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Monday, 27 July 2015

Lafayette Louisiana ACTORS and Social Media "professionals" Playing FAKE "concerned citizens"

There is a Hit List and This is How Doctors End Up On It (8 dead in just 2 months!)

IDF Calls Up Hundreds of Thousands for Emergency-Readiness Drills

Israel Calls Up Hundreds of Thousands of Troops.

7/27/2015 -- ANOTHER Large M7.0 Earthquake in the Pacific -- Major Unrest showing

Space Weather News for July 27, 2015

TRANSCONTINENTAL SPACE WEATHER BALLOON EXPERIMENT: Last week, and the students of Earth to Sky Calculus conducted a unique experiment in atmospheric radiation involving airplanes and high-altitude balloons launched simultaneously almost 3000 miles apart. For the next five days, we will be highlighting some of the results. The news kicks off with some interesting measurements of cosmic radiation inside a commercial passenger jet. Visit for details.

BLUE MOON: There's a full Moon this week and according to modern folklore it is a "Blue Moon." Most Blue Moons are gray, as usual, but sometimes a Blue Moon can really turn blue. Find out more about this phenomenon in today's edition of

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Thursday, 23 July 2015

7/23/2015 -- West Coast LARGE Earthquake Warning -- USGS quote "any day now"

NEW ASTEROID/2 Days Away/Comet Tempel

The 12 Year Old Girl Who Silenced the World for 6 Minutes

When David Suzuki's girl spoke out with power

Could Amy Winehouse Have Been Saved? Russell Brand The Trews (E356)

Alexandra Meadors: 3D and Higher Dimensional Allied Forces Unite for A Mission! July 21, 2015


The title is a bit misleading it was only 3 Americans who spoke out there...

Astrology for the Soul July 22, 2015

Fukushima, US Nuclear Problems, & Radioactive Gold (Nuclear Hotseat #213)

RAW: Orphaned bear cubs saved

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Atlantean Crystal Use & Human Androgony - John Van Auken - Edgar Cayce

Latest Report on Radiation Levels in Fukushima 7/21/15

Frank The Banjo Man Sings - Balld Of James Gilliland - ECETI Ranch

Frank The Banjo Man Sings - Balld Of James Gilliland - ECETI Ranch

TIKI TAANE Live @ LEIGH - Saviour / Summer / Get up

September 23-24, 2015 HOAX - REAL 'Satanic Cult' pushing End of the World "Rapture Rumor"

9.2 Cascadia Megathrust Tsunami | Video Animation

I truly pray this does not come to pass

Full Moon in Aquarius 31st July 2015

Comet 1770 Incoming/YELLOWSTONE WARNING!!!

Moret & Battis: Jade Helm-Ukraine-Pope-UN post 2015 Agenda are one integrated Jesuit operation

NASA releases 'eyebrow raising' image of Earth | EPIC

You Can Be A Buddha Today

Everything Is Here to Help You- Matt Kahn/

LOOK! New American Malls Are Almost Identical to Nazi Concentration Campsmp...

2015 ECETI Ranch UFO-ORB Montage Video

2015 ECETI Ranch UFO-ORB Montage Video

Friday, 17 July 2015

People are in HUGE TROUBLE all across the US but DON't KNOW IT. RADIATION POISONING.

Emergency: Statewide Fishing Closures. Fish DIE-OFF, Disease Fukushima.

Nothing head scratching about this sad..

Solar Eruption/7.0 EarthQuake/CERN Over Heats

"Nuclear Waste Overflowing into Pacific at Fukushima. Impossible to Stop Spill..." - Officials.

Sofia Smallstorm - Bruce Jenner's Trans-formation & Terasem Transreligion - Hour 1

Fukushima Daiichi Decommissioning: Follow the Money w/ A Gundersen 7/17/15

Simon's Cat - Kitten Collection!


Interesting information ...

Explosion near CERN | Huge fireball erupts into the air!

