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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Behind The Vinyl: "Raise a Little Hell" with Ra McGuire of Trooper

My theme song ...when I leave this planet please play it in memory of Fred and Carolyn!

Fantastic Fungi: The Spirit of Good

Astrology for the Soul, February 25, 2015

2/26/2015 -- ANOTHER Strange Light at Yellowstone -- Lights up distant geyser mound

2/26/2015 -- Three Large Eruptions in 1 Day @ Colima Volcano in Mexico

Fukushima Fallout WORLDWIDE


  Thank You for helping protect our public resource
Today will go down in history as the day we won real protections for net neutrality.
After a long campaign, this morning the FCC voted for what we demanded, and what a few big cable companies did not want: strong, enforceable net neutrality rules based on classifying broadband as a Title II communications service. Huge sums were spent lobbying Congress to try to limit what we can create and build and do online.

We accomplished what seemed impossible: we stood together, took on the goliaths, and won.
This was no small feat. It was the biggest show of public engagement the FCC had ever seen -- a mass movement of historic proportions. Millions of public comments flooded Washington on this issue. By banding together, we've helped to keep the Web open and accessible for everyone, equally.

What's next? We've known all along that cable companies would turn to the courts if they lost with the FCC, and that's exactly what they're preparing to do, but they likely have a very difficult road ahead. The President himself spoke in favor of strong rules to protect net neutrality. The FCC chairman, a former cable and wireless industry lobbyist, led the FCC to a vote on the rules we asked for. And anti-net neutrality bills in Congress have fizzled.

We have built a powerful and unified grassroots movement, and we aren't going anywhere.
We all know this won't be the last time we will need to join together to protect the Web from those that want to control it. With the net neutrality fight underway in the European Union, this victory in the U.S. will hopefully boost efforts there. Mozilla's policy experts are also keeping an eye on legislation about surveillance, privacy, and online safety and security just on the horizon.

A handful of growing empires will no doubt try again to take more control of what is possible and what is imaginable on the Web. I hope we can call on you to stand with us when the time comes. Strength in numbers -- that's how we win.

Today we celebrate -- click here to get a special photo to use for your Facebook profile to help commemorate this awesome victory.
Thanks again for your work to make today's outcome possible and for all that you do to protect the open Web.


Mark Surman
Executive Director

Donations help power our grassroots advocacy

2/24/2015 -- Yellowstone Strange 'Earthquake Lights' + Major Geyser Activity

2/24/2015 -- Large CME (coronal mass ejection) -- Unnamed comet SURVIVES solar flyby

2/25/2015 -- Mexico Volcano Eruption at Popocat├ępetl -- Daytime ash clouds + Lava at Night

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Ice Climbing Frozen Niagara Falls - Will Gadd's First Ascent

Wow my friends back in my hometown must be pretty cold this week.
Here is an article that Liz sent today with more photos of the incredibly beautiful cold and frozen Niagara Falls.
I was born 12 miles from the falls so I feel an awe  for this natural wonder. 

Niagara Falls has frozen over as extreme winter weather continues across the East Coast - and it is going to get even colder

Beyond Treason (Depleted Uranium US-WMD Iraq War Veterans Dying 2005).divx2

EUCACH Magnus Olsson: Dr Rauni Kilde radiated for four days with DEW. Remotely assassinated by NSA

Food Rising Mini-Farm Grow Box official launch video

2/24/2015 -- Giant Fireball over Montana, Idaho, Colorado, Utah, Washington, and Oregon

Space Weather News for Feb. 24, 2015

Last night, Feb. 23-24, observers across the western half of North America witnessed a spectacular cluster of bright lights in the sky. It was the re-entry and disintegration of a Chinese rocket body. Coincidentally, a geomagnetic storm was in progress at the time and more than one photographer caught the rocket's debris cutting across curtains of Northern Lights. Visit for photos and more information.

New Zealand seismic testing is killing the whales

More than 100 pilot whales have died following a series of tragic mass strandings on New Zealand’s coast.
And for weeks, oil companies have been firing deafening shocks to the seafloor in the same area -- potentially interfering with the whales' ability to navigate.
Tell the New Zealand government to put all seismic testing on hold and launch an independent study.
Click here to sign the Petition
More than 100 distressed pilot whales have stranded and died on New Zealand's beaches in recent weeks.
And nearby, oil exploration companies have been ceaselessly firing sonic booms to map the seafloor. Local conservationists are calling for urgent research into the impact of the exploration on the whales -- something the government should have done before granting licenses to the oil companies in the first place.
The New Zealand government is sticking by its oily friends for now. But we know the government monitors New Zealand's green image closely, and relies heavily on it for tourism and exports. That’s why an international outcry could tip the government in favor of the whales.
Tell the New Zealand government to halt all seismic testing and launch an independent study on its effects.
Whales and dolphins rely on sound for navigating. But the seismic surveying methods used during oil and gas exploration generate loud sounds which can travel large distances through water.
The New Zealand government has allowed an unprecedented amount of seismic testing for deep sea oil to take place in its waters this year, particularly by Norwegian company Statoil. It has happily granted permits to test in marine mammal reserves -- including off the West Coast of the North Island, inside a sanctuary intended to protect the highly-endangered Maui's dolphin.
Seismic testing is the first step of oil exploration. It is done from a ship firing off repeated sound blasts every few seconds, day and night, and sometimes over weeks or months.
The blasts, created by large underwater air guns, generate a pressure wave that penetrates the seafloor and the reflected sound waves are then recorded by an array of sensors dragged on long cables after the ship. The seismic explosions can be heard over 100kms away.
This must stop. We know we need to leave 80% of known fossil fuels in the ground if we are to prevent dangerous runaway climate change. There is absolutely no justification for exploring for new sources of oil -- especially when they could contribute to putting at risk the health of whales and dolphins who are already struggling to survive in our changing climate.
We only have one planet, so we need to look after it together. That’s why we’re supporting local resistance against corporate destruction from the tar sands of Canada to the shores of New Zealand.
Sign the petition to halt seismic testing for deep sea oil off the New Zealand coast.
Thanks for all you do,
Paul, Angus, Cami, and the team at SumOfUs

Niagara Falls Ice photos winter 2015

Monday, 23 February 2015

Jealous - Nick Jonas Cover By William Singe

A friend turned  me on to this . Really awesome !

