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Friday, 30 August 2013

Major Quake in Aleutian Islands (Alaska)

Explosion On the Sun Rocks the Earth and Mars.

Thanks Liz!

Help Stop Coal port expansion in Vancouver BC

inda Buffy

Picture of Laura Benson, Dogwood Initiative
Dogwood Initiative

We’re writing today about an urgent issue that has been slipping beneath the radar.

A recent poll revealed that while 96 per cent of British Columbians are aware of Enbridge’s oil and pipeline proposal, only 49 per cent have heard of the Fraser Surrey Docks proposal to export U.S. coal to Asia.

If this coal export project goes ahead, Vancouver will become the largest exporter of coal in North America. Port Metro Vancouver could make its decision any day now. We need to speak up now to help stop this from happening.

Sign our new petition to stop coal port expansion today.

Why is this proposal so concerning? Because coal is a toxic product. Its mining, transport and combustion create grave risks to human health and to the quality of life in communities surrounding mines, rail lines, port facilities and power plants.

As if that’s not bad enough, burning coal has been identified as the single largest cause of global warming.

Port Metro Vancouver is used to making its decisions behind closed-doors. By signing the petition today, you can indicate your opposition to a dramatic increase in coal exports and let the port know the public is watching.

This may seem like an uphill battle right now, but we’re reminded of what it was like in 2007 when we launched our No Tankers campaign. Back then, few people had ever heard of plans to bring hundreds of oil tankers to our inside coastal waters — and now it’s one of the hottest political issues in the country.

We know we can fight massive coal export expansion – but we can’t do it without you. Sign the petition today.

An ever-growing number of residents, neighbourhood groups, non-profit organizations and municipal governments are standing up against U.S. coal export expansion in B.C. and our goal is to reach 5,000 coal petition signatures by Sept. 7th. Please stand with us by signing the new coal petition now.

The chief medical officers of Vancouver Coastal Health, Fraser Health and the province of British Columbia have called on Port Metro Vancouver and Fraser Surrey Docks to conduct a full Health Impact Assessment to fully analyze all potential risks to the public ahead of any decision, but so far the port has not agreed to conduct one — if you think it’s unacceptable for projects like these to go ahead without adequate oversight, please sign the petition now.

Why the rush to get U.S. coal to Asia through B.C. ports? In July 2013, the World Bank announced it would stop financing the construction of coal-fired power plants in developing countries due to global warming impacts. Coal companies are desperate to get their product to Asian markets before it’s too late.

Both Oregon and Washington states have so far fended off coal port proposals amid widespread public concerns about health risks and pollution, but Port Metro Vancouver has been able to quietly expand its capacity to ship the U.S.’ unwanted coal through our province.

Port Metro Vancouver is slowly being forced out of the shadows and the momentum against coal exports is building, but we need to firmly place this issue in the spotlight. Please, sign the petition now.

Thanks for taking action today,

Laura, on behalf of the coal team

P.S. Port Metro Vancouver is expected to make its decision any day now. We need your support today. Please stand with us by signing the new coal petition.

I Have a Dream

Fracking Earthquake Research 101 -- How to determine the nearest injecti...

Space Weather News for August 30, 2013

MAJOR FIREBALL EVENT: Two nights ago, a ~100 lb meteoroid traveling 53,000 mph hit the atmosphere over the southeastern USA and exploded, producing sonic booms and a fireball as bright as a full Moon. Researchers are now scouring the countryside for fragments that could reveal the nature and origin of the meteoroid. A movie, more information, and updates are available on

WEEKEND AURORA WATCH: A solar wind stream is expected to hit Earth's magnetic field on August 30-31. The impact could produce minor geomagnetic storms and auroras at high latitudes. Geomagnetic storm alerts are available from (text) and (voice).

You are subscribed to the Space Weather mailing list, a free service of .

