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Saturday, 30 November 2013

For Saturday~Somewhere down the crazy river

Ah then, Robbie Robertson. One of my favourite Canadian musicians of Mohawk and Jewish descent. How I love this particular tune. A great tune for a Saturday. Happy Birthday to my friend Julie this day.

2MIN News November 30, 2013: CONFIRMED Comet ISON has disintegrated

Dutch has this posting that Ison has disintegrated. Well I am not so certain this is so. If you see BP's clip this morning, it does look like some bright objects are still there. Perhaps this is what Dutch thinks is now big bits of Ison disintegrated. We will soon know how our space object is faring as time goes by.



Ison is now a ball of Shrapnel(according to BP that is) that shrapnel as BP names it, or is it something else. We will wait and watch and hope to see ....This is so fascinating this space object and all the many theories folks have about it. I love watching it in its journeying and feel that the sun and Ison have had their own communication . It has a feeling of such power and happiness somehow , or at least that is how it affects me.

Best UFO Sightings Of November, 2013, AnonymousFO

Where James Gilliland is at this week....great heads up !

Down south of the boarder, Just a heads up I am down south at a location that is undetermined and mobile location for an undetermined time. Spending hours in warm waters swimming and paddle boarding on a much needed break from the challenges of the old world order. The snowball of karma of the unconscious elite has amassed so much weight and speed there is no stopping it. The cosmic and planetary forces coming in are beyond imagination. The universal law of love already won we are just walking through the last stages. We still need to use discernment, stand tall in our own divinity and set boundaries where the law of love is not being honored. You can reach me at I do have internet from time to time. We are still doing long distance transpersonal release sessions yet there is a back log so be patient. Love Always,
James Gilliland…arr

Friday, 29 November 2013

Three Unknown Objects Captured by Amateur Satellite Tracker - Nov. 20, 2013

Ah Sheila Aliens is back...

MASSIVE Solar Burst./Sun's Pole Reversal.

Sponsor a Walmart Striker

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LIve Streaming for Wal Mart workers protesting some being taken away by local cops

Here is a link to watch the Wal Mart workers protesting the cheap and crummy wages they earn. I have just witnessed on a live screen from Virginia the cops hauling away peaceful protestors. Geez .


ISON's Nucleus Appears Highly Fragmented.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

ISON'S Debris Trail Widening.

Ah then, perhaps as Steve Rother and the group indicated, this "debris tail" will sprinkle earth with some new life forms. From the stellar regions. How very interesting indeed.

ISON Is Brightening Rapidly.

She's back!

Pot Smoking RCMP officer has uniform seized~

Comet ISON 100% Intact and now back on LASCO C3!

Peek a Boo~Ison emerges ....

Here is a link of the latest photos of Ison who has emerged on the Lasco camera.  Hee hee This is one interesting space object...

Ring of Fire Roars to Life

Oh dearie, Did Ison not survive or will Ison surprise us all yet?

RIP, Comet ISON? Evidence is mounting that Comet ISON did not survive its brush with the sun on Nov. 28th. SOHO coronagraph images show the comet apparently disintegrating, while first-look images from the Solar Dynamics Observatory did not detect the comet moving along its expected path through the sun's atmosphere. Check for movies and updates.

Nasa Live Stream

here is a better link to watch Comet Ison live today sent from Liz thanks
NASA Live Stream 

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Jesus Sananda Talks About Comet/Mothership Ison, The Brief Reign of Chao...

Well here is a channel's take on the Comet Ison,(being commented on by IITM.)  She is saying (thru Sananda which is the newer name for Jesus, in full  it is Sananda Kumara) that Comet Ison  is a  mother star ship. Lots of folks in the new age community are repeating this theory.  Until it  makes it or doesn't make it around the sun, the jury is still out on this celestial body, which I just love to watch the photos of as it soars thru our space ! Whatever Ison is , most assuredly it has cosmic significance and is simply beautiful to watch in its progression thru space. Other schools of thought say that it may be the Blue Star Kachina, which my friend , Patricia Pereira (a channel for  the Arcturians)  say is a mother ship as well. Adonai

ISON Update. NOV. 27

Gee I just love following this information on the Comet Ison. Next it may be a white light cross due to the cameras or some such. Now that will be neat indeed! It is getting to play with the sun now. Guess we'll be experiencing some solar flares heading our way too. Soak up those Light Codes kids!

