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Friday, 29 April 2016

James Gilliland the Interdimensional Mind 2016

Dr Charles Thomas Cayce @ Earth-Keeper: Soul Purpose Part 2 Beautiful !

Respecting the Shadow - Matt Kahn/

Restoring Your Health & Vitality In A Toxic World

Driving with Dutchsinse -- National Weather Service RADAR is causing storms


Top U.S. & World Headlines — April 29, 2016

Trump Rally Chaos In California, 20 Arrested After Crowd Turns Violent

Area 51: Mushroom Cloud Rises from Base, Cammo Dudes Watch Perimeter

4/29/2016 -- Weather Modification Caught -- "SCALAR SQUARE" over Colorado deep space transmitter

Bruce Springsteen opens Brooklyn show with Purple Rain

Jennifer Hudson & Broadway's | Purple Rain [Tribute to Prince] The Color...

Adam Levine Performs "Purple Rain" At The Howard Stern Birthday Bash on ...

1,000 Students sing Purple Rain at Walt Disney Concert Hall

Ukulele Purple Rain ~ James Twyman

The Power of Love

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Clark Terry - Squeeze Me But Please Don't Tease Me - LIVE HD

Family "freaks out" while witnessing a semi-invisible alien flying machine | "Out of this world"

Top U.S. & World Headlines — April 28, 2016

Yanis Varoufakis: Europe’s "Hot Spot" Refugee Registration Centers are "Concentration Camps"


7.0 Quake/Solar Coronal Mass Ejection/CERN


4/28/2016 -- Two large M7.0 + M6.9 (m6.6) Earthquakes strike the West + East Pacific - AGAIN

Space Lightning over Texas

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Fukushima Legacy Hanford Cemetery Babies Born with No Brains Rense & Durnford 2016

Hanford Nuclear Site: Spike In Radiation Levels Prompts Search for Waste...

New EQ Hazard Forecast, 73 Earthquakes Hit Between 2 Volcanoes In Costa Rica

Russia's Organic Wheat Takes World by Storm, GMOs Spark Downfall for US

Magnetic Pole Shift, Moving Offworld & Our Robotic Replacements

Part I: Edgar Mitchell Foundation landmark study documents UFO/ET experiences as largely positive

PART II – Dr Robert Davis An intelligent force is transforming humanity...

Astrology for the Soul April 27,2016

The Bloop: A Mysterious Sound from the Deep Ocean | NOAA SOSUS

Top U.S. & World Headlines — April 27, 2016


Geoengineering: Scheduled Kansas Hail & Tornados

CRAZY! Man High On Heroin Destroys My Car, Could Have Killed Us All!

4/26/2016 -- Rotation passes DIRECTLY overhead -- St. Louis Missouri severe storm time lapse

Mercury Retrograde in Taurus 2016 - New Esteem and Financial Potential

The day earth disconnected from the Universe | 04232106-05:37:05

Beyond Chance - The Premonition of Donna Stayner

Respecting the Shadow - Matt Kahn/

Incredible Objects Are Proving We Are Not Alone

Energy Update: Why you feel like you're on spin dry AKA A Multidimensional Recalibration

Fire in the Sky News | Seen by airplane passengers over LAX

Monday, 25 April 2016

"Mini Moon"/Dark Object near the Sun in broad daylight! | "GOTCHA"!

Mystery Planet, 10 Times the Size of Jupiter, Discovered Floating In Free Space

Crazy! River Near Fracking Site Bursts Into Flames In Australia

Media Blackout: Large Keystone Oil Spill In South Dakota

As Gold & Silver RISE... Mining Shares SKYROCKET -- Max Porterfield

UFO over Melbourne 26th of April 2016 4K

2016 IS STRANGE Part 11 // APRIL

The Connections Between The Nazi Bell, CERN & Interdimensional Travel

Ellen DeGeneres Executive Producer Blocked Me on Twitter For Asking This...

Chuck Norris Talks Chemtrails, Geoengineering, and Weather Modification ...

AAE tv | At The Awake And Empowered Expo! | James Gilliland | Marina Jacobi | 4.9.16

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Me n my Cats and my interests...

                                            This is me, as are the next couple of photos.
                                                  I enjoy holidays, (New Orleans photo here)

                          Above is my cat Gray Boy doing yoga and below his sibling Puff relaxing

                Above is a fun UFO  I painted in a series I gave to friends a few winters ago
                 Above is a recent photo of one of my love signs I painted this past winter
                             Above are some of the love signs turned in to greeting cards
    I also make a small line of all natural organic when possible soap and body care products
I am also interested in what is going on on our planet. While I do post from a lot of varying sources with varying opinions, I want to say that I am not always of the same opinion. I just enjoy posting what I post for others to read and peruse and then form their own opinion, to use their own discernment. So I had the feeling to today to say this once again, to read what you wish to and then take it all in according to how it does or does not resonate.
Personally, thru all the doom and the gloom news, which is real , I choose to hold a positive outcome for our planet and try to do my best to keep a loving and uplifted spirit. Going away for the weekend to hear music and visit friends so no posting until my return. Have a lovely weekend yourselves.

