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Saturday, 31 December 2016

4k UFO over Melbourne December 31st 2016

Clif High-2017 Predictions on Everything

12/31/2016 -- New Years Earthquake Update -- Keep watch in West Pacific ...

PizzaGatePedoGate world wide ...

an excellent and uncensored social network page dedicated to the research and dissemination of Pizzagate material.  Use it and spread it around far and wide.

The Lid is blown off of PizzaGate and PedoGate!

Inauguration Riots and Domestic Terrorism~James Gilliland

Inauguration Riots and Domestic Terrorism

To the people planning these events, Black Lives Matter, DNC backed and Sorros funded provocateurs. I want to begin by saying I have always been anti corrupt government and have a long history of fighting it. I know their ways, the psyops programs and how they work. I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt you are being duped. You are working towards the goals of the illuminati the one world government; which are presently laughing at your ignorance. Who do you think are funding these operations? I would read Brave New World and Farenheight 451 as well as watch the movie Time Machine. You are acting like the Eloi controlled by the Morlocks and the main stream news are the sirens. The ones funding these events are worse than the Morlocks; which are human flesh eating beings that raise the Eloi like cattle. At least the Morlocks did not engage in Satanic Blood Rituals involving human sacrifice, pedophile and other decadent activity.
Everything is not as it seems and many have been misled, lied to and duped into attacking the very people coming forward to put an end to this. The NYPD, the FBI has all of this information on file concerning the behavior of your leaders, those who in error you look up to yet they are being forced to cover it up. It will come out and those who follow these leaders are going to be shocked, embarrassed and angry once they find out the truth. The depth and numbers of those involved in these Satanic Blood Rituals along with those who are being blackmailed to do their bidding is almost unimaginable. My question to you is, “DO YOU WANT THIS TO CONTINUE AND DO YOU WANT TO SERVE THE BEAST.” You are suffering from Stockholm syndrome, mind control and lack critical thinking. You are fighting in ignorance for your captors. Do you really think Black Lives Matter to these people? They own the plantation. They have used the injustices in the past they were responsible for and redirected them at the very people trying to right these wrongs and your playing right into their game. Why would anyone fight to maintain the status quo?
Do you really believe the Fake News coming from the main stream media who duped you into the endless wars. How many lives were lost, not just black but every color in between. They are doing everything possible to create WW3. Yes the very same people behind the domestic terrorism. What you do not understand is America has to fall in order for the New World Order to come into effect. Divide and conquer is the goal and domestic terrorism is the tool. Turning everyone against each other is the plan and it is time we wake up, unify and direct our energies towards the enslavers. Stop acting like ignorant sheep. You want freedom educate yourself as to who the real enslavers are. If you substitute the Morlocks for the illuminati and the Eloi for the ignorant masses you have exactly what is being enacted as we speak. The only difference is rather than passive sheep you have ignorant and misdirected people working towards their own total enslavement serving the very beast they are angry with. I pray to God, Great Spirit, Creator that someone flips the switch, the soul activator and puts and end to this nonsense. A great lesson was learned at Standing Rock. These wise and steadfast Elders knew their enemy. They knew they would be infiltrated. They knew the media would paint them as violent terrorist having no right to block progress. They tried to incite violence so as to bring in the troops. The Elders educated the people from all walks of life as to what to watch out for. Maybe it is time to listen to them. I believe the environment comes first. The people need to hold government accountable and the work is not done. The new incoming administration is not perfect but it is a bold step in the right direction when it comes to breaking the spell of the enslavers. We have to look at the big picture and also address with brutal honesty how well did the last administration serve humanity? Humanity was at the end of line. They were to busy taking bribes from Big Business, blackmailing, doing Satanic Blood Sacrifices and engaging in pedophile activity to administer to the needs of the people. So why fight for your enslavers? (click on the image below for link to article about whose behind the inauguration riots)
It is time to take a deep breath, engage your critical thinking, forget about what you have been told and lead yourselves from your own heart and soul. Lets liberate ourselves first, then from the dark hearts and make course corrections as we go along steadfast and peacefully. The Earth is ascending. It is all about frequency. We have to release the past, heal our own wounds and traumas and steer clear of the anger, hate, violence or we will miss the boat. We all need to work together and put an end to the separation game, the divide and conquer programs created by the illuminati and their sirens the mainstream media otherwise known as the lame stream media and the real fake news. Stand up for the alternative media; which is exposing the dark hearts. All lives matter, the earth matters, Universal Law matters which in its simplest form is Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for All. How do your beliefs and actions align with Universal Law? In ancient times the enlightened ones believed God is within each and every one of us, the Creator is also omnipresent within all Creation. It was their goal to help those less fortunate to meet their basic needs and reach their highest potential. This is the focus if we are to create Heaven on Earth. The original intent.
You have my permission to send this far and wide.

