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Friday, 20 October 2017

Midlands - Get Get Get | Sofar Odense

2000 mile long Atmospheric River takes aim at BC & PAC NW - 12 inches rain/ VERY high winds

Interview w/ ex-FBI John DeSouza on Las Vegas, CA Fires, Tom Delonge & Paranormal Investigations

Eye Witness Confirms Multiple Shooters - Rene Downs Interview - Vegas Shooting Investigation Part 17

Rewriting History? Archaeologists Claim Prehistoric Teeth In Germany Are 9 Million Years Old

The Blatant Cover-up of the Las Vegas Shooting - The David Icke Dot-Conn...

Saving An Iguana Four Miles Offshore

Another great clip courtesy of Liz

70 Year Old Builds Innovative Off-Grid Tiny House For Debt Free Retirement

thnx Liz for this clip ...taking place in the Kootenays!

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Directed Energy Weapons Over California with Elana Freeland

They Can't Explain WHAT Made This Ocean Sound

Main Stream Panics/Trys to Cover for Obama/Hillary

GEO-STORMAGEDDON: Weaponized Weather, Geoengineering & HOLLY-Mind Control

SuperStorms take aim at 30 million people - Ireland braces for the "Ghost of Ophelia"

7000 years old Mysterious Stone 'GATES' discovered in Saudi Arabia's remote desert area

When The Lights Go Out: Something HUGE Is Up, EMP Commission DEFUNDED

Colliding Neutron Stars so powerful they form GOLD in Space! - Gravity Waves of Gold

Hannity/Part 2/Russia is exporting US Uranium./ Where

Hannity, Game Over. Nuclear Bribery. Stand or Fall

Trump Urged by CIA To Delay Release of Never-Before-Seen JFK Files Another 25 Years

THE CALI FIRES: "It's Like They Have DECLARED WAR On Human Beings"

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Liz Crokin On Weinstein & How Satanic Paedophile Rings Have Operated in Hollywood & D.C. For Years."

Mandalay Matrix

Northern California's Marijuana Industry Takes A Hit From Wildfires

Hurricane Ophelia: Manmade Creation

As You Wish Talk Radio 10 14 2017

New Fire/Santa Cruz CA.


PART I -Dr. Katherine Horton: Melanie Vritschan's successful removal of torture-robotization DEW

PART II - WEBINAR Melanie Vritschan's successful removal of torture-robotization DEW

FBI Proves Russian Collusion. Obama/Clinton Busted!

Monday, 16 October 2017

CIA BLACK OPS: Amerithrax 2001 vs Las Vegas 2017 - Las Vegas Investigation Part 12

Geoengineering Is Fueling Firestorm Catastrophes ( Dane Wigington )

NorCAL Torch Fires; How the Firestorms Were Created

New Huge Wave Pulse from Antarctica with Another Wild Looking Anomaly

California Canyon2 Manmade Fire Devastation

CA Fire Catastrophe: PSE&G Power Lines & Wind

Freaky Friday The 13th, Scalar Weapon Over California & More!

10-16-2017; Criminal Weather Manipulation Continues; Precipitation Prevented In CA

Assisting Children

NBC Hyper Edits Video From Vegas Shooting

Directed Energy Weapons Over California with Elana Freeland

Bright Meteor/Fireball Lights Up Night Sky Over OH / PA / KY / GA / FL

Friday, 13 October 2017

Free trial scams: Don't click that link! (Marketplace)

California Fires, Earth Changes & Quantum Mind Control | ANTHONY PATCH


Something Strange Is Happening To Hollywood

Another "Large Sphere" leaps from the surface of the Sun - Nice!

Fire Storm Warnings For California/Urgent!/Make Viral.

Tinseltown? No - A Cesspit: The David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast

Spectacular Sunrise - Cabo San Lucas - Massive Beams Span Sky!

10-13-2017; Terrorists Controlling Our Weather Have Again Stopped Potential For Rain; Fires Continue

Monday, 9 October 2017

Oct 1 2017 Simon Parkes Connecting Consciousness Q&A on Wolf Spirit Radio

10/09/2017 -- San Francisco California Earthquake -- Pacific Unrest spre...

109-Year-Old Veteran and His Secrets to Life Will Make You Smile | Short...

He Spent 40 Years Alone in the Woods, and Now Scientists Love Him | Shor...

Wine Country Residents Wait Out Fires At Evacuation Centers

Scenes From Napa Sonoma Wildfire As Residents Scrambled To Safety

Some Wineries Damaged By Atlas Fire In Napa Valley

Wine Country Homes Burn In Massive Wildfires

California Record Fire/1500 Buildings 50,000 Acres

Urgent/California Fires Change Direction/Turn North.

As You Wish Talk Radio 10 7 2017

Friday, 6 October 2017

Nation of Good Hope [Southern Africa] declared under int'l law by King Cornelius-Spokespersons

A new Billy Bragg tune for all..

