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Tuesday, 31 December 2013



BREAKING NEWS ***** URGENT ***** -- (TRN ) -- Residents of Iwaki City,
Fukushima, Japan should EVACUATE THE CITY IMMEDIATELY due to lethal
radiation levels occurring there right now. According to the Nuclear
Emergency Tracking Center (NETC), radiation levels in that city, which
have averaged a level of 225 per hour over the last three months, have
skyrocketed to 21,000 per hour. This level of radiation is extremely
dangerous and potentially lethal. It is likely to reach the U.S. west
coast in two days.

Full Details at:

Monday, 30 December 2013

Fukushima Meltdown/2 Sunspots/X Flare Capable

here is the link where BP is getting his information about the radiation leakage from reactor 3. It seems legitimite to me.
If you check it out you will see alot of current information about Fukishima.

Fact or Fiction? You decide...(I am too confused)

So this is a post from an email alert which I just got. Now one has to ask, if this is a false flag, how the heck can they continue on with these alerts? How can one discern what is the real from the unreal these days when so much is bullshite meant to scare the bejeezuz out of us, or it is truth and one cannot handle the consequences of that truth so one chooses to play the illusion , ignorance is bliss door way? Here is the latest posting, you decide for yourself...fact or fiction? 


December 30, 2013 7:15 PM EST [4:15 PM PST] -- (TRN ) -- Significant radiation spikes are
being detected in several cities on the U.S. west coast, as more
radiation from the Fukushima, Japan nuclear meltdown appears to begin
arriving. Eureka, San Francisco, and Sacramento, CA, are all showing
sizable - but not yet dangerous - increases in radiation. In addition,
Geiger Counter stations in Spokane, Olympia and Richland, WA are now
showing rising rates, as are stations in Juneau, AK and as far south as
Tucson, AZ.

This comes just days after TRN alerted residents of the west coast to
begin preparations for a possible radiation plume when the Tokyo
Electric Power Company in Japan admitted steam was suddenly seen venting
from Fukushima reactor building #3 That was one of four reactors
wrecked by an earthquake and tsunami in March, 2011. It now appears
that steam and its radiation may be arriving on the west coast of north
America. Map and Geiger Counter Levels are included below.

Full Details at:

False Flag Disinformation on Fukushima alert?

False Flag Disinformation on Fukushima alert
It looks like the Turner News is bogus and incorrect concerning the melt down of reactor 3 and plumes coming towards the west coast. We still need to however keep a constant vigil on what is unfolding there and know what ever comes from main stream is most likely twisted or false.

San Miguel Volcano Explodes in El Salvador!

Space Weather News for Dec. 30, 2013

MUST-SEE SUNSET PHENOMENON: Like the Moon, Venus has phases, and this week the second planet from the sun is a whisper-thin crescent. The phenomenon is easy to observe. Venus is so bright, you can see it at sunset even before the sky fades to black (hint: face southwest). A pair of binoculars or a small telescope reveals Venus's crescent shape. Check for photos and more information.

AURORA WATCH: A solar wind stream is approaching Earth and could spark the first auroras of 2014 when it arrives on Jan. 2-4. Would you like a call when the sky lights up? Geomagnetic storm alerts are available from (text) and (voice).

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Morgellons actually Explained!!

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Fukushima World Warning!Spent Fuel Melt Down

Here we go again. Time to get out your miso, baking soda, lugol's iodine, zeolite etc etc. We here in BC have about 3-5 days to get ready for the radiation clouds. This is a very serious matter.
You can read more about this here



Here is an excerpt from an article about the radiation in the Pacific Ocean which will allegedly destroy our coast of BC, northern most Hawaii, California coastline etc. To read the entire article click on the link.

The graphic below, (File is 14.4 MB May Take Time to Load) produced by the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) an agency of the United States Government, shows the MONTHLY predicted spread and potency of radioactive Cesium-137 from Fukushima throughout the Pacific Ocean. The GIF runs from March, 2011 when the disaster took place, all the way through to the year 2041.

Based upon these projections, northernmost Hawaii will be uninhabitable by January, 2015. The government is concealing this to protect real estate values and tourism because there's nothing the government can do to stop the radiation.

By October, 2016, all of southern Alaska including the Aleutian Islands will be uninhabitable. The government is concealing this to protect the fishing industry because there's nothing the government can do to stop the radiation.

By June, 2017, the entire west coast of Canada and the United States will be uninhabitable. Both the U.S. and Canadian governments are concealing this to avoid a panic, to preserve real estate values in some of the wealthiest areas of both countries, to preserve farming and fishing industries in those areas from being driven out of business when consumers shun their products due to radiation contamination and because there is nothing the governments can do to stop the radiation.

Our Solar System is Moving thru Heavy Debris.