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Update..Now JPL Says Ison has been here before!

Ah then an ancient object that is returning ...gets more and more interesting

ISON Regains the Ion Tail/Charge

What a trooper this is! If you stop the footage around 2:28 tell me what you see looking out at you. I see a being that looks female to me.

Deborah Tavares - They Control Everything & Want To Kill Us All - Pete S...

Well, this radio interview with Deborah Tavares that Liz sent me tonight was certainly sobering. You can also check out the website to learn of some solutions for the current situation on earth with the not so smart grid and pyschotronics . This show just left the interviewer stunned and feeling physically sickened and  I have to agree that the information would stun alot of folks who have not heard all of this before. Very excellent information .

Monday, 25 November 2013

CCN aircraft aerosols november 24 2013 snow nov 25

Not only did  " they" spray to get the snow happening but I notice an x over his house. I read once that "they" spray x's directly over homes where folks living there are in the know about geo engineering etc. I have certainly had a few right over my house and I live in a very small village in Canada. Which is why I detox heavy metals with zeolite, take clay and baking soda salt baths, use my salt scrubs on heavy chemtrailing days, and have organite in my home and yard. Self defence I suppose you would call it.

The Darkest Hour is Before the Dawn~David Wilcock

NOT Venus But what the heck is this???

This is a good clip that Liz sent. Trippy looking sky object. And if you watch until about 14 minutes in it then changes shape or morphs . I think whatever it is , it is beautiful. 

Space Weather News for Nov. 25, 2013

COMETS IN THE SOLAR WIND: NASA's STEREO-A spacecraft is obtaining some marvelous footage of Comet ISON and Comet Encke being buffeted by gusts of solar wind. So far the two comets have avoided a direct strike by a CME, but a solar storm in the days ahead could have dramatic effects. For movies and more, visit

BE THE FIRST TO KNOW: Would you like to be the first to know when a solar flare blasts Comet ISON? X-flare alerts are available from (text) and (voice).

It Is Raining Rocks In Sicily, Italy Mount Etna Volcano Eruption, Volcan...

Sunday, 24 November 2013

ISON Rapidly Regaining it's Coma and Tail.

Earning a Living ~With BCSpiritSoap

 A dear friend of mine today suggested that I show a few of  my natural body care items on this blog and then put a link to my website. Well there is a link on this blog, but it is so small I don't think any one notices it. And that is because I am not that computer savvy with links etc. And since my camera won't load photos on to  my computer any more I am not posting new photos now either. A glitch I sure hope to have remedied here sooner than later. Anyway, here are a few photos, some taken by friends Julie and Michele, who are good photographers and a few by others . So here is my link for what I do to earn a living
 where you can go and see most of the line of natural body care products and all natural olive oil soaps that I conjure up here in the Kootenays and sell at indoor and outdoor markets and faires. And online too.
Holy Holy Holy has frankincense in it which is good for the immune system, the pineal gland and pituitary gland. I love the aroma of frankincense as it is sultry and has a depth to it.
Aloha Salt 'n Coffee Scrub was an inspiration from last winter's vacation on Kauai, where I saw a similar scrub at the Hanalei outdoor market. I love to use this scrub when I have been out under the chemtrails as it scrubs off any nano particulates (in my mind it does anyway ;)
Ah Noint Me perfume pot was inspired last year as we were doing the countdown until 2012.
Leor's Love Oil is a favourite of some customers and James Gilliland at Eceti loves it as a massage oil. I love it too and use a capful in my bath sometimes. Simply Heavenly!
Blue Sugah Scrub has blue cornmeal in it with brown sugar. It leaves one feeling so smooth after using it.
This ho ho ho soap is only made for the Christmas markets and once it is gone it is gone.
Linda's(that would be me) Luscious Lip Balm is a very rich lip balm. And yes, it does make a person very "kissable". I know this to be true,  as a customer when I told him that , came back later and gave me an unexpected kiss!
Brusque is for the men, though I love the natural scent of it. It is for an aftershave or cologne  and has some earthy and sensual oils in it.
This is me at an outdoor final market in 2012....A cold market
This is a new oil I now make since it was a hit last Christmas. I call it Sandilla and it has sandalwood and vanilla essential oil in it. Simply sensual is what I say.
Me vending at  a faire last November 2012. Haven't any recent photos of me vending since my camera is screwy wewy. Ah catch the drift here, I am a vendor of the natural products that I make. Check out the website if you enjoy using products that have no chemicals, fragrances or synthetics in them. Much love from the soapmaker me!