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Lou Reed - Walk On The Wild Side

Oh how I recall this tune and how it affected my life one night and a decision that I made that night. I was 20, living in my hometown, and my boyfriend at the time cheated on me one weekend. I was heartsick and decided to visit Vancouver where my biological father and wife lived. One night, at a club in New Westminster, out with my new friends Valerie and her guitarist cousin Orlando, I was walking to the bathroom. I recall exactly what I was wearing, a long blue jean skirt, with a cranberry and gold glitter top that kinda tied around the neck with a low back.  As I walked by a table full of patrons in the club, one voice loudly called out to me, Hey Babe , take a walk on the wild side. Well that got to me, like a golden chord of truth, and so when I went back east , I gave notice to my apt. pals and packed up a trunk of stuff and headed back out to the west coast. And so yes, that was the beginning of my being a west coaster. And that was about 40 years ago now. And I still love the west coast though I am inland these days. And thank you to Lou Reed for that long ago inspiration.

Grinderman - Star Charmer *Now Available on Itunes

LOOK UP New Documentary Part 1 Chemtrails,Geo Engineering,SRM, & Weather...

Astrology Forecast for August 28, 2013

Lie to Me~Chris Isaak

Ah then, one of my fave singers from California here. I used to hop in my car and drive 3 hours to go to the city (San Francisco) to hear Chris and his band perform(.I am hoping to spend one day in the city in October when we are there on our way to Nevada City.) Oh Lord, it was always a hot show with a full crowd of patrons. Chris is amazing and I will always cherish my California driver's licence which he signed on the back "Let this Baby Speed. " I still have that licence ....
It was my neighbour's oldest son David Hilley, aka Opie  , red haired and sporting high tops who came to visit his folks from Alaska who turned me on to Chris Isaak. We met at the pub I worked at and I showed him around town/ didn't know he was my neighbour's son when he asked me out. Rather handy though as all he had to to was hop the fence to come for me. We had a great time out on the town of Nevada City California, and later we met up in my hometown of St.Catharines and journeyed out to the east coast of Canada, riding on trains and hitchiking all around P.E.I. and Nova Scotia and finally NFLD. We were on the same boat going over the ocean to NFLD. with Stompin' Tom Conners and his wife and so we went and heard him perform . It was a magical trip and a magical time. Opie was a fisher man so we tossed a coin , to see if we were going to the east coast of Canada or Ireland. The east coast won out and I am glad that we got there as I loved Newfoundland. So there is a tale from my memory lane. Thanks Opie for turning me on to Chris! Wherever  you are ...............

On the Tip of the Edge of a Miracle~Dennison & Teddi Tsosie



Dreams, Visions and Prophecies for the Future: 1996-2012
Dennison & Teddi Tsosie
Dennison Tsosie, a traditional Navajo silversmith and artist, began receiving spontaneous dreams and visions in 1986. It all began when Dennison’s wife, Teddi, placed a special crystal under their pillow. Quite dramatically, Dennison was guided into a visionary world of prophetic teachings which shed light on missing pieces of history—from a multitude of past cultures—and on our potential future.
An unsophisticated man who wasn’t interested in world events, Dennison was mystified over messages warning of earth changes, political upheavals and possibilities of war, alien abductions, and secret government cover-ups. In this second volume of visions from 1996 to 2012, Dennison was shown, ahead of time, the New York twin towers tragedy, hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, the shock and awe of Baghdad, the wars in the Middle East, the terrifying tsunami in Malaysia, the scandals in the Roman Catholic Church, the economic crises throughout the world, the Fukushima nuclear meltdown, and numerous other events.
“They kept showing me the date 2020 and they said it’s a date when the earth is natural again. It is when mankind will be living in harmony with the earth.... ‘The year 2020 is when the whole process will be complete. Then will come the Golden Age when man will live in harmony with Nature. The world you now know will be gone.’”
The message is one of hope, despite all the scenarios of economic collapse, disasters and war. Mankind collectively is on the threshold of a miracle! The opportunity comes but once every few thousand years, and it’s here again. Perhaps this time it will happen! We are told we need to be prepared on a spiritual level because the more spiritual we are, the easier the transformation will be.

