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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Today's Eclipse Energies

Just in from Sarah Varcas...
An astrologer who offers wise guidance on the emotional time we are in now...

On Meeting Intensity With Gentleness
By Sarah Varcas

The lunar eclipse occurs in the 4th degree of Libra at 11:48 a.m. UT and augurs a time of high emotion and short tempers if we fail to remember that the urgency we currently feel is not to be trusted!

With Saturn stationing retrograde in a few days’ time, we may already be feeling the burden of trying to remain positive when much around us seems to be spiralling into negativity. Previously buoyant attitudes may be waning, fears bubbling up and anxieties taking centre stage. If so, it’s time to cut ourselves and each other some slack; to accept that waves of energy come and go.

Activity is followed by exhaustion, progress by inertia, excitement by quiet repose. If we try to push too hard against prevailing conditions now, desperate to maintain ‘progress’ no matter what, we may end up burning out and creating more stress rather than less. We cannot, at this point, extricate ourselves into ‘better times’ simply by sheer force of will.

It is time to rest, stop and reflect. To allow to arise thoughts and feelings we may have been avoiding, for in doing so our inner world can begin a return to balance, rather than forcing it to run on empty because we’ve failed to refuel when necessary.

As eclipses go, and despite being far from total, this is a fairly intense one. But we can ease the load for ourselves and each other by choosing acceptance over judgement, love over fear, communication over withdrawal and hope over despair. We may be tempted to retreat into highly subjective positions now, assuming truth without putting assumptions to the test, forgetting that life from another person’s perspective can make equal sense even when their perspective is diametrically opposed to our own!

Battles over who’s right and who’s wrong, who has the upper hand or moral high-ground, who did what to whom – none of these will help right now! It’s far more important to focus on what we share not what divides: the common ground that being human provides. The polarisation of individuals, systems of thought and belief, lifestyles and priorities, is becoming especially stark these days.

This eclipse alerts us to the eventual destination if we continue further down that road – a place of conflict and hatred, power struggles and oppression. It urges us to let go the need to be right and embrace the possibilities inherent in deep listening and deep seeing: looking into our ‘enemy’ and recognising even the tiniest smidgen of shared humanity upon which can be built foundations for a new world.

The world as it stands is challenged by many opposing forces now. We feel them both personally and collectively, pushing against our own will, raising difficult questions, triggering issues we would rather avoid. How we manage our own inner conflicts largely dictates how we manage external ones. If we struggle with our own anger or hatred, telling ourselves we shouldn’t feel this way, we will struggle to respond effectively to the anger of others.

If we fear our own power – preferring to see ourselves as victim rather than creator – we may too readily succumb to the power wielded by others, adopting their thoughts and priorities, behaviours and lifestyles without discerning the right path for us. If we refuse to acknowledge our own inner tyrant who demands its own way no matter what, we may project it onto the world around us, pointing the finger at those bullies out there without recognising their reflection within ourselves.

There is much to be seen and understood at this time. The floodgates holding back the unconscious are opened by this eclipse and we may feel overwhelmed by what comes pouring through. But remember, whatever it is, it is only ourselves. You and me in our fullness: good and bad, positive and negative, loving and hateful, accepting and impatient. We identify with those parts of ourselves we can live with and avoid the bits we can’t, when in fact we can live with all of it when wise discernment, gentle acceptance, compassion and understanding inform our attitude and shape our inner and outer relationships.

We are all in the same boat, we human beings, battered by the winds and torrential rain of emotion, warmed by the sunshine and life-giving showers of spirit. Uniquely separate at one level and united at another, this eclipse encourages us to reflect upon what divides us, what unites us and how we can move forward together in a life-affirming and positive way. It is time to encourage each other and ourselves. To hold up to others a mirror in which they can see their potential, not their failings: a child of god not an orphan of circumstance. If we each use this eclipse to do three things – allow ourselves to rest, forgive ourselves at least one ‘failing’ and encourage one other person to love who they are – we will have done it, and ourselves, very proud.

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Tuesday, 22 March 2016


Thanks to Liz for this clip today


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Monday, 21 March 2016

Dead Doctors: Another Cancer Researcher's Body Found In Field

Episode 152. Mike Clelland - The Peter Maxwell Slattery Show

3/20/2016 -- Global Earthquake Forecast -- Northwest Pacific / Japan / West Coast USA

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Geoengineering: Nor'easter Regis 03-20-16

Published on Mar 21, 2016
As I said, I’ve been on a break lately. It gets more than a little exhausting speaking the only weather reality (to a relative handful of people), and trying to do it over the incessant din of disinformation and misdirection. I can’t even turn on the news at this point because watching the scripted march back to the “good old days” of racism, ignorance, and war crimes (when America was supposedly “great”) is far too revolting to watch… yet it is (deliberately) the only topic getting any attention. As always, The Lowest Common Denominator as it were.