Animal Communicator

This clip Liz sent is about a woman who is an animal communicator in S.Africa. It is sad to see how disconnected we humans are and how we mistreat animals by not understanding them. It is really heartwarming to see how animals and this woman connect thru the heart and mental telepathy. If only the rest of humanity would wake up and connect this way our planet would truly shift in a positive way.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

X Flare Strips Ison/Nucleus Appears Much Larger.

Link for Sending Crystals to Japan for healing

Here is where to send your activated intent filled quartz crystals for healing Japan's radioactive waters.
Just google LittleGrandmother's website, Kiesha Crowther and you can find the address in Japan there. I would post a link but it will not take you there when I do.

DutchSinse shut down by google how ....

Space Weather News for Nov. 21, 2013

AMAZING COMET PIX: Comet ISON is plunging toward the sun for a perilous close encounter on Nov. 28th. Even experts aren't sure if the furiously vaporizing comet can survive its passage through the solar atmosphere on Thanksgiving Day. Some of the final pictures from Earth may be coming in now--and they are amazing. The comet, sporting a green head and streaming tail, is entering the rosy glow of dawn not far from the planet Mercury. Visit to see the latest images from around the world.

DON'T MISS THE NEXT SOLAR FLARE: Lately, solar activity has been high. Would you like a call when solar flares are underway? X-flare alerts are available from (text) and (voice).

July Compilation of UFO's at Eceti

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

ECETI~James Gilliland's latest message November 19, 2013

Enlightened Contact with Extra Terrestrial Intelligence 

We have been receiving some incredible information about the upcoming shifts. Some from a 9th dimensional being whom when asked what system he comes from he told us we have no reference points so it does not really matter. These shifts peak just after Thanksgiving and just after Christmas. As in all waves they have an ebb and flow or a build up, the peak then integration. When these waves move through the various grids and fields of energy life will not be the same. The energies are exponentially increasing each wave building on the other.
The Sun is going to be very active agitated by the incoming comets, the alignment with Galactic Plane, Alcyone and Sirius. Unity consciousness is the end game along with Universal Law and those who cannot align themselves with these new energies are going to have a real hard time. It is time to get back to basics. It is time to choose to be kind and loving. It is time to set boundaries with those who choose not to be kind and loving. The separation and greed game is coming to a close. Those who willingly participate in actions against Humanity and the Earth or serve those of lesser integrity will experience the same fate as their “superiors.”.
These waves are not unconscious, consciousness and energy is coming in with these waves. They are awakening the unconscious, the masks are coming off and deeds of the controllers and enslavers are being revealed. All religious and governmental agencies that do not truly serve the people will also be revealed. The enslavement through dependency, manufactured lack and misdirection of funds and resources the cause of which will also be revealed. For some this has already happened and they know they have tough choices to make. Do they continue to serve the beast or begin creating a new world in alignment with Universal Law. A good point of inspiration is karma will be accelerated in the days to come. The servants will follow the fall of their masters if not in alignment with Universal Law. Love is the law that supersedes all law. Love is the manifesting force behind all creation the cosmic glue that holds it all together. All that which is out of alignment with love, the wounds, traumas, blocks and patterns will all surface. We have a choice whether we take responsibility go within to our own God selves and heal or deny, project and blame which is a good way to turn karma into truckma.
We are going to be tested as to whether we can hold an unshakeable loving space and get beyond the need for love, acceptance and approval outside of ourselves. We are going to have to set boundaries and choose not to participate in the dramas, unloving acts, or engage in harmful acts to humanity and the Earth. We will also need to break free of the archon network, the mainstream programming that keeps you endlessly seeking externally for love, joy, acceptance and approval through material acquisition. It is an internal process the best of which  is done in nature. We are going to have to listen to nature in the days to come because she is on the move in her own awakening and healing process that will include cleansing. It is time to drop the petty separation games, learn to work together, get our priorities in order and own what is agitating us, why we can't cooperate in building a better tomorrow. The 9th wave the Mayans speak of is unity consciousness and it will press hard on all that separates and divides. This leads us back to basics. Being loving and kind to everyone, setting boundaries with those who cannot. It is really that simple. We can find a million reasons why we can't be kind and loving, validate them in the intellect and drudge up painful childhood memories to validate why we have to be contrary to kind and loving yet they are all based on fear, wounds and traumas of the past. Focus on them and that is what you will create and attract. Focus on kind and loving and see where that takes you. Practice kind and loving in thought, word and deed. That is the path to enlightenment and the path to freedom. Sometimes the most kind and loving thing you can do is tell someone what they need to hear, not what they want to hear, set boundaries when they are not being kind and loving. Let us not forget being kind and loving to self, it is a great beginning. Teach through example.
James Gilliland
©2013 Enlightened Contact with Extra Terrastrial Intelligence | 1767 12th street box 232, Hood River, Or [97301]