Consciousness Plays the Role of a Person

Elite Heading for the Bunkers

New Moon in Taurus May 6th 2016

UFOs Return With Extremely Qualified Witness To Event

Oregon: Sinkholes Popping Up All Over Portland, Closing Roads


Clinically dead baby revived by Mother's touch

Thanks for this clip Carolyn!

Friday, 22 April 2016

Work - Rihanna (Reggae Cover)

Fears of Apocalypse After 'Huge Fireball' Turns Sky Blood Red

Terrified man witnesses SOMETHING strange above a rainbow

David Icke: A Memory of Prince - Beyond Normal

Spider Men and Spider Women - The 'Web People': The David Icke Videocast...

Colorado's First Black Woman Pot Entrepreneur on Edibles, Incarceration ...

Mega Earthquake Alert, Cataclysmic Cycles, Noah 2.0 & The End Times

Royal Reptilian Birthday & The Prince Illuminati Sacrifice?

6.0 AfterShock/Ecuador/Solar/CERN Update

Most Advanced A.I. Robot Admits It Wants to Destroy Humans After Glitch During TV Interview

"He Refused to Live in a Binary": The World Mourns Death of Gender-Bending Music Legend Prince

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Earth Changes: 8th Historic Flood to Hit America Since September

David Bowie on what his songs were about

Ken O'Keefe's Fuck the USSA/TSA/Homeland Security Tour - Update - April 21, 2016

Predictive Programming: 'Purple Rain' Forecasts His Death and Will Doves Cry at Rio 2016?

Prince Dead at 57 - illuminati sacrifice - killed for money, and being pro black [APRIL 21, 2016]

Prince: legendary singer dies at 57

Prince dies at 57

when doves cry-prince(original)

Prince's Final Cryptic Message: "Wait a Few Days Before You Waste Any Prayers"

ALERT! Toxic Plume Released After Massive Blast at Oil Factory In Mexico

UFOs Appear In Three Different Locations

Simon's Cat Logic - Let Me In, Let Me Out!

Life at my house...sigh.

Top U.S. & World Headlines — April 21, 2016

ALERT! Ex-USGS Scientist Warns Of MEGA-QUAKE To Hit USA During Full Moon

4/20/2016 -- Professionals say Major Earthquake Overdue at California / Nevada bord

What You Need To Know on April's FIVE PLANETS in Retrograde

Taurus- Spirit

Sounds like Stairway to Heaven ...which is why it is in the courts now all these years later.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Astrology for the Soul April 20, 2016

Hillary Clinton: A Career Criminal

Top U.S. & World Headlines — April 20, 2016

Elites Seek New Planet To Hide Out From The Apocalypse

Ring Of Fire & Expanding Earth, Going To The Next Level & RoboLove

Earth Changes, Mystery Stars & Alien Disclosure

Geoengineering: Omega Block - Texas Flood


Raw Chocolate Mousse - avocado & banana style

DC: Democracy Spring & Awakening Rally LIVE

Ariel view reveals door to underground base near Hoover/Nellis

4/20/2016 -- Global Earthquake Forecast -- Major Unrest , West Coast USA + Japan

FALSE FLAG COPYRIGHT from Russians on NASA video -- Youtube allowed = Dutchsinse cut off

Peter Maxwell Slattery YouTube Channel Promo - 2016

EarthQuake Watch/Incoming SOLAR CME

David Icke - We Live In A Quantum Computer Universe

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

2015 T@G Teardrop Camping Trailer

Celebrating freckles in all their glory - BBC News

Nasa dosing Americans with lithium airborne

Hanford Nuclear Storage Facility is ...LEAKING

Entire USA is shaking!

Did "Earthquake Clouds" Predict the Japanese Earthquakes?

Earthquake Watch and Space Weather Update 4/19/16

Hotspots Where I Film Most Of My UFOs In The Daylight

Hanford Nuclear Site: 3,000 Gallons of Radioactive Waste Leak Into Outer Shell

Oh shite, we live down wind from this site

Bases 30 Dingle Fast Blast

Huge Sinkhole Swallows Chunk of Road In Texas


Why The Increased EARTHQUAKE & VOLCANIC Eruptions Around Ring Of Fire?

Review Of 2 Earth Connected Books, & Science Fiction Concepts....

