexpected episodes of serendipity to increase. We cannot emphasize this final stage strong enough.

Let us return once again to the transition phase that we mentioned earlier. This phase occurs after you have entered the higher dimensional trance state and entered the conduit into an expanded sense of yourself that transcends time and space.

In this expanded state of awareness take time to contemplate your desired outcome. Not only will you be able to understand the implications of this outcome as it enters 3D reality, you can explore the fruition of that outcome. In many instances you can explore the reality of having your desired outcome without actually creating it in 3D.

We are sharing this information because from our perspective unfulfilled desires often lead a human being back into another life, the cycle of life and death.

It may be that in your current circumstances you cannot experience certain outcomes or desires, but you can experience these in the expanded states of being outside of time and space. By exploring in detail your desired outcome in these expanded states you will arrive to the conclusion that “yes” you wish to bring this desire into your 3D life or perhaps you no longer have a need to manifest that outcome. There is power in choice making, and the deeper your insight, the more profound your choices will be.

So we encourage you to enter through the conduit into your expanded nature that transcends time and space for the purposes of contemplation. Contemplate before acting. This pause will serve you greatly.

As a creator being there is wisdom in waiting, and in that waiting you will know when the time is “right” and the circumstances are “right” for your desired outcome to appear within your timeline. It is our hope, our desire, and our expectation that you will use this method to create positive outcomes for yourself, for your loved ones, and for the world.

This message completes our current communication regarding The Sphere of All Possibilities and the Aethos (Non-dual States of Consciousness) as a means to create positive outcomes in your life.

The Hathors
November 15, 2012

Tom’s Thoughts and Observations

One of the things that immediately struck me in this message was the concept of higher dimensional trance states.

A trance state occurs when brain wave activity alters in such a way that there is an increase of theta and/or delta activity, and the focus of attention shifts so that there is less attention on the outer sensory world and more on the inner worlds of perception.

As an Ericksonian Medical Hypnosis practitioner for over twenty years, I have used trance states many times to assist my clients (and myself) to attain more resourceful states of awareness.

The fluidity of awareness that occurs during trance often accesses unusual states of body and mind. And I have found that these non-ordinary insights and energies can be richly rewarding when successfully integrated into one’s life. The operative phrase here is—when successfully integrated into one’s life.

One phenomenon of trance states is what might be called the misappropriation of time, meaning that we track time differently in trance states than in normal waking.

Meditation generates trance states of mind, so if you have meditated a lot you have probably stumbled upon instances where clock time seemed slower or faster than your subjective experience of time. Indeed in trance states of mind, such as meditation, time can take on mythic proportions whereby you might very well experience the birth and death of the cosmos or transcend the perception of time altogether.

This alteration of perceived time is fairly common when it comes to trance. However, the Hathors are quite insistent that trance states are not all the same. When a trance is generated by, or for, the purpose of entering states of being that are transcendent to perceived time and space, we have entered another domain.

While neurological activity in the brain (i.e., the alteration of brain state) is quite similar in both normal trance states and higher dimensional trance states, according to the Hathors, there is a significant difference.

In higher dimensional trance states, you are led to very expanded states of being that, by their very nature, transcend both time and space. It is in the expanded non-localized sense of yourself that the magic of manifesting enters a higher order of expression.

The Aethos Sound Meditation is an acoustic method for entering into higher dimensional trance states. And I must say that I find it highly effective to this end.

As the Hathors point out, however, this sound meditation is just a means to an end. Entering non-dual states of mind is what is important here, not how you get there.

According to the Hathors, non-dual states of consciousness can be used very effectively as springboards into creating positive outcomes. And this is what the bulk of this message is about.


The Hathors did not define the concept of non-duality since they addressed it in their previous message (The Aethos and Non-dual States of Consciousness). In its simplest form, non-duality is a state of awareness in which the differentiation between subject and object disappears. There is no you (the one who perceives) separate from that which is perceived. This is a highly unusual state of awareness, and when you enter deeply into it, your sense of self shifts so that you become, for all intents and purposes, pure consciousness aware only of itself—without any trace of bodily or sensory awareness.

In some western mystical traditions this transcendent state is sometimes referenced by the enigmatic phrase I Am That I Am. In normal waking states of consciousness, in which the subject (you) and the object are clearly perceived as distinctly different, this statement seems odd to say the least. However, in states of mystical contemplation it is self-apparent and accurately describes the sense of Self that arises in non-duality.