We are all connected to each other and to everything else in the cosmos on an energetic level. Our collective thoughts and actions affect our reality. Change our collective consciousness and we change. Together we can open our hearts to universal love and create peace on earth.
Dennison Tsosie, a traditional Navajo silversmith and artist, did not ask to be a prophet. Neither did he think he would be a Healer or Shaman—yet that is where his life path has led him. With a humble and pure heart, Dennison’s prayers and presence are like balm to those who are sick or in need. He prays in his native tongue and lets the healing energy and words from the ancient ones flow through him. Dennison says, “It’s not me; I’m just a tool for Creator.”
Dennison and his wife, Teddi, live a normal life in a small town in the White Mountains of Arizona where there is firewood to chop and chores to do. They make their living by selling their artwork—well-known, beautifully crafted jewelry and visionary paintings.
Their first book—Spirit Visions: The Old Ones Speak—at first photocopied and given out to friends and family—has a life of its own which has taken Dennison and Teddi to meet and pray with spiritual leaders in Ecuador, Canada, and Japan.

For Credit Card On-line Orders, go to

Credit Card Orders by phone: 1-800-643-0765

20% discount for 5 or more. Please ask about additional discounts on quantity orders.
California residents add 8.125% tax.
Available from Wholesalers and Distributors: Ingram, Baker & Taylor, New Leaf, Deep Books (UK and Europe) or
Blue Dolphin Publishing / P.O. Box 8 / Nevada City, CA 95959
(800) 643-0765 / (530) 477-1503 / Fax (530) 477-8342
Also available as an E-book at (for Kindle) or from Ingram (for all other E-readers)
Print: ISBN 978-1-57733-277-0 $22.00 / E-book: ISBN 978-1-57733-450-7 $9.99

Monday, 26 August 2013

Chemtrails~The Greatest Crime of all time
This is a VERY INFORMATIVE article with lots of youtube and other links! 

I love Cows!

I love cows! And I so do not like how they are used by humans for milk production. I disdain how their babies are yanked away from the poor mommas, and killed most of the time for dog and cat food etc. The dairy industry is cruel. And I only know of one farm which is humane for dairy cows and that happens to be here in BC . So I try very hard to avoid dairy which is not always so easy. My friend Julie sent this clip today and boy, can you just see and feel how happy happy  those old cows are to be  set free! How heart warming is this clip.And kudos to the dairy farmer to let them go and not have them killed. What a great project to donate to! Our friend Geshe Lama Phelgye of Universal Compassion Movement would love this clip.

“Doctors” Behind Syrian Chemical Weapons Claims are Aiding Terrorists

“Doctors” Behind Syrian Chemical Weapons Claims are Aiding Terrorists
interesting info sent by Liz, the researcher in my life!

Geoengineering Information

World Phenomena 2013 August

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Niagara Falls

I was outside in my back yard today after the Sat. market that I vend at. I was imagining that perhaps next Sept. I may journey back to my roots, to the Niagara Region, and see some old childhood friends. I would love to go during the Grape Parade, when the harvest has happened and there is alot of celebration going on. Synchronistically, when I checked my emails, James G. had sent one of Niagara Falls. I hail from a town about 12 miles away, and I have spent many a day or night looking at the spectacular falls. So perhaps I am going next year, to my hometown! Yes, sounds like a good plan.

Some folks will evacuate if Fuki gets much worse....

The Pele Report

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Gardener Guerilla in LA.

What's in those Pipelines?

Afghan..hell for many women

Dear friends,

Afghan reactionary lawmakers are trying to pass a law to ensure that family members can never testify as witnesses. This is a green light for more women and girls to be abused at home, but some courageous politicians are fighting back and say our outcry could make the difference! Sign now to stand with Afghan women and tell everyone!
Sold into marriage at 12, Sahar Gul lived in a house of horrors. Her in-laws chained her in the basement, beat her with red hot iron pipes, starved her and pulled out all her fingernails when she refused to prostitute herself for them.

Her attackers’ sentence was reduced to a meager one year, and now they’re free again! Worse still, the Lower House of Parliament just passed a bill that would ban aggressors’ family members from testifying in court. This would prevent countless children and women from ever getting justice.