Happy New Year

IN THE WIKILEAKS: U.S. Political Elite In A Satanic Abuse Cult?

Feds Have Multiple Planes Circling DC As Russians Evacuate

One more phake news, brought to you by Chugg ,Gamely, Kole


UFO Lou *******TURNER******* NUMBER '3' - December 31, 2016

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, December 31, 2016 ( Dane Wigingt...

David Icke Talks About The Anti Russian Agenda, Outside NATO Air Base

Friday, 30 December 2016

Arrest Hillary Clinton and Sack the Mainstream Media

Jeff Rense & Yoichi Shimatsu - Psycho Snopes & Pedo PizzaGate

Jim Fetzer with Detective Jim Rothstein on pizzagate and more



Miles Long UFO Crash Site On Ocean Bottom! 12/30/16

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Emergency Message: Trump Must Block Obama's Treason

Trump Tweets Can Stop WWIII

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'I found him dead in bed': George Michael's lover found him

Yogis Of Tibet

Court Rules Trump "Required By Law" To Pursue Clinton

Ministry of True Madness Court Rules against Clinton

This one is courtesy of Liz sending on to me

Top U.S. & World Headlines — December 30, 2016

"UNKNOWN Cause" To Mass Bird Deaths In New Jersey 12/29/16

2016 IS STRANGE Part 29 // DECEMBER (Final)

World Prepares For New Year's Eve Deadly Truck Attacks...Have We Gone Insane?

5 Mysterious Phenomena From 2016

Donald Trump's Secretive Hand Gesture EXPLAINED

Obama's Insane Russia Meltdown: The REAL Reason, In 5 Minutes

Year of the Fire Rooster ~Coming your way~2017 !

Thursday, 29 December 2016

TOP 20 Alien / UFO Government Whistleblowers 外星人

Trinity's Top Tips for Staying Vegan in 2017

Donald Trump's PizzaGate Silence Is Becoming Unacceptable!

12/29/2016 -- M6.5 earthquake strikes Indonesia -- DIRECT Earthquake forecast location hit

Tibet's Secret Hidden Kingdom Exposed

HERE COMES 2017 -- Jason Burack

Facing Possible Threats Under Trump, Internet Archive to Build Server in Canada

BREAKING: Obama Bans Free Speech In The Dead of Night

Is Obama About to Pardon Hillary Before He Leaves White House?

PizzaGate Will Dominate 2017, Because It Is Real

Heads Up! Big Service Outage Hits AT&T, Verizon After Fiber Optic Cable Cut by Mystery Men

Astrology for the Soul December 28, 2016

12/29/2016 -- Dutchsinse makes INTERNATIONAL NEWS in Europe / Romania :) -- Global wave MIMIC and EQ

2016 - 'It is, perhaps, the end of the beginning' - The David Icke Video...

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

David Wilcock - Antarctica Mystery Solved - WAKE UP WORLD !