Saturday, 28 December 2013

The Cure - A Chain of Flowers

Grinderman - Star Charmer

Like a far flung star
There you are
Littlest than before
As you slip from my fingertips
Left me here on the burning shore

Searched and searched
Ah, you were worth so much
More than you ever thought you were
Everything you believe I still carry with me
Broken down on the burning shore

And it must have felt much easier
To have the stars along your side
And it must have felt much easier
To have the world along your side

A Daddy's girl
I see you curl
And sleeping on the floor
Maybe you dream a little dream of me
Down here on the burning shore

Yeah, there you are
Attached to a star
Beyond the point of no return
Maybe you ought to spare a thought
For those of us down here who never learn

And it must have felt much easier
To have the world along your side
And it must have felt much easier
To have the stars along your side

Meteor over Southern California/Live Radio Show

Wednesday, 25 December 2013


Making it Through the Holidays~James Gilliland

Making It Through The Holidays
An interesting phenomena is unfolding and it is unfolding on or just after the holidays. Two intense waves of energy came in creating quite a process. The sensitives and light workers felt it first and much of the negative lower frequency energies were transmuted through them inabstentia. Last Sunday seemed to be the hardest yet most are still feeling the effects. All I can say is lay the body down, pray and meditate ask that this move through quickly with no residual energies and ask for help on high to remove all lower frequency energies, fear, guilt, sadness, unworthiness, all wounds and traumas from past experiences. We need to release the past and there are legions unseen waiting to assist humanity and the earth in this process. The shift is really hitting the fan. You will see intense changes on every level. 2014 is going to be quite a ride love the new world into being and let go of the old. Do what brings you joy in service to the Creator in all Creation. The separation game of the elite is coming to a close. It is unsustainable and not frequency specific to the evolution of Earth and all her inhabitants. Be kind and loving to yourself, others, all life and set any necessary boundaries with those who are not. This is the foundation for Universal Law and it is the law of Creation pressing hard upon the Earth. We have nothing to loose other than the suppression that has held back heaven on Earth for eons. Whether or not you believe Jesus was born in December, or if he really existed matters not. What matters is the archetype, his message which was demonstrated in his life. I personally have a long history with Yeshua, past lives and this life with Mary coming to me as a child saving my life. I am not Catholic these are universal beings. He appeared to me last night filling my body with light shooting out my feet after which I felt this intense darkness lift the same energies I am getting flooded with emails for help with. I do not care if it was Jesus, the Greek name which means Son of Zeus, Yeshua, Joshua etc. I go by the inner sensitivity of the nature of this entity and his works. Focus on love, joy and bliss, set the intention to clear these energies and see what happens.
Worked for me, in fact it always works. Be well
James Gilliland

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Let there be peace on earth~And let it begin with me and thee!

James Gilliland: ET/UFOs decloak over Mexico. NWO will implode on itself

Hang in there this is the second wave of energy we speak of in this interview. We know it is tough to get through it but the God/Goddess within can handle anything. Meditate ask that these energies be cleared from yourself and the planet. Be well

Space Weather News for Dec. 24, 2013

CHRISTMAS CONJUNCTION: Stationed over the far side of the sun, NASA's STEREO-B probe is observing a rare conjunction of planets. Venus, Jupiter, and Earth are aligning to produce a "Christmas Star" for the distant spacecraft. Visit for images.

LAST MINUTE GIFT IDEA: Would you like to give someone a solar flare for Christmas? There's still time. Gift subscriptions to our Space Weather Alert Service are available now. Sign up for text ( or voice (

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Monday, 23 December 2013

Juliette of the Herbs - PREVIEW

This is a wonderful clip Liz sent . This woman created holistic veterinary . A herbalist healer living on an island in the Mediterranean, friend of the gypsies.

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Christmas Presence (Part 1) - Simon's Cat