The Upper House has beaten back anti-women legislation before and high-level officials say the Avaaz community could tip the balance and help stop the bill before it goes to a vote. But to do that, we need to act fast. Click below to sign this urgent petition now -- when we reach 1 million signers we’ll launch a massive local media campaign targeting key senators until the bill is dumped:

As a child, Sahar Gul was sold by her brother for $US 5,000 into a home of horrific abuse. When she was finally rescued, torture left her so weak that she came out of her basement prison in a wheelbarrow. Last year her tormentors received 10-year sentences, but a lower court judge just set them free.

Afghan women’s rights groups, aghast at the rolling back of their rights have been actively supporting Sahar Gul’s case and working to ensure that relatives aren’t banned from testifying against victim’s aggressors. If we join these brave women now, we can show the Afghan politicians that the entire world stands behind Afghan women.

In school now, Sahar Gul is courageously rebuilding her life -- her dream is to someday lead a women's rights organization. Her strength of spirit embodies the hope for a better future for women and girls in Afghanistan, and everywhere -- let's help her start fulfilling her dream by getting Afghan leaders to protect, not persecute women:

Afghan women’s rights advocates and extraordinary survivors of abuse have stepped forward time and again to fight for human rights. Over the years, Avaaz members from around the world have consistently rallied to back them up. Let’s do it again.

With hope and determination,

Luis, Alaphia, Alex, Ricken, Bissan, Mais and the rest of the Avaaz team

PS - Many Avaaz campaigns are started by members of our community! Start yours now and win on any issue - local, national or global:


Sahar Gul: The fears of a tortured Afghan child bride (BBC)

Karzai: A legacy of failure on women’s rights? (Open Democracy)

Afghan judges free three jailed for torture of child bride Sahar Gul (Guardian)

Afghanistan: Escalating Setbacks for Women (Human Rights Watch)

Women's rights face new obstacles in Afghanistan (Global Post)

Support the Avaaz Community!
We're entirely funded by donations and receive no money from governments or corporations. Our dedicated team ensures even the smallest contributions go a long way. is a 25-million-person global campaign network
that works to ensure that the views and values of the world's people shape global decision-making. ("Avaaz" means "voice" or "song" in many languages.) Avaaz members live in every nation of the world; our team is spread across 18 countries on 6 continents and operates in 17 languages. Learn about some of Avaaz's biggest campaigns here, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

Bayou Corne

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Space Weather News for August 20, 2013

SUNDIVING COMET AND CME: A small comet plunged into the sun this morning. Just before it arrived, the sun expelled a magnificent full-halo CME. Did the comet survive? Find out what happened at

CHANCE OF STORMS: There is a slight chance of polar geomagnetic storms on Aug. 20-21 when Earth is expected to pass through the wake of a CME that left the sun a few days ago. Geomagnetic storm alerts are available from (text) and (voice).

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Friday, 16 August 2013

Hide in your Shell

Defend Jumbo Blog
For up to date information regarding Jumbo Wild and the encampment trying to keep developers from going in to start making change on the glacier etc. follow the above blog

Astrology with Salvadore Russo

An excellent sight to read about the current astrological transits occurring on our planet now.!blog

Plasma or ? in Naples Fla

Excellent GMO information from the Health Ranger

New Zealand Quake ~Dutch Sinse

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Incense Smoke causes human lung cell inflammation
I love to burn my favourite sandalwood incense, but I do realize the risk of that smoke. Ah well...gotta have a few pleasures in life but if someone has lung issues or asthma, best to not light up when they are visiting .

Helping to End Modern Slavery

Thanks to Liz for bringing my awareness to this site!

Pure Liquid Zeolite~Natural Detoxifier

The Pele Report from Mt. Adams

Minneapolis Dancing Lights


Beacons of Light~Leaving the Shadow World

Monday, 12 August 2013

An Interesting Art Project~

Now this is a most interesting "art project" my friend Liz brought my attention to . It reminds me of how I read that the Arcturians have also gathered dna of alot of the living creatures etc from our planet , ones now gone forever, to eventually reseed again somewhere. Have a look at this somewhat similar concept here on earth.
Here is a video of the "art project"

Sinkhole Swallows Resort in Florida

Eyes Open, No Fear

Thanks to Liz for sending this clip. It would all be amusing, were it not for the fact that this fellow had a really informative and great site of Dutch Sinces taken down from youtube. And he said he was threatened by Dutch which Dutch denies and is always good to be discerning and wait and see when all the facts come in and one gets to figure out just who is who in the media zoo.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Fukishima Radiation poisoning Pacific Ocean

Dutch reveals more about "Suspicious (no kiddin') Observers....