Archaeologists Unveil 24 New Geoglyphs On Peru's Nazca Plateau

7/17/2015 -- Earthquake Overview and Global Forecast -- USA, EU, Asia, South America

Sandra Bland's Arrest

This woman is now dead and it is highly unlikely she took her own life. Another woman killed while incarcerated. Ugly news. Bless her soul.

The Oracle Report~Wise Owls...

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Coast To Coast AM - July 1, 2015 Seal Team Six, Ramtha & UFOs

'I Thought I Was Dying': Avril Lavigne Has Lyme Disease

Survivalists Under Attack! They Are Trying to Shut Down Canada's Largest Private Bunker

Alert! California Now Wants to be First State to Mandate Adult Vaccines

Tiki Taane in Vanuatu with the Fred Hollows Foundation

A-Z of Energy – Self-Judgment: Our Excuses Not to Live

FREE: Experiencers of ETs, Multidimensionals, Spirituality, Consciousness now have a home



Astrology for the Soul July 15, 2015

7/16/2015 -- Large M6.5 earthquake strikes Caribbean near Barbados

Fukushima's EXTREME CHALLENGES! "Solutions YET to Be Discovered"

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

3 UFOs Seperate Intelligently Over Packed City Of Zagreb - Croatia


Russia Considers US Nuclear Test 'Open Provocation', 2 More Tests Still to Come

CERN's LHC Has Discovered A New Sub Atomic Particle Called a Pentaquark

Great name for a new

First Picture of El Chapo's Motorbike Tunnel That Was Used to Escape Prison

Is this shite for real?

Ron Paul - final prediction, warning to americans 5/2015

Fukushima is WAY Beyond ANYTHING Anyone Prepared For Update 6/12/15

Dead Doctors: Now 8 Dead & Disappeared. Possible Anti-Vaccine Link.

TIMING of STAGED Islamic Video. McCain LAPTOP Hacked Dec/13 & REVEALED NOW?

Today's Pluto fly by...

Monday, 13 July 2015

Port Hardy bear cubs July 7 2015


Putin's party unveils Russian 'Straight Pride' Flag

Good Lord...what next?

David Hatcher Childress - Tesla, Mars & Moon Monuments & Enigma of Oblisques


Planet X/"Chinese Guest Star"/Visible by December 2015/ PT. 1

Researchers Confirm: The Largest Pyramid In Mexico Has Been Found

System Outages Hit ALL U.S. Critical Infrastructures in 1 Week!

Dueling Banjos Deliverance

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Cosmic cinema: astronomers make real-time, 3D movies of plasma tubes dri...

The Death Of Bees Explained – Parasites, Poison and Humans

7 and Tioga ufo sightings

Space Weather News for July 12, 2015

SPACE WEATHER ON PLUTO: As NASA's New Horizons spacecraft prepares to buzz Pluto on July 14th, space weather forecasters have released long distance predictions for the distant dwarf planet. A region of merged CMEs could be on the verge of hitting Pluto and compressing its atmosphere, but this is expected to happen well after the flyby. Meanwhile, New Horizons has just taken its best picture of Pluto's farside, which is dotted with mysterious dark spots. Check for more information.

AURORA ALERTS: On July 10th and 11th, a G1-class geomagnetic storm sparked auroras over multiple US states including Michigan, Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts and the Dakotas. Did you miss the display? Next time get a phone call while geomagnetic storms are underway. Aurora alerts are available from (text) and (phone).

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China Evacuates Over 865,000 As Super Typhoon Nears Mainland

800ft disc appears above highway | 2 Haunebu appear over Seattle

Military Train Seen In Texas, Fully Loaded Down, Ahead of Jade Helm 15


This is very interesting

Mysterious Giant Hole In Siberia Is Gradually Filling Up with Water, Expanding

Mystery Explosion On Salty Brine Beach Sends Women Flying, Releases Strange Odor

Wow! New Pluto Photo Shows Complex 'Band of Patterns' Stretching 1,000 Miles Long

Solar Scientists Armed with New Data Say Earth Is Headed for a Mini Ice Age In 15 Years

Antarctica Nazi underground base found on Google Earth in New Swabia!