Christmas Presence (Part 2) - Simon's Cat

Self Healing and Leadership~James Gilliland

Enlightened Contact with Extra Terrestrial Intelligence to ...
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Self Healing and Leadership
We spoke earlier about the incoming energies one wave peaking just after Thanksgiving with a build up before and assimilation period after. Now we are moving into the second wave which is exponentially stronger than the last wave. If you were resisting the process, in denial and shifting into blame and projection this next wave will be even more intense. Many ask when are the Ets going to help. This is help, it is coming from the spiritually and technologically advanced off worlders, the ultradimensionals which would better be refered to as the greater family of man/woman. They know how to work on the level of cause or consciousness as well as working with the consciousness and energy grids of the planet. This is where the real power resides yet this does not diminish the need for hands on work in the physical. Much of this is up to us. There is a saying God helps those who help themselves. This is universal law and fits within the prime directive. Because there has been so much interference and manipulation by the regenerate Ets they are having to intervene for the sake of humanity and the earth. This does not however diminish the need for the ground crew, the awakened ones on earth to do their part.
The days of tyranny, the enslavement of humanity, the manufactured lack and suppression of fueless energy and healing technologies is fast coming to a close. Those who continue to harbor and operate along these lines or within this grid will not be frequency specific to the evolution of humanity and the earth. They cannot maintain their empires, their consciousness, even their bodies will fail them. It is said; “No rock shall be left unturned and all their iniquities will be shouted from the roof tops.” Is this not happening now? Are not the archons, regenerate ets and demonic realms being revealed. The power elite who serve these unseen negative influences, those who call upon them for power in secret rituals at the highest levels of almost every institution, is this not also being revealed? The international banksters, the major corporations enslaving the masses though dependency and manufactured lack with their genocidal programs in complete opposition to universal law are being revealed on a global level. What is the process upon which this is happening? It is the byproduct of the vibrational lifting and healing which is coming in wave after wave, what the Mayans call the 9th wave of unity consciousness. Where do hierarchies and a sense of entitlement fit into unity consciousness? Where do disempowering gurus and leaders fit into unity consciousness? They don't. The ones who serve the people, empower the people to make their own personal God/Creator/Spirit connection however do fit into unity consciousness. Not the ones who say one truth on the podium then live another.
We are all being shown where we are incongruent with love and service our true motives even the hidden ones due to wounds, traumas and wrong conclusions from past experiences. Nothing can remain hidden. It is a time of going within, it is a time to surrender, call upon the God within and ask for healing, help with releasing the past and bringing you current with the new energies. A major recalibration is in order. It is not going to be business as usual because social consciousness is giving way to Christ or Buddha consciousness. You can call it what you wish, Mary, Buffalo Calf Woman, Kwan Yin energies all are working together to bring balance back to the earth. This includes the ultradimensionals, spiritually and technologically advanced off worlders, and yes even the nature kingdoms are working hand and hand in this process. They are waiting for the missing link and that link is sleeping humanity to awaken.
The future is set, the earth will heal herself and ascend. There will be a grand unification with the Star Nations and the other kingdoms existing right along side of us. It is up to us individually and collectively how we adjust and flow with this process. We do not have the option of continuing in an unsustainable society out of alignment with universal law. The best advice we can give is again practice love and kindness, be of service and learn to set boundaries and not participate in anything that is harmful to humanity or the earth. It will all be revealed, the karmic consequences will come swiftly and there is no place to hide. Ponder this in all you say and do. Surrender to your own awakening and healing process and remember this to shall pass. In the days to come it is also imperative we ask for and initiate all the help we can get from on high. It is going to take a miracle to clean up the mess and what is a miracle other than what is beyond our present knowledge and abilities. Be well.
James Gilliland