I stopped posting Suspicious Observers when the guy made nasty comments about David Icke. Now I see why the guy turned me off. Good research on Dutch's part to show who the guy is...that is however my perspective and I leave you to yours.

Tell it like it is Dutch Sinse

Excellent Geo-Engineering Information

This interview on c to c is so full of informative information, scientifically backed , about the geo-engineering we are all subjected to now. I highly recommend listening to it if you care at all about what is going on right now on our planet and the massive die off of 200 species daily , as well as the trees, etc. Definitlely one of the more intelligent interviews online.

And here is another link Liz sent regarding a murder of a scientist for disclosing sad.

Environmental Scientist Eugene Franklin Mallove

Helping out Sum of Us

Monsanto hired the world’s largest private army to spy on grassroots opposition to its genetic engineering -- just one example of the dirty tactics corporations are deploying to undermine opposition to their policies. As SumOfUs grows and keeps winning, we’re increasingly a target.
We urgently need to upgrade our organizational security to ensure we can keep standing strong and that our partners are safe. Can you chip in $4 to help?
When grassroots activists dared to challenge the global biotech giant Monsanto, it hired the world’s largest private army, Blackwater, to infiltrate and monitor their groups. And when a union stood up to Walmart’s unfair treatment of its workers, the retail chain sent in an undercover employee to spy on their organizing efforts.
These are the sort of dirty tactics that the world’s multinationals are using to undermine and eliminate any opposition to their corporate abuses. And increasingly, our community at SumOfUs is a target. Not just because we’ve already hit Monsanto, Walmart and other serial abusers with dozens of fearless campaigns this year -- but because we’re showing that together, we can win. The only question is when they will come for us.
We’ve already been threatened with crippling legal action by a Canadian extraction company determined to silence our opposition to the Tar Sands, and alerted to a potential attempt to access our internal documents without authorisation. That’s why we need to act now to ensure we can keep standing strong against the world’s worst corporations, and protect ourselves from underhanded or outright illegal attacks.
Can you donate $4 to help us beef up our security and protect our work from attack by corporations?
Over the last year, SumOfUs has already achieved impressive things. Together with brave partners around the world, we pushed dozens of global brands to protect Bangladeshi garment workers, challenged Pepsi to to work with LGBT people to fight homophobic laws in Uganda, and much, much more. And our profile is growing -- major international media have covered our successful campaigns, and corporations are starting to recognize the power of our community.
We didn’t expect our collective work to be popular. But we do need to be prepared to stand up when the big guys come after us. The tactics that corporations are increasingly deploying against genuine, popular opposition to their dangerous policies and corrupting influence are frankly scary. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has been caught investigating how to entrap political opponents and trade unions, and Dow Chemical is being sued by Greenpeace after hiring a private security firm to steal thousands of documents. And this is just what we know about.
And the honest reality is, we’re not yet ready to stand up to these threats. We’re far from defenseless and our data-protection is amongst the best in the business, but we need to do more to get ready for the big fights ahead.
We urgently need to boost our security infrastructure, by:
  • Hiring top-notch security experts and hackers to make sure we protect our data from meddling corporations;
  • Upgrading our communications systems so we can communicate securely with whistleblowers and partners in the developing world -- many of whom are putting their lives on the line to stand up for a fairer world;
  • Improving our website protections so that it can withstand any attack designed take it down and interfere with our campaigning.
Corporations may have big pockets, while here at SumOfUs we run on a razor-thin budget. But what we lack in million-dollar budgets we make up for with huge, distributed people power. If we all come together now, we can make sure that our community can keep up the fight when it counts most: when companies start to fear that we might actually force them to listen to the demands of the world’s workers, consumers, investors and citizens.
Can you help by chipping in $4 to hire security experts so we can keep on challenging corporate power?
With corporations more powerful than ever, our mission has never been more important. Let’s keep proving that people around the world can challenge corporate power, and win.
Thanks for standing up to corporate power,
Martin, Kaytee, Marguerite and the rest of us.
SumOfUs is a world-wide movement of people like you, working together to hold corporations accountable for their actions and forge a new, sustainable path for our global economy. You can follow us on Twitter, and like us on Facebook.