Amy Winehouse I love you more than you'll ever know LIVE (Inédit RARE)

How I love Amy's sultry voice. She was simply the best!


Well how interesting is this

HEALTH ALERT**Closing Half WEST COAST*Unprecedented Extent! California PUBLIC HEALTH ALERT.

Just one month ago, wonder how it is now?

Fukushima WASTE Even Falling Out of BAGS & More update 6/16/15


Jim Carrey's Secret Hand Signal

The global elitists just love to put their shite right in our faces....

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Fukushima: Officials Say Much of the Pacific Ocean Threatened by Radiation Releases

CHEMTRAILS: Nuclear Chemist Publishes Paper: "Aluminum Poisoning of Humanity Via Geoengineering"


Killer Weapons: Boeing's New Laser Gun Is A Game-Changer for US Soldiers

I Was Offered Millions To Stop Exposing Depopulation! Kevin Galalae

Overdose of Hepatitis A Vaccine Given to 250 Immigrant Kids Detained In ...

Jane Fonda ~Toronto Climate Change protest

Wild fires burning in the Kootenays

TIKI TAANE LIVE @ LEIGH - Love Your Ways / What I Got

Space Weather News for July 4-5, 2015

A solar wind stream hit Earth's magnetic field on July 4th, sparking a moderately strong (G2-class) geomagnetic storm. High-latitude sky watchers who receive this email before sunrise on July 5th should be alert for auroras. The hours around local midnight are usually the best times to look. Check for updates.

AURORA ALERTS: Don't sleep through the auroras. Get a phone call when geomagnetic storms are underway. Space weather alerts are available from (text) and (voice).

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Thursday, 2 July 2015

ITNJ Ceremonial Seating : Teaser & Treaty reading

Suspicious! Two Car Bombs Found Inside Car Near Texas Border

Neil Young + Promise Of The Real - The Monsanto Years: The Message

Geiger Counter Test for Radiation @ Marina Del Rey, CA July 1, 2015

What Are the Strange Spots on These New Images of Pluto?

Another Derailment: 5,000 Evacuated After Train Derails In Tennessee

Weed Isn't Just Legal In Oregon, It's FREE

SpaceX Rocket Explodes Minutes After Launch

A little 4th of July fire works early ....thanks Liz for bringing this to my attention

Entering the 6th Mass Extinction

Free track from a Tribe Called Red with Buffy Sainte Marie

Hey gang! We have a new free track for you today!
Buffy Sainte-Marie is an innovator, trailblazer, an inspiration. She was one of the few positive indigenous figures growing up for people our age. We were really excited when she approached her to revisit her song "Working For The Government" and as we're in the Canada Day - 4th of July week, we thought it would be a good idea to give you this track. You can download it for free by visiting or stream it on Youtube. This is a good time to also thank everyone for their support at shows and for the Suplex EP. You guys have been amazing. Looking forward to more shows this summer!
A Tribe Called Red team (in the studio)
Upcoming Canadian Tour Dates for ATCR:
July 4 – Eskasoni, NS – Eskasoni PowWow
July 12 – Toronto, ON – PanAM Park, Echo Beach (free show)
July 17 – Trumansburg, NY – GrassRoots Festival
July 18 – Toronto, ON – Aboriginal Pavillion, Fort York (free show)
July 23 – Peguis First Nation, MB – Peguis Arena
July 24 – Brandon, MB – Brandon Folk Music & Art Festival (Tickets)
July 31 – Montreal, QC – Osheaga Music & Arts Festival (Tickets)
August 1 – Sept-Iles, QC – Innu Nikamu festival
August 7 – Washington, DC – Smithonian Museum (free show)
August 12 – Toronto, ON – Nathan Phillips Square (free show)
August 15 – Sudbury, ON – UP FEST, Durham Playgrounds (Tickets)

911 Level Warning/Homeland Security/July 4

Astrology for the Soul July 1, 2015

'Cosmic King and "Queen"' Dazzle Earthlings | Reunite after 2000 Years!

3rd "Alternative" Prominent Doctor Found Dead In 2 Weeks