A New Age Denial And Death Sentence`-`James Gilliland

Enlightened Contact with Extra Terrestrial Intelligence to ...
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A New Age Denial And Death Sentence
I wish I did not have to resort to writing such an article yet so many are becoming willing participants in their own, their families and friends demise. Yes this includes the demise of nature as well the very platform for life. Much of this stems from new age teachings which were generated from Stanford Research Institute and other groups working with mind control and steering the masses. The be lie f that everything is an illusion and does not really matter is like saying all of Creation is worthless, a mistake and of no value. The other program is if you see evil it is within you therefore do not address, look upon or give any energy whatsoever to evil it is just a judgment anyway. The problem with these two ideologies is one you have a physical body and are subject to what happens in your physical environment. Good point is if the environment collapses and can no longer support life there goes your 3d expression. Friends, family, lovers, all of it. If the environment is polluted and you breath the air, drink the water and ingest the food you are not exempt. This 3d expression is just a Holy as all the other dimensions and should be treated as such. What you do in this dimension will weigh light or heavy in the soul on other dimensions as well. There will be a major reality check in your light review upon leaving this dimension.
The problem with denying the presence of evil is it goes unchecked with no resistance consuming everyone and everything until it consumes itself. That is its nature. These two ideologies are a fast track to extinction concerning this 3d physical reality again which just another expression of the divine, which seems to have been hijacked from its original design. If you believe all is well I have to point out the condition of your society, those who govern it and your environment. Lets look at the Gulf Oil Spill, Fukushima, Chemtrails spraying aluminum, barium and strontium at levels sometimes 60 times over the hazardous levels established by the EPA. Lets look at the GMO crops that are neutering and in many cases eventually killing those who consume them. Lets look at the lack of jobs, the loss of homes, the gross uneven dispersal of wealth. Lets look at just who this 1% who are running the world have created. Lets look at the wars, the depleted uranium spread far and wide, not just in the Middle East but in our troops. Is 25 suicides a day acceptable in the military? Is leveling an entire city bombing them into the stone age to free them, killing, men, women, children in the millions acceptable? Which God is in favor of this? As a country how can a country with any humanity left condone this. Do I need to address torture condoned at the very top, drones killing indiscriminately men women and children who made the mistake of having a relative on the hit list, double tapping the strikes to take out the relief workers and first responders giving life saving help? Do you really think decent human beings are responsible for these inhuman acts.
If they are not acting humanely who are these inhuman leaders? Why on earth can anyone turn a blind eye, ignore and support this and still call themselves a decent human being. How can leaders in the religious and spiritual communities profess to be in service, a master teacher by professing they are above all this telling their followers to not engage and ignore what is obviously pure evil. The new age philosophy, it is all illusion and we cannot perceive and address evil, is one of the many ways this evil has progressed to a level where it is going to take a cataclysmic event to dethrone it.
Personally I have spent over 35 years dedicated to the awakening and healing of humanity and the earth. I have studied with Yogis, Lamas, Leading edge Scientists, healers from all over the world and not one denies the physical and what is happening to humanity and the earth. So how is it enlightened and intelligent to ignore the pain and suffering of others along with the collapse of the environment, the very platform for life? It is smug arrogance and ignorance, mind controlled spiritual ego to continue in these perpetuated doctrines.
When the slanderous attacks come for addressing these problems be clear you are only establishing your own ignorance and character. You are waving the I am totally mind controlled and don't give a shit about anyone else banner. Yet this will have consequences because we do live in an action/reaction world, you do have a physical body and will be subject to the destiny of this physical world. It will also be very clear in your awakening or in your light review when you leave this physical body when you could have helped and did not. Despite you ideologies. So drop the denial, the mind control, the spiritual ego and get busy we have a planet to turn around. It is time for right thinking, right action, right living, impeccable integrity and to stand in your own divinity leading yourself from your own heart and soul. The neutered, zombie, mind controlled robot worker is not an option and do not fool yourself into thinking the 1% have any other goal than the obvious. It is said a man/womans character is established by their actions. Forget about what is said, focus on what is done. Be well,
James Gilliland

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Ison's Debris Trail/Data

Tom and Judi to lindabuffy
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A Hathor Planetary Message through Tom Kenyon
We will divide our message into two parts. The first will deal with the escalation of your current Chaotic Node and the second with the nuclear facility at Fukushima Japan.

The Escalation of your current Chaotic Node

In relationship to previous Chaotic Nodes, this one is highly volatile.

From our perspective, the primary reason for this is related to changes in your Sun’s magnetic field. Indeed the escalation of this Chaotic Node is tied directly to the magnetic field shift that your Sun is entering.

There are anomalies present in this phase of your Sun’s magnetic field-shift, and your scientists are puzzled about the reasons for this odd behavior. As the Sun enters a more dynamic phase of magnetic reversal, including the period directly after the Sun’s magnetic poles shift, we anticipate further escalations of your current Chaotic Node. Any technological device or biological system that uses electromagnetic fields is subject to aberrations during this phase of the Sun’s magnetic pole reversal.

Do not be surprised if your computers and telecommunications devices present erratic behavior. As biological organisms, you are being continually stressed by this particular Chaotic Node, and depending upon your level of sensitivity you might be experiencing sleep disturbances, emotional volatility, cognitive dissonance, memory glitches and an inability to sequence mentally—in the ways you are used to.

While we mentioned these aberrations in our previous message, we think you will see an increase of these phenomena as your Sun enters a more dynamic shift in its magnetic fields—including the period after the actual magnetic pole reversal occurs.

We suggest you refer to our previous message, Cognitive and Emotional Challenges During Chaotic Nodes, for a simple method that might assist you as you move through the escalation phases of this current Chaotic Node.


The nuclear facility at Fukushima, Japan is in a critical phase of its decommissioning. This involves removing highly radioactive rods from one of its damaged reactors. It is most unfortunate that this is taking place during the escalation phase of your current Chaotic Node, but such is the nature of duality.

Fukushima poses a major ecological threat to the entire Pacific Basin, and if the radioactivity is not contained it will eventually threaten the ecosystem of the entire planet.

This is a very complex situation.

Three of the reactors experienced core meltdowns during the Earthquake in 2011. There is no current technology available to handle this level of radioactivity. In addition to leakage from storage facilities at Fukushima where radioactive water is stored, underground streams that flow underneath Fukushima into the Pacific Ocean are being contaminated by the three core meltdowns.

From our perspective this is having dire consequences.

We are proposing the use of a specific sound meditation for the purposes of supporting the nature spirits of this region, to support the human beings who are engaged in the dangerous and critical decommissioning of this facility and for the inspiration of new technologies to deal with the crisis. This sound meditation is for those of you committed to planetary service for the “long haul” as you say.