My Car Just Sabotaged AGAIN! - 7th Blowout + Las Vegas Shooting Investigation News

"Truth" (misselissaisme): Dane Wigington Psyop Attack

BRAND NEW B&W | Spider Cat - Simon's Cat (Halloween Special)

Another Day, Another Horror: Who benefits? - The David Icke Dot-Connecto...

Las Vegas Shooting - Absolute Proof of Shooter At Bellagio Hotel - Video of Hotel Lockdown

Las Vegas Shooting - My Wall Street Journal Interview Was a Cold-Blooded Hit Job!

Las Vegas Sheriff. Paddock Was Setup!

Messenger ~the spying system in place

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Las Vegas Shooting Strange Facts & Inconsistencies - Jay Dyer

Las Vegas shooting narrative is "MISSION IMPOSSIBLE"

Cow Who Won’t Stop Crying In Her Pen Breaks Rescuers’ Hearts When They Find Out Why

Everyone Was Scared to Touch This Diseased Cat, but One Woman Didn’t Careare

Dog That Watched Her Family Adopt Another Pet At Shelter Gets New Home

This Blind Cow Was Crying Every Night. When I Found Out Why, It Broke My Heart

Has The Primary Geoengineering Materials Supplier Been Identified? ( Dane Wigington )

Meteor/Fireball crashes into White Mountains starting huge wildfire!

Does This Possibility Make You Uncomfortable?

💥 Attempted Murder of My Family Coordinated with Massive Attack On My Las Vegas Shooting Reports

☀ Children Of Light ☀

Something Not Right In The Rainforest 10/4/17

October 2017 Energy Update - Lee Harris


Astrology for the Soul October 4, 2017

Monday, 2 October 2017

Lava Bombs Over Vanuatu/11,000 Fleeing

Harvest Moon Rising - Don't Miss Out the 'Most Beautiful Full Moon' of t...

Florida Declares State of Emergency As Thousands Flee from Puerto Rico

Tiny Shaking Pup Abandoned In Airport Bathroom Then Rescuer Finds Note That Leaves Her Sobbing

10.2 - Dissecting Vegas Shooting | Puerto Rico Truth | Catalonia | Another Dead Dr.


10-2-2017; Massacre in Las Vegas; Jet Stream Manipulation Over California

Mandalas bay Shooting

#40 ON TRENDING Who Was The Mystery Lady? Threats Made 45 Minutes Before Shots Fired In Las Vegas

What Are The Odds? Add This to the Puzzle!

Friday, 22 September 2017

Fire in the Sky News - "Fireball soars over W Europe into North Sea" - Nearly 400 reports!

Identity Politics Is Narcissism & Is The Most Dangerous Social Shift Of Our Time.

The Mainstream Satanic Deception Exposed

Yet another Pedo to add to the list, Kim Jong-Un #Pizzagate #Pedogate

Former PA Attorney, Andy Ostrowski Arrested LIVE on FB - Calls Out Judicial Corruption

Astrology for the Soul September 21, 2017

"The End Is Near": Crazy Emergency Alert Broadcast In Southern California

The Truth Will Set You Free - Andy Ostrowski vs Darkness

9/22/2017 -- Noteworthy Earthquakes strike Northern California as expected -- M5.8 + M5.6 forecast

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Shelter Staff Cry When An Old Cat Who Kept Waiting for a Foster Parent a...

9.20 - Hillary Clinton Talks Pizzagate | New P.I.'s for Seth Rich | More Veritas | More UFO's

Artificial Aurora to be Created Over Western Arctic This Week

Another Hurricane, Another Earthquake, WTF Is Going On?

Linda Moulton Howe - Earth Is An Alien Laboratory, AI & Disclosure

Mexico Earthquake, Maria's Wrath & Ancient Alien Nukes (KBS Ep#788)

Did You SEE THIS Over Hawaii? 9/20/17

Genral Hyten Warns EMP Is A Realistic Threat to US

The September 23 2017 Counterfeit Second Coming Extraterrestrial Agenda

September 23rd Hype Sets Stage For FAKE Second Coming

Willie Nelson's Talented Son Sounds Just Like His Dad Singing 'Always on...

Nickelback - After The Rain [Lyric Video]

Hurricane Maria: 4th Manmade storm in 3 weeks

New Nassim Haramein Revolution In The World Of Physics [FULL VIDEO]

Jim Carrey Facing wrongful death lawsuit

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Geoengineering Creating Freeze Fry Extremes ( Dane Wigington Geoengineer...

*BIG QUAKE* Rocks Mexico - Large 7.1 South of Mexico City - Buildings Co...

9/19/2017 -- Large M7.1 Earthquake strikes near Mexico City -- #MexicoWasWarned EQ forecast area hit

LIVE: 7.1 Earthquake Hits Mexico - LIVE COVERAGE

WHOA! Buildings Start to Crumble After Big Earthquake Hits Mexico City


Buddy Miles by Buddy Miles "After the Experience" - FULL FILM

9.18 - Iceland Govt. Collapses from #Pedogate | New D.C. Attorney General | More UFO Sightings

Cat.5/Maria Slams Dominica/Prime Minister Rescued

#TruthForChester #TruthForChris Iceland & PedoGate, Flat Earth Debate