Sam Cooke You Send Me

And to balance out some of the planet's more distressing news.... some Sam Cooke.


2/22/2015 -- Mexico Earthquake Forecast Hit -- 6.2 Magnitude strikes warned area


Home again home again ....

Home from a business /pleasure trip to Idaho and Spokane . Took a few photos and wanted to post them today. So here they are.
 Linda and Carolyn in Spokane , they took me out for a birthday dinner there
 My friend Sam who's musical talents astound and move my soul
 Rick and Carolyn at a bar called Cheap Shots
Sam at his keyboard
 Me, (Linda) sitting at Carolyn's before a Friday night outing
 A band in Spokane called Soul Proprietor who played at a club called The Big Dipper or some such
 Carolyn at her home
 The city beach at Coeur d'Alene Idaho on Sunday
 Tubbs hill in CDA which I have walked the trail oh so many times when I lived in that hood
Couldn't resist taking a photo of this Budweiser sign. Seemed so American

Thursday, 19 February 2015

2/19/2015 -- Earthquake Update - Pacific unrest showing - United States under pressure

Oakland Port suspends Operations 2-20-15

hmmm...what is going on at the ports? And why?

"GEORGE": Interdimensional ETs are helping ascension through Contactees, Psychics & Talk Show Hosts

Here is a link to view the drawings of the interdimensional and other off worlders by the man who is on this show with Alfred.

Niagara Falls Deep Freeze & -32°C Windchills

Helicopter Shooting for BC wolves.....simply disgusting! Boycott BC!

Dear friends, Nearly 200 wolves are going to be shot from helicopters over the next few weeks, in a bloody attempt to save an endangered caribou herd in western Canada. And these killings are likely to go on for five years.

The mountain caribou is close to dying out, thanks to decades of degradation of their habitat by Big Oil and Industry. But instead of curtailing this industrial habitat disruption, the BC government has chosen to scapegoat wolves. Let's stop the industrial encroachment of the caribous and wolves' territory!

SumOfUs is a worldwide movement of people like you, working together to hold corporations accountable for their actions and forge a new, sustainable path for our global economy. Please help keep SumOfUs strong by chipping in $3.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Brenton Wood - Give Me Some Kind Of Sign (1968)

Someone today posted a song by Brenton Wood on facebook and it took me down memory lane to when I met him in LA in 1968 when I was still young. He commented that my eyes looked stoned, but I wasn't . Just had those kinda eyes I guess. He was a friend of my father's at the time estranged wife.
The weird looking  guy introducing Brenton may be that pedophile from the UK. so that is creepy. Or rather knowing that is. 

The National Betrayal of Dr Harvey Bigelsen

This kind doctor helped my dear friend heal his prostate cancer quite simply and easily. He needs some assistance now.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

BluesBoogy~Silverton BC

Saturday some friends and I went to another town here in the Kootenays to hear 2 blues bands, at the Silverton Community hall. It was an interesting night. We all stayed in New Denver at the local  hotel, and were shuttled by kind volunteers to the dance. The music was great, the place was packed, it was their 23rd annual , the funds were being raised for the pre school there and other things needed in their community. Some time in to the show, the power blew out. The band valiantly kept on playing accoustically, while folks still danced, and folks got out flashlights and cell phone lights etc. It was great too as one could actually talk to others at the table and hear what they said. Then awhile later, a generator arrived, so the music got amplified again. Eventually the power was restored. However we learned that the road up to our hotel was closed due to flooding and we wondered how/if we would get to our hotel again that night. Having only brought funds with us and leaving all else behind in the hotel room, we decided to just keep on dancing. So we did. Until the band wrapped it up at 1:30 am. And thank the Heavens and fellows with heavy equipment who came and cleared the road debris from the flooding enough to open it up . We all got a ride together in a nice woman's car who fit all 5 of us in, a volunteer. What a great community Silverton has and New Denver too. We were so grateful to be able to catch a ride to our hotel and that the road got repaired. So here are a few photos from our night hearing and dancing to the blues.
                                   Puff Puff in the overnight suitcase before it got all packed
 Having a nice nap and getting Puff hairs in the suitcase for my black clothing to sit on
 Neighbour Diana who came with us on the ride to Silverton and the dance as well
                                          Moi's profile as we drive along in the snowy land
                                 Diana and Anna at Odin's pub before the blues show/dance
                          Fred and Linda outside our hotel. And an orb above Linda's shoulder
                                               Diana and Anna at the blues boogie
                                                                    Linda and Linda
                                                           Linda and her fella Fred
                                                                     Trevor and Diana

                                                               Linda and Diana
                                                              My very white hand...

FireVolcano closes Guatemala airport

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Astrology for the Soul February 3, 2015

February 2015 Energy Forecast - Lee Harris - The Energy of 2015

"Stop Horrific Dog Meat Trade!!! Demand China Make Animal Cruelty Laws!!!."

I just signed the petition, "Stop Horrific Dog Meat Trade!!! Demand China Make Animal Cruelty Laws!!!."
I think this is important. Will you sign it too?
Here's the link:

2/4/2015 -- Earthquake Forecast -- West coast AND East coast watch