The situation at Fukushima will continue in various forms for at least the next two to three decades unless hitherto unknown new technologies arise to deal with the core meltdowns and the contamination of underground streams that flow into the Pacific Ocean.

If you feel an alignment with this purpose and a resonance with the sounds that comprise this meditation we invite you to join this planetary work.

To fully participate in this sound mediation and to have a positive impact upon the situation, you must have clarity, vibrational fortitude and perseverance. This is a calling to high spiritual mastery under dire circumstances.

Let us address the three attributes required.


The clarity required here is the recognition that as creator-beings you have the capacity and the right as human beings living on this planet, especially collectively, to change outcomes. This is done through clarity of purpose and clarity of emotion. It is the union of thought and purpose joined with coherent emotion that will produce the most positive impact.

Vibrational Fortitude

Metaphorically speaking you are swimming in the debris field of a global energetic tsunami.

You are witnessing the collapse of civilization as you have known it, and the birthing of a new civilization. But one consequence of such radical shifting in such a short period of time is the arising of fear.

In order to participate in this global meditation, this form of planetary service, you must temporarily transcend your fear responses. You must enter a highly coherent state of emotional vibration to be effective in this.


Because the situation at Fukushima will continue in various forms for many years, this is not a short-term application of spiritual mastery. It requires that you revisit the situation in meditation many, many times. The task of applying yourself to the task at hand, i.e., the transformation of the situation at Fukushima through highly coherent states of emotion and clarity of purpose, requires your attention multiple times. In other words, after you get a sense of the meditation, you re-enter it whenever you feel called to do so and until the situation at Fukushima has been fully resolved.

The Meditation

The sounds that comprise this meditation impart healing energies to the nature spirits of the region surrounding Fukushima. It also imparts support to the human beings engaged in the task of decommissioning the facility.

When you listen to this sound meditation, you would ideally enter a state of vibrational resonance you might describe as ecstasy, impersonal love, appreciation or gratitude. While remaining in one, or all, of these coherent states for the entire duration of the meditation, you imagine positive outcomes in whatever ways they present themselves to you.

If you do not know how to enter ecstasy and wish to experiment with this coherent state of being, we suggest you read a previous message entitled Ecstasy and the Heart, which presents a simple method for generating this state of consciousness.

It is not so important which coherent state of consciousness you use, i.e., ecstasy, impersonal love, appreciation or gratitude. But it is a vital necessity that you attain a highly coherent state that transcends fear in order to be effective during this meditation.

Without knowing how it will be accomplished you hold the clear intention that the situation at Fukushima be resolved for the benefit of life upon this planet.

Collectively this intention will set a quantum field effect into motion. The purpose of this  energetic is to inspire new technologies and new ways of dealing with the situation.

The meditation itself is 3 minutes and 28 seconds long.

Personal Protection

If you live within or near the Pacific Basin we suggest you refer to a previous message entitled Medicines of Light. This is a mind/body/spirit process that engages your higher dimensional aspects to protect your biological expression, i.e., your physical body.


This message is a calling to a specific and highly demanding form of planetary work and service. You will know if you have been called to participate in this form of Planetary Service for you will feel a response in your heart/mind and an enlivening of your being.

We have said it before, and we will say it again, “The journey of an Initiate is the art of applying consciousness to life.” It is through this application that you gain greater mastery.

To those of you who feel called to join this particular form of planetary service, we extend to you our deepest appreciation.

The Hathors
November 26, 2013

Tom’s Thoughts and Observations

Shortly after the Japanese earthquake of 2011, which severely damaged the Daiichi Nuclear Facility at Fukushima, I was in meditation when I unexpectedly found myself on an imaginal cliff overlooking the island of Japan.

A Tibetan Buddhist lama by the name of Yabsong Rinpoche was sitting by my side. He pointed down and said “Soon the entire world will be suffering like Japan.”

It would seem that his words are turning out to be sadly prophetic.

It is not in the scope, or the purpose of this message, to discuss the many ecological danger signals that point to Fukushima. Anyone interested in exploring the increasingly large pool of data, beyond the superficial treatment of the crisis by our mainstream media, can find a lot on the Internet by doing a search of the words “Fukushima radiation,” “Fukushima core meltdown,” and “Fukushima debris field.”