Was this email forwarded to you? Click here to add yourself to SumOfUs.

Perseid Meteor Shower

Space Weather News for August 11, 2013

PERSEID METEOR SHOWER: The Perseid meteor shower is intensifying as Earth moves deeper into the debris stream of parent comet 109P/Swift-Tuttle. International observers are reporting as many as 30 Perseids per hour from dark sky sites, a rate which could triple on August 12-13 when the shower peaks. Check for updates and observing tips.

GOT CLOUDS? You can listen to the Perseid meteor shower on Space Weather Radio, which is monitoring signals from the USAF Space Surveillance Radar. Every Perseid that flies over the radar makes an audible ping. Hear the echoes at

SOLAR FLARE ALERTS: Would you like a call when solar flares are underway? X-flare alerts are available from (text) and (voice).

You are subscribed to the Space Weather mailing list, a free service of .

Friday, 9 August 2013

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Where is my Gracie?

Gracie appeared in March 2013, a young kitty , in the snow and cold. I brought her in, and took her in. She came just before my dog Miss Mikki was about to leave this world. She can run like the wind, climb high and catch alot of innocent birds etc. Now my Gracie has gone ...vanished as of last Friday . I haven't seen her since. I have postered my village , walked the streets calling her name, all to no avail. So I am posting her photo, to stir up the ethers even more. If you are still on the planet in 3d Gracie, may all of our prayers bring you home. You are a special star kitty and we miss you very much here at the hobbit house. Love to you Linda

Radarpulsehaarp ring in Toronto~Kitchener Area today

The future of America’s wolves is in jeopardy

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

A most interesting interview regarding Wormwood * or the second sun

I really hope this is all disinformation and there will be shielding from on high. I can feel these events unfolding yet the severity may be entirely up to us and what we do individually and as a collective. Time to send a heartfelt sincere message on high for help.

The above words are from James G. this day. I had a listen in to the interview . Having so done, I certainly agree that sending a heart filled message to on high for assistance sounds like a brilliant idea!

Syrian Women Suffering Extreme abuses

On top of all the other horror, now a rape crisis is gripping Syria. Soldiers are forcing women to act as human shields and then stripping them and raping them. This conflict has gone on long enough. The US and Russian foreign ministers meet in 2 days -- let’s flood their inboxes calling for peace talks and a ceasefire now!

Women in Syria are being forced to stand in front of tanks and act as human shields before they’re stripped and raped by soldiers. This is the depravity humanity has sunk to in Syria as the war there drags on. But for the first time in months, we may have a chance this week to begin to turn things around.

On Friday, the US and Russian foreign secretaries are meeting in Washington about potentially convening peace talks. But every time they’ve done that in the past, they’ve argued about side issues and stalled -- stalling that the Syrian women and children being raped and slaughtered simply can’t afford.

We’re already planning powerful giant advertisements just outside their meeting to demand peace talks and a ceasefire now. If we back that with a flood of emails, we can force them to finally end all the delays. We have two days -- click below to see the hard hitting ads and send an urgent message to Secretary of State Kerry and Foreign Minister Lavrov:

A recent report warned that fear of rape is the main reason Syrians are fleeing their homes to join 1.5 million other refugees struggling to survive in bordering countries. Inside Syria, the conflict has become a war for territory where civilians always lose: one side loses a town only to take it back later in an endless cycle of violence. Women and children are literally pawns of war, and suffer brutal sexual attacks -- as long as the conflict continues, so will the brutality.