Graham Hancock: Elves, Aliens, Angels & Ayahuasca FULL LECTURE

12/28/2016 -- Large M5.7 earthquake swarm hits volcanoes at California + Nevada border

SPACE THREAT? 25 Scientists Dead Under Suspicious Causes

Max Igan - Demolition Orders for Palestinian Homes Surge

The Butterfly Effect | This Video Will Change Your Life | Documentary

12/28/2016 -- Japan struck by M5.9 - M6.0 earthquake -- Forecast area DIRECT HIT on live stream

5.7 Quakes Striking in Nevada/Shield Pressure

Strong 5.7 Earthquake Hits Near Nevada's Border with California, Large Quake Swarm Follows

Mystifying Abandoned Suitcases Of Insane Asylum Patients

Alien Entity Found In Da Vinci Masterpiece

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Underworld of Ireland.

Thunderstorm Asthma Hits Kuwait 10 Days After Melbourne...This is BIO WARFARE

ALERT! Obama Signs New Law Targeting Independent Media, Websites for Elimination Under NDAA

BREAKING! Trump Tower Evacuated Due To Suspicious Package

This Is How The Incoming TIDAL WAVES Of ENERGY Will Transform You!

David Icke Is A Multi Millionaire With A Bentley & A Gated Mansion

Jay Parker: How to break the habit of Monarch mind control, rape & human sacrifice

Sun/Earth Ascend in Milky Way | New location-New frequency

Breaking News: Police Arrest and Violate the Religious Freedoms of 4 Peaceful Water Protectors

Fallen Angel

Sinkhole Sparks State of Emergency In Detroit After House Buckles, Street Evacuated

Deformed Fish Being Found In Heavily Fished Area, Contaminated by Nuclea...

Top U.S. & World Headlines — December 27, 2016

U.N. Declares Israeli Settlements Illegal; Netanyahu Vows to Retaliate After U.S. Abstains from Vote

Incoming Proton Burst/Comet Honda Breaking Apart.

Monday, 26 December 2016

Thermal Camera Reveals Alien Craft! Man Shocked 12/26/16

Strange Sounds are Happening Worldwide! (2016-2017 FOOTAGE)



12/26/2016 -- Nightly Earthquake update + forecast -- Multiple new areas...

Corporate Media Elite: My New Year's Resolution

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow - Amy Winehouse (Best video ever)

Suspicious! Mystery as NATO Auditor General Assassinated, He Examined Terror Financing

What You Really Are - David Icke

Sunday, 25 December 2016

Anonymous: If This Doesn't Open Your Eyes Nothing Will!

Max Igan - Beyond the Veil - Truth Frequency Radio - Dec 24th 2016

12/25/2016 -- Large S. America M7.7 earthquake -- Forecast areas hit -- ...

4k UFO OVER MELBOURNE December 25th 2016

Important Channel Updates, How to Make Sure Your REALLY Subscribed!

TOP SECRET Merry Christmas Message Re: 2017

Russian Military Jet with 92 People On Board Crashes Into Black Sea

Earth Entering High Energy HelioTail/7.6 Quake

rise the frames

Saturday, 24 December 2016

New Years Comet Brightening as It Approaches Earth.