I would just urge you to keep your “wits” about you as there is a lot of erroneous and hyperbolic information floating out there about the disaster. The facts are scary enough without having to go into unsubstantiated speculation. For the sake of clarity I would suggest reading reports from reputable scientists—especially those in the fields of nuclear energy, ecology and the marine sciences, as well as those who work in the fields of epidemiological research (meaning where cancer and radiation related illnesses are increasing in various populations including Japan and North America). I would also give more weight to respected alternative news sources. In my opinion these include, but are certainly not limited to, The Huffington Post (, Energy News (, Simply Info (, The Guardian (, and Greenpeace (

Background on the Fukushima Sound Meditation

After the Hathors asked me to channel this sound meditation to help with the crisis, I asked them—ever the skeptic—to explain how this meditation could possibly change the course of such a true debacle. After all, radiation of the type being released by Fukushima is highly toxic and damaging to most biological life-forms including we humans who have perched ourselves on the top rung of the evolutionary ladder, a position I consider to be highly tenuous.

They explained that the sound meditation would focus on the three areas mentioned in their message above—1) to assist the nature spirits of the area, 2) to assist the humans who are undertaking such a critical task under the direst of circumstances and 3) to inspire other humans in the sciences and technology sectors to create new technologies capable of dealing with the unprecedented challenges that Fukushima presents.

Interestingly, the Hathors are of the opinion that in addition to new radiation management technologies, some of these new technologies will be “biologically based” and will be developed by cell biologists, as well as by researchers who work with mushrooms and fungi.

The Hathors contend that when the Meditation itself is engaged properly, those working with it will, in effect, create a quantum field-effect that can affect future possible outcomes around Fukushima. In essence, those who work the meditation will be Jumping Timelines, as the Hathors call it.

This is a very important piece of information, in my opinion, as it provides a theoretical understanding how such an ephemeral thing as this meditation could affect such a terrible situation in three-dimensional reality. I therefore suggest you read a previous Hathor message entitled Jumping Timelines, if you haven’t already read it. (Note: Click on the link above or go to and click on the Hathor tab. You will be taken to the Hathor Archives. Simply scroll down to the message titled Jumping Timelines).

I imagine that some readers might like to know what transpired for me during the recording process, and I will do my best to describe my experiences although, quite frankly, I find that words fail to capture the staggering breadth of energies and cosmic assistance being offered to humanity in this most precarious of passages. If you don’t care for such matters, just skip down to the subtitle The Meditation where I clarify the nuts and bolts of how to do it.

A Descent of Light

With the very first notes of the first channeling that became the foundation track of the recording, I psychically sensed a tower of white light descending from space into the Fukushima reactors and the surrounding environs.

As I recorded other channeled sounds, the light often changed to a type of violet flame, which I interpreted as an effort to transmute the very difficult energetic conditions. I also clearly sensed other colors from the light spectrum—especially gold, silver, blue and purple—indicating to me that many spirit beings from the realms of light were adding their assistance as well.

At one point during the recording process, some of which took place in the wee hours of the morning, I was overcome with pathos as the channeled sounds began to flow from the Devic Kingdom to the nature spirits around Fukushima. For a moment I was flooded with a sense of utter despair coming from the nature spirits in the region, so much so that I had to stop recording and regroup myself in order to find a state of emotional balance so that I could continue with the channeling.

About one-third into the recording, you can probably hear three distinct voices to the far stereo left, far stereo right and stereo center. These are the voices of three High Devas (in my language meaning high up the vibrational scale at the juncture between the High Astral and the Etheric). For me these voices carry a sense of spiritual fortitude and strength mixed with a soft and gentle compassion.

These extraordinary beings were directing their energy and full intent to support both the nature spirits of the region as well as the human beings who are faced with the daunting task of decommissioning the facility.

The Meditation

The recording is 3:28 minutes long.

Although the Hathors described the meditation quite well, for the sake of clarity, here are the steps:
  1. Enter a coherent state of emotion such as appreciation, gratitude, impersonal love and/or ecstasy. Consciously enter a state of appreciation, gratitude, impersonal love and/or ecstasy according to your own capacity to enter coherent states of consciousness. The simplest coherent state for most people to enter at will, is simple appreciation. If you are more adept at these things, you can choose one of the more complex coherent emotional states as you wish. But to be clear, simple appreciation is enough of a coherent state to make the meditation effective. As the Hathors clearly state, you must be in a coherent state of mind and emotion that transcends fear in order to be effective at this.
  2. Listen to the sound meditation while you remain in this coherent emotional state.
  3. Imagine, in whatever ways seem natural to you, that the situation at Fukushima is being resolved in life benevolent ways.
This type of knowingness is not just idle hope or mere fantasy on our part. It is the engineering of intention through the union of coherent emotion and mental clarity.

This energized clarity is what creates the quantum field effect that the Hathors described to me when I asked them how such a meditation could contribute anything real to the situation.

In other words, as those of us around the world engage the meditation, we will set into motion a movement of energies that can constellate into new and more positive outcomes. How this will show up will be anybody’s guess. But if the meditation is successful through all our joint efforts, I would expect to see an increase in both serendipity and new forms of creative problem solving in relationship to Fukushima.