Rock God - Robert Plant Full Interview

Ah then...Robert Plant. How I loved this singer in my youth. Saw them perform 3 times. Once in Buffalo New York and twice in Vancouver. For the Vancouver show I went 2 nights in a row and of course I went early enough to stand right up front . Why? Obvious reason...Robert Plant! A magnificent Leo(Aquarius's opposite oh my ) with a voice that rocked the stadium,not to mention tight jeans that fit him so well. My favourite moment, when he blew me a kiss! My friend said, "how did that happen? " And I laughed and said," well it is all about the energy." I had a great photo taken of him at that show by a Canadian music photographer that was gifted to me. Eventually I gave it to a young girl years later who loved Led Zeppelin. And now....they may return in 2014. Well how fun for those who have not heard them live. As for me...well now, I would journey to hear them again. Indeed.

The Beacons of Light ~ Re-minders from Home~Choice in a Multidimensional World.

ow Images from


I am so intrigued by Comet Ison and all the colours and shapes it is taking on. Is it a comet or is it the Blue Star Kachina mothership?

November 19, 2013: 3.2M SURFACE Quake at Gravity Wave Station / Hanford ...

Relationship Activation - Opening Closed Doors Day 1 Free Event

The Cure - Just Like Heaven

"show me how you do that trick
the one that makes me scream" she said
"the one that makes me laugh" she said
and threw her arms around my neck
"show me how you do it
and i promise you i promise that
i'll run away with you
i'll run away with you"
spinning on that dizzy edge
i kissed her face and kissed her head
and dreamed of all the different ways i had
to make her glow
"why are you so far away?" she said
"why won't you ever know that i'm in love with you
that i'm in love with you"
soft and only
lost and lonely
strange as angels
dancing in the deepest oceans
twisting in the water
you're just like a dream
Daylight licked me into shape
i must have been asleep for days
and moving lips to breathe her name
i opened up my eyes
and found myself alone alone
alone above a raging sea
that stole the only girl i loved
and drowned her deep inside of me
soft and only
lost and lonely
Just like Heaven

"Comet" Ison And The Crop Circles Connection

X Flare Directed Straight into Ison/Crossing Mercurys Orbit.

2 Comets to fly by Mercury today

Monday, 18 November 2013

Ison Emitting Perfect Geometrical Patterns.

X Class Flare~Large earthquake swarm~DutchSince

On My Way Home...