Going on about 4 weeks ago we talked about a massive wave of energy hitting the planet. It is now here, it is measurable and it seems everyone is trying to figure out what it is. It is part of the awakening and healing cycle of humanity and the earth and something much awaited. It is the end of the Draconian or Archon Grid. It has everything to do with the arrival of 13th dimensional beings as well as the Andromedans whose ships can block out the entire eastern sky and when powered up can be as bright as 10,000 suns. This might be a hint as to the sun NASA observed coming our way that keeps changing speeds. How is this going to affect earth? It all has to do with frequency. Those holding on to the past, old grudges attitudes and emotions especially the frequency of tyranny and the arrogance of separation are not frequency specific to this wave. They will not fare well. The masks are all coming down. This is a healing energy yet along with it is the program of Universal Law. The principles necessary for a healthy society and environment basically known as Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for All. This wave is indicative of the source saying enough, it is finished.
This is being played out in the physical as the liberators verses the controllers and the controllers are imploding. Humanity is waking up as well as the platform for life mother earth, Gaia Sophia; whatever name you want to give her. This shift includes other dimensions as well. The controllers represented best by the Illuminati, banksters, war and disease profiteers are controlled by transdimensional beings, fallen Annunaki, Reptillians, Serpent Beings and what most would call demonic forces. They have suppressed and enslaved humanity since long before the Egyptian Dynasties. Thus you are seeing the polarities getting stronger and stronger. If you want to know who is who, follow the money. Who is big money backing? That is all you need to do. Most politicians are controlled by the banksters, the banksters are controlled by the illuminati the uber rich most of which have been doing blood sacrifices which includes children and acts so decadent and evil most could not comprehend. In past times the ceremonies were only held in the highest levels now they are held at the lowest levels; which is being revealed as we speak. This is not conspiracy this is fact and you will not hear about it in the Corporate Owned lame stream news. Because it is the fake news.
If you understood the mission statement of the illuminati you would understand how deep this problem runs and why it is so hard to root out. Their goal is to put their people in powerful positions, to bribe and blackmail those in powerful positions to do their bidding until they have total dominance of the world. If you don’t play ball with them you don’t succeed in climbing the ladder of power and wealth. If you go against them you will loose everything, your life and your family’s lives. Those you would go to for help, the agencies of law enforcement are owned and participants in many of these satanic rituals or caught in honey pot blackmail operations some with under age women which are dressed up to look much older. I myself have been subject to attempts at entrapment yet my inner guidance made it very clear do not go there. It is really that dark and decadent. They also have Manchurian candidates beautiful women and men who are very adept in using their sexual energies to control or sabotage the light workers.
This ascension wave is the solution. It is the soul activator, the initiation and support of the light workers and warriors who came to the earth to liberate her and her people. Though most are unaware there is a stirring inside some at a very young age, some being awakened now that things are not and have not been right for quite some time. Many cannot shove under the rug the atrocities to humanity and the earth as well as what can only be deemed as criminal behavior of their leaders, bosses, friends or family. This wave is bringing everything up, the masks are coming off and everything will be revealed. Armageddon is defined as the great uncovering, no rock shall be left unturned. It is an internal movement of consciousness and energy; which will find its expression in the external. Everything in this dimension owes its existence to the next dimension up it is a vibrational ladder. The lowest levels of the 4th dimension have fallen annunaki, reptilians, serpent beings, greys and other demonic and fallen souls. This is being cleaned up. The puppets are loosing their puppet masters. The higher 4th dimension is filled with guides, shamans, teachers and healers yet they are still bound by their religious or cultural beliefs; which keeps them on the wheel of reincarnation. For those who think this is unchristian explain to me the quote, “No one comes to earth but he who has come from heaven, or John the Baptist is Elisa who was to come.” The bible with the apocrypha has many dissertations about reincarnation yet they were taken out by the Council of Nicaea.
There are dimensions beyond the 4th with whole civilizations existing on them. These are also mentioned in the bible. The Sons of Arcturus, the Orion Council of Light, the Pleiadians all are riding this ascension wave adding their consciousness, energy and talents to the process. There are Sirians, the protectors of the Gods, Andromedans mythologically known as Arch Angels due to their magnetized light bodies. There are 6th and 9th dimensional Annunaki also coming in to recall the fallen ones and right an ancient wrong. This massive wave including the higher dimensional beings and the earth herself in her ascension process has the dark hearts pressed hard from above and below. What you are going to see is those who are evolving, adjusting to the new energies will continue. Those who resist will not. The days of the tyrants are over. They are not frequency specific to the evolution of humanity and the earth. The masks are coming down and you will see them for who and what they are.
A little hint some are not human, inhuman acts are often carried out by inhuman beings along with those they have duped and deceived to do their bidding. They have used social programming, religious programming, electronic programming, and ceremonial programming, bribes and blackmail to manipulate and entrap what in many cases were good people. This will all be revealed the spell will be broken. Many will go through their dark night of the soul as they regain their true conscience and the soul comes forward. We all to some degree or another have things to let go, restitution to be made, we have to release the past remember who we are and stand tall in our own divinity. The forgiveness of Creator is unlimited yet the request has to be heart and soul felt along with the desire and action to right any wrongs. Some will most arrogantly say there is no right or wrong which is spiritual ego. They are not ascended or beyond karma it is only lip service. We no longer have the luxury of living in denial, hide behind spiritual aphorisms and not be authentic and own our stuff. We have to transcend all cultural and religious boundaries, align with Unity Consciousness and live according to Universal Law………..
The Creator is Omnipresent in all Creation. There are fallen ones and miscreations that need to be addressed yet do it from the God within. It is time for each and everyone to make their own personal God, Creator, Great Spirit connection, not the jealous wrathful warring god or the bearded gods of the past known as the Annunaki some of which were benevolent, some were not. Your religions came from the behavior of these gods. Connect to the All Loving, All Forgiving, God of Love from within. Was it not written Ye are Gods, Children of the most high? Was it not written the temple is within? Is this not within every culture. Becoming one with the one consciousness that encompasses all consciousness on all planes and dimensions throughout the multiverse? Is not love the cosmic glue the ultimate power in the universe? Do not forget being enlightened does not mean being a doormat. Enlightenment means being in knowledge of all of it, both sides for the coin and everything in between. It also demands action and this ascension wave is going to shove you in that direction. Learn to lead yourselves from your own heart and soul.
Surfs Up.
James Gilliland
You have my permission to send this far and wide.