GMO Sprayed From the sky !!Washington Heads UP !!!

thnx Liz for this clip. Spray spray spray...killing us softly ....

Monday, 18 April 2016

A Time Free Transparent World~Barbara Hand Clow

Can Puppies Fix Boredom? #PowerofPuppies

Thanks Liz for this clip!

Top U.S. & World Headlines — April 18, 2016

The World is Changing: This Video is PROOF! (2016-2017)

Part 2: Is the Seafood You Eat Caught by Slaves?

"Funk is the Final Frontier" LMTConnection

And back near the hometown they get to hear some good funk!

Democracy Awakening: Mass Civil Disobedience Planned on Capitol Hill to Cap Week of 900+ Arrests

MOLOCH on TV show "Once upon a time" - Episode about losing a baby to HADES

Published on Apr 18, 2016
17, 2016 - The weekly episode of "Once upon a time" actually went
there, invoking MOLOCH... in an episode involving losing a baby to HADES
no less.

This is no coincidence, and in light of the recent references to Moloch in the Hillary Clinton emails, it cannot be overlooked.

is the child sacrifice idol that is worshipped by Hollywood
(hollyweird) elites, and by people in positions of power within world
government. In ancient times, and in modern times, a sacrifice of a
baby is required to be "put into the fire" below the idol of moloch.

The bible actually refers to Moloch worship in the old testament.

elites have been caught on camera doing Moloch worship. Now they show
the name directly on TV on an episode invoking child sacrifice to the
god of the underworld.

Like drinking a finely aged bottle of whiskey... MOLOCH will mess up your head, and make you do things you'd never normally do.


Sunday, 17 April 2016

Fire in the Sky News | Green fireball spotted from 12 states | 500+ reports

A Group Of UFOs Over Henderson Nevada

Temple University Scientists, successfully eliminate HIV from cultered c...

Part 2: Matilda O'Donnell Macelroy interview with alien "Aril"....

4/16/2016 -- Large Earthquakes PUSH JAPAN 3 FEET Southwest + 9 INCH RISE

2016 IS STRANGE Part 10 // APRIL

What's Trying to Happen this Mercury Retrograde

Ecuador 7.8 Earthquake Leaves 233 Dead - SCIENTISTS FEAR THE BIG ONE!


The World is Changing: This Video is PROOF! (2016-2017)

4/16/2016 -- Large M7.8 earthquake strikes the East Pacific / South America / Ecuador

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Alien Art Works! ( )

I am pleasantly surprised at the great response I am getting for my new love greeting cards which originate from my love paintings this winter past. 
Once again , here they are...
                                                        Some of the first love signs
                                                            The very first love sign

      This is not a card yet painted it before knowing a dear close friend had died to this realm
My friend Julie 3 doors down had the idea to hang the pictures on her wall one evening and 4 of we women toasted to their being made in to cards and then getting their love messages out to earth !
These are the cards set up on a table in my backyard when I first picked them up from printers
Alien Art Works! Had this name in my head for years since I once made hemp and blown glass bead jewellery pieces with crop circle symbols at time for the centerpiece
This was how the inspiration for love signs began this winter when I painted a sign for my friend Max Daniels recording studio in Spokane
                                                          Another sign for the studio wall
                             Last weekend's Saturday painting to be taken to Eceti one of these days
                            Where I like to go for inspiration , rejuvenation and star ship watching!And last new moon painting for Max Daniels studio , his band Nu Jack City

Friday, 15 April 2016

Rogue World/New Starfield discovered close to Sun! | HYDRA

Strange Lights Appear On Cliffs Of Red Rock Canyon Foothils Again

Progressives? Or puppets on a string? - The David Icke Videocast Trailer

Secrets of Time Travel, Teleportation & Life on Mars REVEALED!

4/15/2016 -- Major Earthquakes Strike Japan -- Pacific Unrest Obvious -- West Coast USA on watch

Dannion Brinkley Changes the Paradigm of Death, April 12, 2016

Amazing way to end homelessness for good...

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

UFOs and Alien Abductions - Unexplained Mysteries

Incredible UFO Or UAP Phenomena At Red Rock Canyon Cliffs

4/13/2016 -- Earthquake Forecast Hit -- Large M7.2 (M6.9) strikes Burma in warned location

Geoengineering: Winter in April Continues

Top U.S. & World Headlines — April 13, 2016


Astrology for the Soul, April 13, 2016

"America's Afghan Refugee Crisis": 15 Years into W


Over 60 million Japanese irradiated by Fukushima

My new Love greeting cards...

The latest addition to my line of wares...this is a set of 28 cards with a love saying on them derived from acrylic love signs I painted this winter /spring. 
If interested in purchasing any or all contact :
And I can give you the price list and a photo of all the available sayings