Meanwhile, in the real world, we have nothing but continuous deluge flooding in the Southern States, they were only able to manufacture about ¼ the amount of snow as they did last year, each year is consecutively the hottest on record, and it still remains a non-topic in the mainstream.

It's not like I can’t (and haven’t) explained every single bit of it of course… including the effort to cover up the reality. In fact, I’ve covered it in such detail in well over 200 videos, that if the global geoengineering grid didn’t already exist – one could build it, just based on the information I have provided. No need of course… since someone already thought of it – a hundred years ago.

I can't be argued with about it at this point. Every single day – proves me 100% correct. Every single storm system, illustrates the exact methodology I have detailed. The only problem is, the only people hearing me are my few thousand followers – and surely the geoengineers themselves. Once again (or as always), that remains the number one issue.

So, I obviously have to focus on getting others in the field - to pay attention. Since the “truth movement” keeps proving that truth is not what they are interested in at all (hardly their fault since it has all been so thoroughly coopted), and since the “climate” community is forever navel-gazing over the issue of CO2 (which from my perspective is an all but insignificant greenhouse gas and total misdirection when compared to Water Vapor), that remains – no small challenge.

But I’ll tell you what… There are three facts you can bank on as surely as you can bank on sunrise: 1) This cascading global heat will continue to increase exponentially, 2) these methods to counter the cascading heat will continue to be increasingly ineffective, and 3) when this global society can no longer pretend this all isn’t happening, I’ll still be the only one (who is actually speaking on the topic) who really understands what is going on. Someone, from some side, is going to have to acknowledge that - eventually.

Please support this continuing independent work. (PayPal)

No Natural Weather: Introduction to Geoengineering 101


Friday, 18 March 2016

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Thursday, 17 March 2016

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Green Comet Coming our Way...

Thursday, Mar. 17, 2016
What's up in space
Marianne's Heaven On Earth Aurora Chaser Tours invites you to join them in their quest to find and photograph the Aurora Borealis. Experience the winter wonderland in the Tromsø Area.  
Chase the Light Tours
GREEN COMET APPROACHES EARTH: On March 21st, Comet 252P/LINEAR will make a close approach to Earth--only 0.036 AU (5.4 million km) away. This is the fifth closest cometary approach on record and, as a result, the normally dim comet has become an easy target for backyard telescopes. Indeed, it is brightening much faster than expected.
"Comet 252P/LINEAR has surpassed expectations and is now bordering on naked eye visibility for southern observers," reports Michael Mattiazzo of Swan Hill, Australia. "At the moment it is near magnitude +6," Observing from Brisbane, Australia, Tom Harradine didn't even need a telescope to photograph 252P/LINEAR. On March 17th, he caught the green comet (circled) passing by the Tarantula Nebula using just a digital camera:
"This image is a stack of 140 four second exposures I made using a Canon EOS 70D set at f/4.0, ISO 12800, and 200mm," he says.
The comet is green because its vaporizing nucleus emits diatomic carbon, C2, a gas which glows green in the near-vacuum of space. The verdant color will become more intense in the nights ahead as 252P/LINEAR approaches Earth.
In recent days, astronomers have realized that Comet 252P/LINEAR might have a companion. A smaller and much dimmer comet named "P/2016 BA14" will buzz Earth even closer than 252P/LINEAR on March 22nd. P/2016 BA14 appears to be a fragment of 252P/LINEAR. Unlike its parent, however, P/2016 BA14 is "pitifully faint" and difficult to observe. Sky and Telescope has the full story.
There is a chance that the comet's approach could cause a minor meteor shower. According to the International Meteor Organization, "[modeling by forecaster] Mikhail Maslov indicates that there might be a weak episode of faint, very slow meteors (15.5 km/s) on March 28–30 from a radiant near the star μ Leporis." Little is known about meteors from this comet, so estimates of the meteor rate are very uncertain. Maslov's models suggest no more than 5 to 10 per hour.
This is a southern hemisphere event. At closest approach on March 21st, 252P/LINEAR will speed through the constellations Triangulum Australis and Apus, far south of the celestial equator. Observers can use this ephemeris to point their cameras and telescopes.
SOLAR WIND SPARKS AURORAS: Earth is passing through a stream of solar wind, and the encounter is sparking bright auroras around the Arctic Circle. Last night, aurora tour guide Marketa S. Murray photographed the display from the countryside near Fairbanks, Alaska
"There was so much energy, the whole sky was pulsating with aurora," says Murray. "It was an amazing night."

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

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Monday, 14 March 2016

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