I suspect that within our world sangha there will be many variations of the meditation. The important thing is to work with it in ways that seem natural and plausible to you. Those of you who are experienced in engineering outcomes through meditative states of mind will undoubtedly know what to do. For those of you new to this type of meditation, my primary suggestion is to let yourself settle into and be enveloped by the coherent emotion that you have chosen. As you “let go” and really experience the coherency of your chosen emotion, you will eventually find a deep intuitive sense emerging. This type of intuition is from your own heart/mind and it will reveal to you how to proceed via your creative imagination. In other words, once you have entered deeply enough into coherency and set into motion your intention of imagining a resolution, ideas will spontaneously arise within your mind.

One of the many things I appreciate about this sound meditation is that it is short and effective. It shifts my brain state into a very receptive state quite quickly, and due to its length I find that I can easily fit the meditation into my daily schedule.

This meditation is to be done on your own whenever you choose to engage it. There are no plans at this point to have a global world meditation where we all meditate at the same time.

An important thing to remember is that this is not a one-time deal. If this experiment in consciousness is to be effective, the meditation will need to be engaged by many of us around the world multiple times for many years if not decades. Indeed, for those of you who choose to undertake this form of planetary service, the meditation is a profound calling to presence. Furthermore, this level of work will require a level of spiritual fortitude and perseverance that is, for most of us, unprecedented.

A Final Thought

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”  - Albert Einstein

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Extended Play Version of the Fukushima Sound Meditation

After working with the Fukushima sound meditation multiple times, I realized that I wanted to listen to a longer version. This was because I found this particular sound meditation to be such a profound gateway into the Devic and Angelic realms of light. I therefore created a version of the sound track that is a little over an hour long, which I call Passage Into the Devic and Angelic Realms.

I do want to be clear that the 3:28 minute version, which is offered without charge on the website, is all that is needed for you to work the meditation effectively. You need nothing else sound wise.   

Passage Into the Devic and Angelic Realms is currently available only as an mp3 audio download.

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The Arcturian Anthology

The second printing of The Arcturian Anthology has arrived and is ready to be shipped. The book comes with a companion CD of Arcturian sound meditations, including sounds from the Arcturian Re-genesis Chamber. You can click on the link below or go to the store to order The Arcturian Anthology.   

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Saturday, 14 December 2013

ES ~Ascension News~Returning to Father

A coffee and a muffin at Waits in Nelson to help others out....only 5 dollars!

Coffee card campaign — Helping emergency shelter patrons

Here is a kind way to help out folks in need in Nelson.

Rebuttal to Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission Dec 10th 2013 Live Broadcast

Thanks Liz my American friend for sending me this Canadian clip today .

98 % of Sea Floor covered in dead creatures 145 mi.from California

Angora and the Horrors for the poor rabbits ...

H&M has stopped production of all its angora products in response to horrific video footage showing the torture of rabbits on angora farms in China.
But Zara refuses to do the same. Tell Zara to save the bunnies, and cease production of angora products. 
Great news! Huge clothing retailer, H&M, ceased production of all its angora products last week, in response to horrific video footage released by PETA that shows rabbits screaming in pain as their fur is torn off at angora farms in China, and to a 77,000-strong SumOfUs petition.
Sadly, Zara is refusing to do the same -- at the time of writing, there are still 60 angora items for sale on the Zara website.
Workers in China were secretly filmed by PETA, plucking angora rabbits of all their long, soft fur while they scream. Plucking a rabbit without causing harm takes up to two weeks of gently removing the loosened hair, but here it takes only a few, violent minutes. After this tortuous experience, which the rabbits endure every three months, many of them appeared to go into shock, lying motionless inside their tiny, filthy cages.
H&M has taken responsibility for this barbaric practice, Zara should too.
Tell Zara to stop production of its angora products immediately, and save the bunnies!
Ninety percent of angora fur comes from China, where there are no penalties for abuse of animals on farms and no standards to regulate the treatment of the animals. The reason for this cruelty comes down to profit, pure and simple. Angora has a trade value of $35 to $45 per kilogram, but the longer hair that comes from plucking, as opposed to shearing, can sell for more than double that.
The big retailers have a responsibility to tell their suppliers that they won’t accept this brutal treatment of angora rabbits. H&M have acted, saying in a statement that it will step up inspections of its sub-suppliers before selling angora again. In the meantime, customers can take back their H&M angora products for a full refund. H&M isn’t the only one -- it joins Topshop, New Look, Esprit, Asos, and C&A.
If they can act, Zara can too. But right now, its website is full of angora sweaters, gloves, hats, and scarfs. Zara thinks we don’t care where our clothes from, or how they are made. We need to prove it wrong.
Tell Zara we don’t want to see angora on its shelves. Cease production of angora products!
UK retailers Topshop and Asos’ decision to stop the production of angora was a direct response to our pressure -- SumOfUs members not only signed petitions to those companies, but we kept the pressure up by commenting on the Topshop and Asos Facebook pages, tweeting, making campaign graphics, and writing personal letters -- all leading to a huge victory for both consumers and bunnies! Now let’s multiply our impact, by getting major global clothing retailer Zara to stop selling angora.
Thanks for all you do,
Hanna, Johnny, Joakim, Martin, Ledys, Paul, and the rest of us at