I trust you...very moving...

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Sioux Z was shot in her right eye by N.D. law enforcement at Standing Rock N.D.

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2008 alleged alefantis rape haven comet ping pong etc.

Thursday, 22 December 2016

Deer swims with killer whales


Jane Fonda joins others in Hollywood to take their money out of Wells Fargo! #defunddapl

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Astrology for the Soul December 21, 2016

Jingle Bell Rock - Conkarah

Jingle Bell Rock - Conkarah

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Meltem Demirors: 2017 Bitcoin Global Currency

Climate Engineering Cataclysm: A Live Presentation By Dane Wigington ( G...

Indigenous people in Peru are protesting the 10th oil pipeline leak

OBAMA'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE PDF PROVEN FAKE (Congressional investigation p...

Russian Ambassador Assassinated in Turkey "Another FALSE FLAG to trigger a war"

A Deadly Day: Russian Ambassador Assassinated; 12 Dead in Berlin Truck Crash; Zürich Mosque Attacked

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HUGE Structure Found In Space Near Taurus Constellation 12/20/16

Jordan Maxwell Talks Global Awakening With Alex Jones: Exclusive Interview

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Monday, 19 December 2016

Journalist Who Went To Syria Schools Colleague On Syrian Realities

Curing Cancer with thc not cbd ..

The Shift has hit the fan~ Patty Greer!

Wow. Here for one month free is the link for The Shift has hit the Fan by Patty Greer!
Can't wait to watch it now...

Jewish Voice for Peace: Trump Election Has Empowered Anti-Semitism & Islamophobia in United States

Ambassador for Apartheid: Trump's Pick for Israel Post Slammed as Threat to Peace & Two-State Talks

BREAKING! Russian Ambassador Shot Dead In Turkey! (Revenge For Aleppo or Hacking?)

Top U.S. & World Headlines — December 19, 2016

Extreme Proton Wave Striking Earth Now!

12/19/2016 -- Large wave of energy from unknown source hitting Earth now - Possible effects?

Donald Trump's Win LOCKED IN Today + Blue Lives Still Matter.