While the method for entering into non-duality via the Aethos may be exclusive to the Hathors, the idea of non-duality and its importance is certainly not uniquely Hathorian. Perennial philosophies such as those of ancient India, Taoism and Buddhism, including the Dozgchen lineage of Tibetan Buddhism, as well as the Bon Po, a shamanic lineage that predates Buddhism in Tibet, all speak about this territory of the mind, albeit in different language.

The Conduit

The conduit that the Hathors refer to over and over again as the threshold from normal 3D awareness to an expanded non-localized sense of self is more of a metaphor to describe a shift in consciousness.

I have been using the method for many months now, and I never experienced a true conduit or tunnel leading me to expanded states of being. But after working with the method they imparted in this message, I now sometimes experience instances when the shift from normal 3D awareness to non-localized awareness does, in fact, seem to take the form of a wormhole. I find it interesting that I did not experience the shift as a conduit or wormhole before the Hathors described it this way.

The bottom line here is that you might or might not experience a conduit or channel/tunnel leading you into expanded states of your being when you engage the method. How you get there is not as important as arriving at the destination, so my suggestion is to go with how the shift appears to you—with or without a true conduit.

The Aethos Sound Meditation

Having worked with the Aethos Sound Meditation on many occasions and in many forms over the last several months, I think it important to underline one of the Hathors’ comments in this message:

For most persons currently embodied the Aethos is a very high level frequency, and as a result it can sometimes stimulate a clearing or purification of lower frequency emotional material. You simply have to learn to pace yourself with the Sound Meditation, which is why we suggest you work with the five-minute version until you clearly understand the passages through your own consciousness that the Aethos produces.

I second the Hathors’ comment here. The Aethos Sound Meditation is a powerful evolutionary catalyst that opens the doorways of perception to expanded states of being, including non-dual states of consciousness. Depending upon your history and your current vibratory level, however, the journey to non-duality may be a protracted one, or not. The guideline here is to listen to the sound meditation within the confines of your comfort zone, which is why they suggest listening to it in five-minute increments until you understand how this sound meditation affects you.

Note: You will find links to the Aethos Sound Meditation located at the end of the Hathors’ Planetary Message entitled, The Aethos and Non-dual States of Consciousness, and in the Listening section of our web site.

Final Thoughts

Shifting focus for a moment, I wish to thank all of you in our world sangha (our spiritual community) who have joined the Hathors in their World Meditations over these many years. The union of our hearts and minds in planetary service has been inspiring to say the least.

I also wish to recognize the many translators who have given their valuable time to translate the Hathor messages into their native language. This has been, and is, truly a labor of love on your part, and I wish to acknowledge you for your work and to thank you for your continued efforts.

May all of us find gracious passage through the Great Shift that is upon us. May we witness in ourselves, and those around us, the arising of courage to live life in new ways. May we be enriched by the mystery of serendipity, where unexpected miracles abound. May we never lose our sense of humor, for sometimes this will be our greatest ally. And may we be blessed by the realization that we are who we have been waiting for, put out the welcome mat and set a place for ourselves at the table of the Great Mystery.

©2012 Tom Kenyon All Rights Reserved
You may make copies of this message and distribute it in any media you wish so long as you do not charge for it, do not alter it in any way, credit the author and include this entire copyright notice.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

3MIN News November 24, 2012: Solar Eruption & CME Impact

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Right now, Uganda is in political turmoil -- missing millions of aid money has embroiled the Parliament in scandal. This upheaval has provided religious extremists in Parliament the perfect chance to slip in the shelved anti-gay bill, calling it a "Christmas gift" to Ugandans.

President Museveni backed away from this bill before, after international pressure threatened Uganda's support. Let's build a million strong petition to stop the horrific anti-gay law again, and save lives. We only have hours -- sign below, then tell friends and family:

Last time, our international petition condemning the gay death penalty law was delivered to Parliament – spurring a global news story and enough pressure to block the bill for months. When a tabloid newspaper published 100 names, pictures and addresses, of suspected gays and those identified were threatened, Avaaz supported a legal case against the paper and we won! Together we have stood up, time and time again, for Uganda’s gay community -- now they need us more than ever.

With hope and determination,

Emma, Iain, Alice, Luis, Ricken, Joseph, Michelle and the whole Avaaz team


Kadaga wants anti-gay Bill tabled (Daily Monitor)

Ugandan Parliament to debate anti-gay bill (AFP)

Order paper Tuesday 20th November 2012 (Parliament of Uganda)

Pulling Out All the Stops to Push an Antigay Bill (New York Times)

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