Whence driving home from a craft faire this weekend in Nelson , about 10 minutes before my village, with the full moon shining off to the left side of me and behind, I was of a sudden, seeing a huge white light in the sky to the right front of me. What was that I wondered for a moment. I watched to see if it had any plane lights blinking but no, it was I am certain the little white spokey light craft that we see here in our neighbourhood at times at night. I realized that it had powered up and I felt like it was to get my attention, which it surely did. I drove on and kept a watch as much as one can when having to also "keep your eyes on the road, your hands upon the wheel" . I saw it flying rather low in the skies and sending out its white light which I just love. Not a satellite, too close to the ground, not an airplane or chopper , no light but white and no sound at all when it goes over here. So I felt rather exuberant when it first powered up , usually a good feeling . I have been asking for some assistance for the Fukishima disaster and other situations here on earth. Seeing that starship felt like a heads up to me .
Then an elder friend of mine came by for tea and chit chat today and he said that Sunday night, he was looking out his kitchen window and saw many coloured orbs flying from the house next door down the lane and then on to the creekside. He thought at first he was imagining them, but no, he kept watching as more and more went by. And he has been asking for the big starship that flew thru  his yard a couple of summers ago to come and paleeze take him out of here. So that was interesting that he is seeing orbs with the physical eye and I saw the white light spokey starship again. Times are intense yet there is always a sign of hope in our skies.

Buoy data system buoys off

another interesting clip that Liz sent. Why is the buoy system shut off right now?

FUKUSHIMA RADIATION REPORT, Nov. 18, 2013 (+playlist)

Good Lord, removal begins of those damaged spent fuel rods  and let us pray that it goes well or .....don't want to go there. Sigh

Saturday, 16 November 2013

End of Tour Message from Roger Hodgson, formerly of Supertramp, November...

Isons Develops Bow Shock./Full Update.

COMET ISON UPDATE from Space Weather News

Space Weather News for Nov. 16, 2013

COMET ISON UPDATE: Comet ISON is now ten times brighter than it was on Nov. 13-14 when an unexpected outburst propelled the sundiver into the realm of naked-eye visibility. Observers around the world confirm seeing the comet as a faint smudge low in the eastern sky before sunrise. Backyard telescopes reveal a riot of gaseous streamers trailing behind the comet's brightening (and possibly fragmenting) core. With almost two weeks to go before ISON plunges into the sun's atmosphere, it is already one of the most beautiful and active comets in years. Current images and observing tips may be found at

DON'T MISS THE NEXT SOLAR FLARE: Lately, solar activity has been high. Would you like a call when solar flares are underway? X-flare alerts are available from (text) and (voice).

You are subscribed to the Space Weather mailing list, a free service of .

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Ison on the Verge of Exploding.

ISON May Be Starting to Disintergrate.