Trump Wins? Electoral College Under Intense Focus In Controversial Election Year

Alter - Hold | Sofar New York

BREAKING NEWS! First Trial For Water Protectors

The Shift Has Hit The Fan - Movie Trailer (updated)

Patty Greer, Penny Kelly & Alfred Lambremont Webre celebrate the Shift with monthly free gifts!

Erica Lukes interview
UPDATE: Coast to Coast AM’s George Knapp asked Erica Lukes to speak further to allegations of stalking and sexual abuse in an extraordinary radio moment during her interview on the December 18, 2016, broadcast. Coast to Coast AM is the most-listened-to late-night talk radio show said to air on over 600 terrestrial stations in the United States, Canada, Australia and Guam. Stalking and sexual abuse in the UFOlogy community is now international news. Readers can listen to the segment by clicking play on the player below.

Sunday, 18 December 2016

Live video Dec 18, 2016 10:01:11 PM

The Nephilim In The Ohio Valley! - Anunnaki/Human "Hybrids" in Ancient North American Indian Tribes!

Vaccine Documentaries~

Massive Coronal Hole in the Sun/Quake Watch/thru DEC 25th.

Coverup Of Glowing Red UFOs Above Earth 12/18/16

12/18/2016 -- West Pacific hit again -- M6.5 earthquake strikes as press...

Real Events that Prove We are in the Last Days! (2016-2017)

2016-12-18 SimonParkes QA II

Best (And Worst) of 2016!

Methane bubbles coming up in Suwannee river after drilling begins

Crazy UFO Footage - New Mexico (MUFON #51782)

Helicopter over Pete & Solreta's ECETI Australia 18th dec 2016


Lithosphere emitting "alien signal" | Detected around the world

Demonising Russia And Where It Is Planned To Lead - David Icke (Feb 2016...

12/18/2016 -- Deep M6.4 earthquake in South America -- Shallower + Larger movement possible

Steve Rother ~Beacons of Light~December

Extreme Weather Pressure Gradient/Tornado Warnings.

Gregg Prescott - In5D Psychic Conference

12/17/2016 -- New Earthquake Forecast areas + Largest earthquake of the year has occurred

Saturday, 17 December 2016

Oldest Water on Earth ? found in Ontario Canada

1950's - The Beauty of Asbestos

The Heritage of Slavery (1968) w/ Fannie Lou Hamer & Lerone Bennett, Jr.

How The Magic Works

DNC Hacking Came From Inside US Govt, not from Russians

12/17/2016 -- Largest earthquake of the year M8.0 (M7.9) hits Papua New Guinea

12/17/2016 -- Papua New Guinea had a 5 DAY WARNING for a M7.9 earthquake!

12/17/2016 -- Volcanic eruption off the coast of Oregon -- Hidden? Obscured? Censored? Delayed?

7.9 EarthQuake/Volcano/Level Orange/Papua New Guinea

Friday, 16 December 2016

Strange flying 'tube light' spotted by skycam | In a 'blink' its gone

Tulsi Gabbard offers gratitude to veterans for standing with Water Protectors

Strange Vibrations Rock the Planet, As Huge Fireballs Explode over the Arctic Frontier

BREAKING: Outraged China Seizes US Military Sea Drone In S. China Sea!!!

IN 3 MINUTES: Obama Birth Cert Forged In 9 Ways, Sheriff Joe Arpaio Claimed Today


Alexis Brooks: Multi-dimensional experiences, the coming shift & separation of densities Alfred Lambremont Webre Alfred Lambremont Webre

Endgame Part II: The Antarctic Atlantis & Ancient Alien Ruins - Narrated...

✣ Angels – Art of Ellen Vaman ✣

Simon Parkes 2016 12 16 - Connecting Consciousness


Top U.S. & World Headlines — December 16, 2016

Little Box - Simon's Cat

Trump Has Appointed More Generals in His Cabinet Than Any President Since World War II


I Am the Light - Matt Kahn/

Celebs Beg Electoral College, Podesta FBI Russian Hack & Facebook to Stop Fake News