More Information:
H&M stops the production of all angora products, H&M, 27 November
Stretchers, shears and tiny bunny screams—making that angora sweater is rarely pretty, Quartz, 29 November
SumOfUs is a worldwide movement of people like you, working together to hold corporations accountable for their actions and forge a new, sustainable path for our global economy.

Please help keep SumOfUs strong by chipping in $3.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Kevin Annett: Pope Bergoglio flaunts UN on child trafficking as 30 BC children's bodies found

It is so sad and appalling how many young native children were beaten, raped, molested, starved and murdered in Canada at the residential schools . Many adults still do not know where their children's bodies are buried. And it was churches doing this genocide. That is so horrendous to me that those who wore the cloth and were supposedly married to Christ and serving the Lord were inflicting such horrors on little innocent children . Simply disgusting and enough to turn a lot of folks off of religion forever.

Space Weather News for Dec. 12, 2013

GEMINID METEOR SHOWER: Earth is entering a stream of debris from "rock comet" 3200 Phaethon, source of the annual Geminid meteor shower. Last night, NASA cameras recorded more than a dozen fireballs over the USA. Geminid activity should remain relatively high for the next three or four nights, with a peak expected on Dec. 13-14. Check for more information and observing tips.

GEOMAGNETIC STORM: On Dec. 7th, a solar wind stream hit Earth's magnetic field, sparking an unexpected geomagnetic storm and Northern Lights over several US states. Did you miss it? Auroras alerts are available from (text) and (voice).

Sunday, 8 December 2013

ISON and LOVEJOY/Paul Begley Show Tonight. Starts at 7PM Eastern

Blue Star ~The Return... 
I noted today that  someone in Hawaii had come across this channelled message from Patricia Pereira on this blog, and ironically, I had been searching on the blog to try  to locate it. So here it is posted again, as the Cosmic Comic oops, Comet Ison has been spectacular ! Cheers ...

James Gilliland ~Checkin ' in from Mexico

Day 7 Mexico
So far it has been an interesting journey. Dreams are clear manifestations following the dreams. It has been a maybe good maybe bad story. Just flowing with what ever comes. I now have something in common with Steve Irwin. A stingray decided to bless my ankle with a hole. Not to worry healed real fast next day back in the water. Fin came off paddle board and a wave ride gave me a lesson in humility after the first run out and back staying on my feet while others fell. I wanted to manifest a scooter and the next morning right in front of my favorite restaurant there it was for sale at a great price. I have five people wanting to buy it off me when I leave for the same price after driving it for 3 months. It broke down right in front of the best motorcycle mechanic in the area. They walked out did a couple tricks on it and it runs awesome. The synchronicity is awesome even with contacting people. Doing lots of clearings, some talks and though it is a vacation hard to turn people down in these trying times. The visions are off the scale wondering if everyone is experiencing these waves of energy coming through as I am. Hang in there the energies are intense and I am still doing long distance transpersonal release sessions while in Mexico. Be well,
James Gilliland
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Space Weather News for Dec. 8, 2013

METEOR OUTBURST: The Canadian Meteor Orbit Radar is detecting echoes from a meteor outburst in the constellation Andromeda, in progress on Dec. 8th. It appears to be debris from old Comet Biela, which broke apart in the 19th century. Observers in the northern hemisphere, especially Europeans, should be alert for Andromedid meteors on the night of Dec. 8-9. More information may be found at

GEOMAGNETIC STORM: A solar wind stream hit Earth's magnetic field on Dec. 7th, sparking an unexpected geomagnetic storm and Northern Lights over numerous US states. NOAA forecasters estimate a 35% chance of additional storms on Dec. 8th and 9th. Auroras alerts are available from (text) and (voice).

Saturday, 7 December 2013

7 Days Later. Hercolubus 2

Take a Seat - Make a Friend?

Ah then, this is a FUN clip that Liz sent today. I enjoyed it and wish that all towns had one of these for the sheer fun of connecting in a non threatening, safe and "orby" environment..

Coat of Arms Decoded, ISON, December 16th, Golden & Silver Gates of Heaven!

Ah then, we will have to pay attention to December 16th and see "what's up".