Another great clip from Liz

Latest News from James Gilliland ~Eceti

I am sitting at the Palm Springs airport after of course opting out of the dna scatter machine. The Ascension Rising Conference in Sedona and the Star Knowledge Conference in Palm Springs both went extremely well despite some major challenges, the usual disrupters, monarchs and handlers. The talks and workshops went extremely well with incredible downloads, initiations and information coming in. The benevolent Annunaki, Andromedans, Sirians, Pleiadians and other masters all made their presence known in an undeniable way even for many who were not sensitive. Some walked out of the workshops like a deer in the headlights. There was a lot of clean up in Sedona with regenerate E Ts Palm Springs as well. At night it was like an old black and white movie with beings coming nonstop for clearing with discarnate spirits, a few black sorcerers and remote viewers peeking in. Luckily I had lots of help seen and unseen. Joseph, Ashli and Nathan the lion hearted were there, he actually looks like a lion, to hold the light and anchor in the higher consciousness and energy. I also had help from Michelle and company who took a lot of the load off at Giant Rock by going there earlier and releasing the local native americans on their journey to the light.
The last time I went to Giant Rock for the Contact in the Desert conference I saw the adjacent hills covered with spirits. They were the ancestors which gathered there in great numbers in the past. Many were in need of healing. I knew I had to return be complete in my work. When I arrived the mountains were clear just a few stragglers which we called upon White Eagle and Buffalo Calf woman to assist. We also generated a vortex for others with assistance from the Andromedans and Inner Earth Folks both of which allowed us to see their ships. An amazing picture was taken which we will share later of the group phasing out becoming transparent with light badges etc. It is amazing. When coming down the trail very close to where we were a stack of crystals was there after the ceremony. There is no way we could of missed it coming up. I little gift left there so show us they were with us. The vortex remained with dark purple and violet energies. It is charging the crystalline grid creating a new timeline.
We also saw ginormous flashes of light, large lights moving up and down across the desert and a few bombs in the far off distant bombing range. The moving lights that morphed and flashes were not tied into the bombing range. It was tied into the Andromedan and Inner Earth ships. One good thing is I sold all my stock, books, dvds, etc. and did not have to lug anything back. Lots of seeds were planted. We never know the effects of our work later and I hope the information kick starts some and validates others. All in all it was an amazing journey with lots of tests and initiations. Cant wait to get back to the ranch, sort it all out and recalibrate. We engaged some 9th dimensional beings on this journey and in doing so you never come back the same. Big Thanks to Chief Golden Light Eagle a long time friend, his family, Sierra and company at Galactic U for the invite and opportunity to serve. Be well,
James Gilliland
PS I will be covering this on the radio shows, sorry to miss a couple.

Space Weather News for Nov. 14, 2013

COMET ISON OUTBURST: Observers around the world are reporting a sharp increase in the brightness of sundiving Comet ISON. Formerly dim, it is now on the threshold of naked-eye visibility. Comet ISON is plunging toward the sun for a perilous pass through the solar atmosphere on Thanksgiving Day (Nov. 28th). This could be the first of many brightening events as intensifying solar heat erodes material away from the comet's nucleus. For more information and updates, visit

DON'T MISS THE NEXT SOLAR FLARE: Lately, solar activity has been high. Would you like a call when solar flares are underway? X-flare alerts are available from (text) and (voice).

You are subscribed to the Space Weather mailing list, a free service of .

Latest Comet Ison photos

Stanford scientist explains sun's magnetic reversal
Happening now in a theater near you!

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Best UFO sightings October 2013

Zetas Say Nibiru (Planet X) Light Missed On Nov. 3 2013 Solar Eclipse

ISON is in an Outburst Now.
Comet? Ison is now 3x brighter as of today.



Here is an interesting clip Liz sent today. Now we can have not so "smart street lights" which can of course listen in to our chit chat. Why is it that the old 3d world is more and  more Orwelian? Beam me up then beam me down to the New Earth.

Astrology Forecast for November 13, 2013

Orb Triangle UFO Sightings in San Antonio, Texas November 2013

Ison, Encke and LoveJoy/Solar Update

This is a Hoot~Reminder to Higher Self

Liz sent this one today. What a hoot.I would love to give credit to whomever created this sign . I have no idea but if I find out I will definitely post who it is.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Beautiful Healer Maine Coon Cat Hobbes

My beautiful healer cat Hobbes. Born in Coeur d'Alene Idaho spring of 1994. Went on to the higher realms today, November 9th with an entourage of angels guiding his spirit . I love you so much my healer kitty "Hobby cat". May you fly now with the angels . Love all ways Linda