There is no military solution to Syria's conflict. The only way to stop the violence is if the international community plays tough and demands that all sides come to the table for peace talks and start to negotiate. The US and Russia are reportedly trying to organize peace talks in Geneva, just too slowly. Moments like this don’t come very often, and experts predict that failure to seize it now could result in a 10-year conflict that pulls in other countries in the region. The unfathomable costs of this outcome are too terrible an alternative -- peace talks in Geneva are the only hope on the horizon.

Neither successful peace talks nor a ceasefire will happen overnight, but we urgently need to get started. The weeks leading up to peace talks will require sustained engagement from the Arab League, Russia, the EU and the US to get all relevant parties to the table -- and even more effort to make the talks the first step towards a long-term solution. And our leaders can only deploy the massive political will this will require with a massive push from the public -- from us.

Over 100,000 people have died while policymakers shoot down any path that isn't perfect. The situation is complex, with multiple conflicts and tensions intertwined. But we can't let this complexity provide an excuse for inaction. Peace won’t be easy, but it’s Syria’s only hope. Let’s come together once again for the Syrians desperately pleading for our help. For the women of Syria that do not have a voice click to send an urgent message -- let's demand a ceasefire now!

Our community has stood by the Syrian people from the very beginning. 60,000 of us donated, sending millions of dollars of aid and communications equipment to the non-violent protesters, developing a new model of citizen journalism to break Assad's blackout of information on his brutality that generated tens of thousands of news pieces and articles. And millions of us joined dozens of campaigns for international action. Now the Syrian people need us more than ever. Let's be brave, and smart, and determined, for them.

With hope,

Ian, Joseph, Alice, Allison, Ricken, Marie, Will, Mais and the whole Avaaz team

PS - Many Avaaz campaigns are started by members of our community! Start yours now and win on any issue - local, national or global:

More information:

Kerry and Hagel to Meet Russian Officials in Washington (New York Times)

Syrian women who fled to Jordan tell of horrific rapes back home (The Star)

U.N. Panel Reports Increasing Brutality by Both Sides in Syria (New York Times)

Chemical warfare in Syria (Le Monde)

Ban Ki-moon Hopeful Geneva Conference Could Yield Syria Breakthrough (TRNS)

Syrian war seen dragging on for years (Reuters)

Support the Avaaz Community!
We're entirely funded by donations and receive no money from governments or corporations. Our dedicated team ensures even the smallest contributions go a long way. is a 25-million-person global campaign network
that works to ensure that the views and values of the world's people shape global decision-making. ("Avaaz" means "voice" or "song" in many languages.) Avaaz members live in every nation of the world; our team is spread across 18 countries on 6 continents and operates in 17 languages. Learn about some of Avaaz's biggest campaigns here, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

West Coast Radiation
Thanks Liz for this story

Santo~Are you Modified

Eli Lilly Suing Canadians....

Pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly is suing Canadians for $500 million dollars for not making enough profit.
Tell Eli Lilly to drop this ridiculous NAFTA lawsuit.