Hobbes was a beautiful kitten, a very fluffy kitten. We came across his path, or he ours, one August summer hot night. Our friend Lillie was visiting us in Coeur d'Alene Idaho from California , where we had recently moved from. My then husband Jim and she and I had been to an event called Art on the Green and had stopped at a now non existent pub which overlooked the park at the lake downtown. On our way home walking, a kitten was crying and following us. It was Hobbes and so we went with him door to door asking if anyone knew who he belonged to. Nope but he had been in the area for hours they all said. So....along we took the big fluffy little fellow home with us. Lillie had her own east coast maine coon cat named Tom, so for her week stay with us Hobbes slept with Lillie. He became our fourth cat, to be part of the pride from California, BC, Lillie and Little Gray Kitty. From the beginning, Hobbes was always a sweet cat, who would put his paws on  your heart and purr and send out unconditional love. A woman healer friend of ours, Gloria from Montana, who did healings at our home and a workshop in Idaho, said that Hobbes was a healer cat, and he was there for my then husband Jim. Jim has always struggled with drug addiction and low self worth, so Hobbes was his kitty. When we split up, I moved to Canada, with by then, 7 cats in tow.Our Idaho neighbourhood near the beach was a dumping grounds for cats, and I found homes for many as well as kept the ones who seemed intent on being ours. Thus the number lucky 7. In Nelson, Hobbes loved to roam the hood. He went missing once for a week and I was heartsick. Where could he be? One day when praying to St.Francis to help me I distinctly was told where to go to find him. And sure enough , his little paw stuck out from under  my neighbour's basement crawl area. My new partner at the time, Peter, got the door off its hinges as my neighbour was away and out came a very grateful Hobbes who I immediately fed salmon to and water. Talk about nine lives. Hobbes was also prone to kidney stones, much like Peter, and one time I thought he was going do die as he could not pee. But luckily we have a Nelson veterinarian who said he could save him, which he did, to the tune of a thousand dollars. My thousand dollar kitty Hobbes. Hobbes had to eat special food from then on in. Everyone loved Hobbes.  We lived on a major busy street in Nelson so later the cats were mostly enclosed in an outdoor, quite large, two area catio. That kept them from getting hurt. About 4 years ago I moved to Salmo with my remaining cats from a tribe of 8. We were down to 4 cats then, Lilly from California, Hobbes and  Morgan of Idaho and Minou, who was Peter's cat until he moved out. I had Peter build me a catio in Salmo too, but after a year here, I let all the cats have their indoor /outdoor time as it was a quiet neighbourhood and mostly cat friendly. In time, Lillie and Minou went on too, and Hobbes and Morgan had the cats who had joined us from   across the street,( neighbour's cats), Gray Boy and his sister Puff Puff , who decided from day one of us being here, that the vibes and the food bowl here was more to their liking. So our pride grew again. Hobbes was used to that. For the last two years he and old Morgan were moved in to the little hobbit house here and the catio has been abandoned. Though at times they still loved to sun on the upper walkways . Hobbes slept on the bed with me the last few nights of his time here on earth.For some of that time, the latest August addition, Maggie the kitten, slept with him, it was as if old Hobbes was giving little Maggie who has a similar resemblance of sorts being a tabby , a transmission of his healer energy.  His death came swiftly, only two days ago  he was in the tub asking for the tap to be turned on as he always loved  his water straight from a tap or bathroom faucet. He would stand and watch the water and slurp happily away for hours if you forgot to turn off the faucet. Yesterday morning he did not get up from my bed to come and have the morning wet food which they all enjoy so much. I knew then he must be feeling off. I held him in my lap for awhile and noted that he had no energy to walk at all. So having to go off to do a faire in another town, I gently placed him in the cat bed over a warm air vent with a Tibetan tigle over his body to help his spirit when it left his cat body. I laid beside him on the floor and told him how  much I loved him .I placed a photo of the Christ Jesus on the edge of the bed facing Hobbes. I called in all my angels to assist if he left his body before my return. On my drive to the faire the numbers 444 came up on my mileage guage and I knew it was a heads up from the angels that all was being taken care of. It was not easy to leave my best friend but I had no option. When I returned home my precious healer cat Hobbes had left his body and was on the next journey in the light. How I cried from the depths of my soul. He shared my home and my world for 19 years and 2 mos. and that is a long time . He will always be fondly remembered until the day when I leave here and reconnect with all the essential animal companions that have blessed my life with their unconditional love and sweetness and antics. Farewell my beautiful Hobbes. Yesterday you were sent love and many guides from many traditions and planets to assist you on  your journey and to all those friends who meditated, prayed and visualized for you and your departure from here, I am beyond grateful. Love you Hobbes! Eh ma ho. Linda