Last month, Eli Lilly, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in North America, filed a lawsuit against Canadian taxpayers for $500 million dollars. On what basis is an American corporation suing us for such an outrageous sum you ask? The $4.3 billion dollars Eli Lilly earned in profit in 2011 was not enough for the pharmaceutical giant.
Under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), a company can sue another NAFTA country if that nation’s laws affect its expected future profit. In this case, Eli Lilly is “losing profit” because Canadian regulators dared to act within Canadian laws and rightly denied patents on two of Eli Lilly’s expensive drugs.
These lost-profit lawsuits by profit-hungry corporations have to stop -- otherwise, we will see the beginning of copycat lawsuits by foreign companies against Canadians. Speak out now against Eli Lilly and tell it to stop profit-motivated lawsuits like this one.
Eli Lilly: Drop your baseless, profit-motivated lawsuit against the Canadian government.
This lawsuit will cost Canadian taxpayers hundreds of thousands dollars in legal fees. And if the Canadian government loses the case, we will have to pay out $500 million dollars of our tax money to Eli Lilly. In the long run, we'll even have to pay higher prices to access Lilly's expensive ADHD and schizophrenia drugs.
It's ridiculous for Eli Lilly sue Canadian for lost profits. Eli Lilly already makes millions of dollars in Canada a year. Also, Eli Lilly is just randomly guessing how much money it is supposedly losing -- in March it was reported that Eli Lilly was going to sue Canada for $100 million dollars, but then it arbitrarily decided last month that it is losing $500 million dollars in profit instead.
This is the first attempt by a corporation to use the NAFTA clause to sue for lost profits. Corporations and governments around the world are watching this case, as this could open floodgates to more lawsuits against taxpayers because they are not making enough profits. Reports indicate that an American company may sue Canada for $250 million dollars because we are acting within our right and not letting it extract shale gas in Quebec.
Currently, the Canadian government is negotiating a number of other trade agreements, such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Canadian-China FIPA, behind closed doors. By filing this case, Eli Lilly may also be setting a precedent for companies in TPP and FIPA countries to sue us as well.
We’ve gone up against big corporations using trade deals to expand their profits before, and we can stop them again. Let’s stop the lawsuits against Canadians by corporations seeking more profits before they happen. Call on Eli Lilly now to drop its ridiculous lawsuit because it did not make enough profit.
Tell Eli Lilly to drop its ridiculous $500 million dollar lawsuit against Canadians.
Thanks for all that you do,
Angus and the rest of us.

More Information:

Lilly ramps up NAFTA fight over loss of patents, Globe and Mail, 15 July 2013
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Beating Electrical Sensitivity(from not so smart meters etc.)

8/6/2013 -- RADAR pulse / "HAARP ring" / Scalar Square events -- watch p...

Here is one comment from a viewer which resonates. I have been wondering since we in our area have a huge music festival if we will have some biologicals sprayed on our area soon in the guise of "weather" Will soon see. They cloud seeded and had intense rains fall on Woodstock all those years ago. Now they spray biologicals to make us ill. Below is that comment that caught my attention.

"the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is going on at the border of SD and WY and days are barely reaching 80f, torrential rainfalls and hail after heavy and persistant cloud-seeding. I even got strep throat just leaving a window open Friday night and it rained: bacteria is being sprayed then energized to make people sick. This happened last year, too with the hail right before the rally; so thousands can take their sickness home around the world when they leave."

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Who in the World is Spraying

If you are concerned about the geoengineering on our earth then have a look at this new soon to be documentary that needs help with funding! By the man who did What in the World are they Spraying and Why in the World are they Spraying. This is a worthy and noble fund raiser!

Friday, 2 August 2013

What's Up in Space

Space Weather News for August 2, 2013

PERSEID METEOR SHOWER: Earth is entering a broad stream of debris from comet 109P/Swift-Tuttle, source of the annual Perseid meteor shower. Although the shower won't peak until August 12-13, when Earth hits the densest part of the stream, the first Perseids are already arriving. Check for images and updates.

QUIET SUN: Many readers are asking about a recent media report, which stated that a Carrington-class solar storm narrowly missed Earth two weeks ago. That report is inaccurate. Solar activity was low throughout July and remains low as August begins. Details at

SOLAR FLARE ALERTS: Would you like a call when solar flares are underway? X-flare alerts are available from (text) and (voice).

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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Little Lucy

Today on a day when I was taking some newspapers out to the garage to save for winter woodstove firestarter, I saw there was a new occupant in the outdoor cat house. Originally constructed by my pal Fred for a stray cat who disappeared eventually,(too wild for me to tame ) it is empty in summer and so I was startled to see a little streak go by. Ah....another stray kitty has found her way here. She took a bit of time for me to get her to let me come close and then pet her , that and some wet cat food. She resembles my elder maine coon kitty old Hobbes a bit. Sigh. For now she is inside the house from the rains outside, and ...oh what can I say. I suppose she will be have to be spayed in time and then? Find a home....noone I know wants I am going to be that crazy old cat lady that every town has one of. I think though that I have to have some boundaries and this kitty may have to have a new home with some kind soul down the road. For now....all is peaceful ....

Geoengineering is destroying the ozone layer